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iPADs in the Classroom

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The Eanes ISD iPad Project. - 29 Ways to Use the Only iPad in the Classroom. 0 Comments December 18, 2012 By: Guest Blogger Michele Vance Dec 17 Written by: 12/17/2012 6:34 PM ShareThis How would you use ONE iPad in the classroom?

- 29 Ways to Use the Only iPad in the Classroom

Alert to All Users of the Disqus commenting system: Because of a recent global security issue, the Disqus website recommends that all users change their Disqus passwords. SlideShare Presentations. Ideal iPad Settings for School Use. *PLEASE NOTE: The layout of the Settings menu is subject to change as Apple updates their iOS.

Ideal iPad Settings for School Use

This guide was written with iOS version 6.1.3, but should remain fairly accurate for the foreseeable future. . * Appitic Eduapps. 5 Critical Mistakes Schools Make With iPads (And How To Correct Them) Over the last few years K-12 schools and districts across the country have been investing heavily in iPads for classroom use . EdTechTeacher has been leading iPad professional development at many of these schools and we’ve seen firsthand how they approach iPad integration. While we’ve witnessed many effective approaches to incorporating iPads successfully in the classroom, we’re struck by the common mistakes many schools are making with iPads, mistakes that are in some cases crippling the success of these initiatives.

We’re sharing these common challenges with you, so your school doesn’t have to make them. 1) Focusing on content apps The most common mistake teachers make with iPads is focusing on subject-specific apps. It simply didn’t occur to him use the VoiceThread app to record his students speaking Latin, or perhaps create a collaborative discussion of Cicero. And we don’t introduce a single subject app. 103 iPad 2 uses.pptx. Comprehensive guide to the iMovie app on the iPad for teachers & students. I have updated my guide for iMovie on the iPad. iMovie on the iPad is in many ways a significantly better application than its much larger cousin on the Apple Mac.

Comprehensive guide to the iMovie app on the iPad for teachers & students

The iMovie app is easy to use and after a short time playing around with its features and options one can quite readily create a movie that can be exported to a number of different online services or transferred, for example, via the appropriate USB cable to your computer using iTunes. All I ask is to please acknowledge use of the guide and please link to this page as well. Download the guide. PDF 2.1mb. iPads in the Classroom – App Evaluation/Research. With second semester now in full swing, many of our teachers have had time to utilize the iPad as a tool in their instruction.

iPads in the Classroom – App Evaluation/Research

Groups of teachers are using iPads as a tool for flipped classrooms. A cohort of teachers is using iTunes U to develop courses for students to take using iTunes U app. iPad Research. Transformative iPad Use in Early Elementary School. 10+ Activities to Get Students Moving with the iPad. Apple TV In The Classroom – The New Smart Board.

An iPad and Apple TV can combine to provide an advantageous alternative to more expensive, traditional interactive white boards.

Apple TV In The Classroom – The New Smart Board

Guest writer and High School Principal David Mahaley is using this approach and offers his insights, and observations from educators in his school. With the integration of the iPad into the instructional environment, teachers and students have discovered many new ways in which the device can expand and enhance the learning environment. With the iPad, the Apple TV can offer a flexible, complete, and cost efficient alternative to the traditional interactive boards populating our classrooms. As a school administrator and teacher, I have explored the Apple TV and its offerings as an alternative to one of the many types of interactive whiteboards currently available to instructors. iPadsInMiddleSchool - home.

iPads/Apps for Teaching & Learning. iPads in Education. Copy of iPads in Schools by Mike Fisher. iPads in Education - Home. McAllen ISD - TLC3_Parent_Orientation. TLC3 Parent Orientation | Student Mobile Device Procedures Parents may complete the required orientation online by following the instructions below or attend a scheduled orientation at a McAllen ISD campus, schedule will be posted soon.

McAllen ISD - TLC3_Parent_Orientation

Each family need only complete/attend ONE orientation for the 2013-2014 school year. Parents must complete Part 1 and Part 2 of the orientation in order to be issued a District mobile device: *iPod Touch for PreKindergarten-Kindergarten students or *iPad2 for 1st-12th grade students. Part 1 - Parent must review items 1-7. Click on each item to review. Part 2TLC3 REGISTRATION and PAYMENTS IS CLOSED. Internet Catalogue. Those Who Can...Write About It. I asked another class today to share their initial thoughts on the iPads.

Those Who Can...Write About It.

This class is much more diverse--juniors and seniors, all learning levels--and they've been using the iPads for two weeks. Some of their thoughts... "It consumes/requires less resources and makes it much easier to do tests and also for group assignments. I can't think of any disadvantages other than the fact that it takes a minute or 2 to hand them out, but the timing gets better every class. " I'm assuming one of the resources this student refers to is paper. "Advantages: you have more advanced learning techniques and its more of what the "real world" uses. 5 Reasons The iPad Will Stay The King of the Classroom. The following piece is by the amazingly talented Adam Webster, Assistant Director of Learning and Teaching at a secondary school in Surrey, England. He writes for both the Edudemic Magazine and his blog ‘ Cageless Thinking ‘ (worth bookmarking).

This article originally appeared on Cageless Thinking and was cross-posted with Adam’s permission. 1. It’s not a laptop The biggest and most oft-heard criticism of the iPad usually revolves around it not behaving like a desktop PC or laptop. What I Am Still Taking for Granted. Even though these iPads have been in the classroom for over a month, and in the past two weeks my class hasn't started using any new app, I am still taking what my students know (and are comfortable with) for granted.

What I Am Still Taking for Granted

Publishing from iPad

Ourinspiredclