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The Food Truck Revolution

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Over the past decade, food trucks have been popping up all across the United States. From classic barbeque, to gluten free, to grilled cheese, and even lobster food trucks, these unique mobile food businesses are changing the way America eats on-the-go.

This curations explains more about the history and future of the food truck, where and how to find food trucks, and even how to start your own successful gourmet mobile food business. What Exactly is a Food Truck? A food truck, mobile kitchen, mobile canteen, roach coach, gut truck, or catering truck is a mobile venue that transports and sells food.

What Exactly is a Food Truck?

Some, including ice cream trucks, sell frozen or prepackaged food; others resemble restaurants on wheels. Some may cater to specific meals, such as the breakfast truck, lunch truck or lunch wagon, snack truck, kebab trailer (UK), break truck, or taco truck. Food trucks also cater at events (carnivals, construction sites, sporting events etc.) and places of regular work or study – college campuses, office complexes, industrial parks, auto repair shops, movie sets, military bases, etc. – where regular meals or snacks are in high demand by potential customers. Food Truck Revolution pt1. The History of Food Trucks- an Infographic.

A great infographic showing a timeline and summary about the history of food trucks in the United States. – hannacimperman

History of Food Trucks - The growing food truck trend. Food trucks, or mobile venues that sell food, are a staple in America’s culinary landscape and have become increasingly trendy in recent years.

This article from gives a brief history and story about the birth of food trucks in the United States, going all the way back to Chuck Wagons in the 1800s. – hannacimperman

Nearly three million food trucks troll our streets.

History of Food Trucks - The growing food truck trend

The history of food trucks in America can be traced all the way back to the late 17th century, when push carts serving food could be found in large cities on the east coast. However, street food has come a long way since then, and according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, street food is eaten by almost 2.5 billion people every day.

Read more about food truck history to understand the reasons behind the rise of the food truck trend. How America Became a Food Truck Nation. If you want to see what eating in Los Angeles is like, beyond the gold-plated Beverly Hills bistros and the bottle-service clubs that count the Kardashians among their clientele, you could do worse than to pull into a deserted parking lot late at night, check the coordinates on your iPhone and watch the stretch of asphalt fill with hundreds of hungry people.

How America Became a Food Truck Nation

They, and probably you, have been summoned here by a Twitter blast from the Kogi truck, a retrofitted catering van serving Korean short-rib tacos, kimchi dogs and other edible symbols of L.A.’s famous cross-cultural inclusiveness, dripping plates of food drawn straight from the city’s recombinant DNA. In the city that gave birth to the celebrity chef, Kogi’s Roy Choi is the culinary star of the moment, with awards and an international renown usually reserved for those who command palaces of cuisine.

Could the new-style trucks thrive in the land of the lonchera? Maybe if they found the right place to park. “I don’t move,’’ he said. LA Food Truck King Tells His Story, One Recipe At A Time : The Salt. Hide captionFive years ago, chef Roy Choi and a partner launched Kogi and ushered in a food truck "new wave" in Los Angeles.

This article focuses on Roy Choi, the chef responsible for what has been called the best food truck in America. His success came to him after unfortunately losing his job but furthermore finding opportunity in mobile cuisine. "Kogi" is a unique Korean-Mexican fusion gourmet food truck that roams around Los Angeles. – hannacimperman

He tells his story in his new book, L.A.Son: My Life, My City, My Food.

LA Food Truck King Tells His Story, One Recipe At A Time : The Salt

Courtesy of Harper Collins Five years ago, chef Roy Choi and a partner launched Kogi and ushered in a food truck "new wave" in Los Angeles. He tells his story in his new book, L.A.Son: My Life, My City, My Food. The Food Truck Phenomenon.

This video takes a look at what has made food truck such a phenomenon in the US, and a few of the most popular Los Angeles food trucks and how they got their start. Each one clearly found their niche and has furthermore found success in the business. – hannacimperman

Innovative Food Trucks Fight Saturated Markets. With an increasingly saturated category, how can trucks thrive?

This article talks about the future of food trucks. Because more and more are popping up everyday, we're seeing a saturated market and a lower percent of success in the food truck industry. This is why it's important for food truck owners to identify their own niche in the market and evaluate the need for their truck. – hannacimperman

Kooper's Chowhound will cater special events—even formal events like weddings—to leverage its off hours.

Innovative Food Trucks Fight Saturated Markets

Gone are the days when the conventional taco truck was the only show in town. Contemporary food trucks slinging gourmet cupcakes, Korean BBQ, and $20 lobster rolls now vie for their share of consumers’ dollars in nearly every city across the U.S. With more food trucks hitting the streets every day and markets growing saturated, many in the foodservice industry are wondering what will become of the category. But Dennis Lombardi, executive vice president of foodservice strategies at WD Partners, says food-truck operators have reason to be optimistic. America's Best Food Truck Cities. Fun Facts and Trivia About The Food Truck Business. Food trucks have been around for decades.

Fun Facts and Trivia About The Food Truck Business

The fact that it is getting a lot of the spotlight now just means there are more people talking about them. It was as recent as 2008 that food trucks began to make an impact on the social network because of a few upscale food trucks that suddenly burst on the scene. Remember movies like “Flash Dance?” That 1983 film had a scene with a grayish, rather boring-looking food truck that was located on the construction site. Did anyone pay attention to that truck? Food Network: The Great Food Truck Race Videos. Facts about the Food Truck Industry.

The Food Truck Industry is exploding all over the country with food from different ethnic backgrounds to the original burgers and fries, but did you know that to insure a truck to show off your food skills could cost nearly 160,000 per year?

This infographic has a bunch of great facts for people who are starting food trucks or just looking to learn more about them. It compares a lot of factors such as costs to startup and costs of food to restaurants. It also shows the importance of food trucks to be active on social media and alert their followers of their location and other special events. – hannacimperman

Not an easy industry to get into but if you are looking to cook up your magic and feed your passion with getting into the Industry, here are some facts you need to know.

Facts about the Food Truck Industry

The following infographic will provide facts from starting out in the Food Truck Industry to how you can remain successful via: Popular Austin Food Trucks. Emerging Field: Food Trucks. There’s a reason ABC News called food trucks the “hottest new business venture.”

Here's a great article for people who are looking to start a food truck. Based on your location, budget, and flexibility, it may not be as realistic as you thought. The article also breaks down how to get started in the field, and what the future of food trucks is currently looking like. – hannacimperman

According to IBISWorld, one of the leaders of business intelligence and industry research, the street vendor industry (which includes food trucks) in America has reached a revenue of one billion dollars, with approximately 30,810 businesses and 35,502 employees.

Emerging Field: Food Trucks

It truly took the food industry by storm, with hundreds of new food trucks opening each year. But before you race to join the food truck industry, there are some things you should consider. Gourmet Food Trucks- "Redefining Fast Food" Leland Morris: Food Trucks Are a Win-Win. By trying to balance the interests of various parties, the Washington, D.C.

Leland Morris: Food Trucks Are a Win-Win

Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs' newly proposed vending regulations reflect a number of compromises. On the whole, however, we believe they are a positive step forward and should be adopted. In recent years Washington, D.C. and other cities across the nation have seen amazing growth in food trucks -- and for good reason. We are an outgrowth of a renaissance in culinary excitement that's sweeping the nation. Help Children's Hospitals. All of our participating food trucks are dedicated towards helping children's hospitals.

Help Children's Hospitals

Ten Myths About Food Trucks. Opening a food truck isn’t like the movie Field of Dreams. The mobile food industry is just like any other fledgling industry — it has many success stories, but it also has many stories of failure. If you build it, they may come, or they may just say they’ll come. Or they may show up once and never come back. US Food Truck Map. 5 Mobile Apps for Finding Food Trucks in Your Area. Unless you live under a rock (that is, a rock without cable TV), you've probably noticed the food truck phenomenon that has made meals on wheels chic and inspired several shows on the Food Network.

We've already looked at Roaming Hunger, but here's a few other mobile apps for finding food trucks. – hannacimperman

But while food trucks may be booming, stationary restaurants still have one distinct advantage: You know where to find them. When struck with a craving for tacos, it's easier to Google the Mexican restaurant down the street than to track down a Kogi Korean BBQ truck. Using Twitter feeds, GPS and truck-reported location data, several apps are aiming to even the reliability playing field by plotting gourmet food trucks on mobile maps. None of them have achieved an exhaustive or completely accurate system, but depending on where you live, these five apps will give you a much better shot at tracking down your favorite mobile meals.

All the Twitter posts in one place – Now Mobile!

This app combines the social media posts from all Ohio food trucks on one organized platform! All Ohio food trucks that utilize social media are featured, which is a great way for users to find the ones they like and even discover new ones. – hannacimperman

Find and map food trucks with the Roaming Hunger iPhone App. The Cost Of Starting A Food Truck. In recent years, consumers have increasingly turned to mobile food trucks for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between.

Here's a look at what the costs of starting a food truck are. Because it varies based on the type of food you're looking to sell and what kind of truck you need, costs could be anywhere from $50,000 to $200,000 just to start. – hannacimperman

A industry survey by IBISWorld placed annual revenue from food trucks around $1.2 billion in 2009 and annual growth rates from 2007-2012 near 8.4% annually. "Street Vendors in the US: Market Research Report" estimated that there are over 15,500 individuals who serve food to diners in open-air locations. Due to the continued growth in popularity, starting a food truck is a viable business opportunity. Big SpendersAt this point, the majority of consumers are familiar with food trucks and have already purchased food from one.

Food Trucks Continue to Rise in Popularity - On Your Plate. Just a few years ago an ice cream or taco truck was the only mobile food experience available, especially if you lived outside a metropolitan area.

Food trucks are only becoming more popular. Food Network's new show "Eat Street" has followed the popularity by visiting several food trucks, one being The Green Meanie in Columbus, OH. Here's an interview with Keith Smith, the owner of The Green Meanie. – hannacimperman

Today, food trucks are almost commonplace with a variety of creative cuisines for any palate. The newest area of expansion is the cell phone lot at your airport. “The trend started with the Tampa International Airport, which began inviting food trucks to park at its lot in December 2012 during a curbside parking rule transition. America's Most Unique Food Trucks.

Mobile eateries continues to be one of the hottest food trends in America. With an industry now saturated with every kind of food truck imaginable, U.S. News searched far and wide to find those they deemed to be the most unique and creative. Here are their finds for 2011. 1. Yumbii in Atlanta, GA: A mix of Asian, Southern, and Mexican that make a mean panko crusted fish taco and their chipotle-infused ketchup. Food Trucks: 25 Of The Coolest.

Here's the 25 most "fantastic" food trucks according to Forbes. "Seoul Sausage", "Big Gay Icecream", and "Serial Grillers" are all on this list. – hannacimperman

The Ten Weirdest Food Trucks In The World. Considering that the Weinermobile does not serve food... this seems to be a contender. Why do I not have disposable income so I can hire these guys to come up to the San Gabriel Valley for my birthday!?!?!? The Red Hook Lobster Pound- #1 in America.

Here's a picture of one of the most successful and unique food trucks in America, The Red Hook Lobster Pound. It's centered in New York City, and its menu features a famous lobster roll. – hannacimperman

101 Best Food Trucks in America for 2013.

In this slideshow, The Daily Meal rates its top 101 best food trucks in America for 2013. It's not surprising that Red Hook Lobster and Kogi BBQ are 1st and 2nd on the list. – hannacimperman

'Living Our Dream': Stockbroker Quits Job, Opens Food Truck. When it comes to heat, Dan Salls is one chef who knows how to stand it in the kitchen.

Here's an interesting video and article about a man from Chicago who quit his job as a financial adviser to start up "The Salsa Truck". – hannacimperman

Salls quit his day job less than a year ago as a financial adviser to take his amateur cooking skills on the road and open The Salsa Truck, the first licensed mobile food preparer in Chicago. "When I left my job we were in my apartment every night with culinary textbooks," Salls said. Starting your own food truck. By Lily Bellow and Jackeline Pou. The Real Deal Behind Running A Food Truck Infographi. Is a Food Truck in Your Future? - CulinaryOne. The growth of the popularity of food trucks has been fast and furious since 2008. There are a number of reasons that have contributed to this amazing growth including the desire for local, artisan foods, the economy, and social media.

No one can every fully understand what creates a trend — if they were predictable every new product that came on the market would be an overnight success. There is no doubt that whatever contributed to the rise of the food truck business has continued to fuel the fire. LIST OF 8: How To Run A Successful Food Truck. Making money in the food truck industry is like re-creating your mom’s secret sauce. There are a variety of components which you must constantly tweak, adding and subtracting, to get your bottom line to where it needs to be. Just like your mom’s sauce, you cannot simply follow a recipe for financial success.

The Colorful And Tasty World Of Food Trucks – What You Need To Know About The Industry.

This article explains what you should know about the food truck industry before trying to break in. Obviously, the idea should be exciting and unique, but food truck owners should also have certain qualities including good money management and experience with customers. – hannacimperman

Top 20 US Cities to Open a Food Truck.

Here's a list of the top 20 US cities for opening a food truck. San Antonio, TX tops the list, most likely because food trucks aren't as prevalent, therefore there would be much less competition as opposed to somewhere like Los Angeles or Austin. – hannacimperman

Ten Tips for Preventing Food Truck Failure. The number of food trucks has been growing exponentially since 2008, yet some food trucks still haven’t been able to succeed.

Food trucks are unfortunately more prone to failure than restaurants. This "For Dummies" article gives a few tips for preventing such failure, from analyzing your market, to writing a business plan and a goal for profits. – hannacimperman

Here are ten reasons why some food trucks don’t survive and tips you can use to avoid these shortfalls. Develop an identity and stick to it. Local Marketing Tecniques for Food Trucks.

The best way to increase business for your food truck is to grow a following and make people aware of your brand. Here's a few techniques for food trucks to engage with customers and increase their sales. – hannacimperman

5 Innovative Food Truck Social Media Marketing Campaigns. Fueled by demand for inexpensive, quick and delicious meals, gourmet food trucks have swept cities across the world, offering up specialties, such as grilled cheese sandwiches, tacos, pickles, cupcakes and meatballs.

Social media is crucial for food trucks to market themselves and communicate with their customers. Here are 5 trucks that are doing social media marketing right. – hannacimperman

The past few years have seen an onslaught of social media-savvy food trucks, empowering on-the-go customers to follow their favorite truck's whereabouts on Twitter or learn about nearby deals on Foursquare, among other advancements. Why Food Trucks Aren't Going Away.

Here's a look at the future of food trucks, and why Time Magazine believes they won't be going anywhere anytime soon. Eating on-the-go has become more important in today's fast paced society, so it's obvious that it will continue to be a growing industry. – hannacimperman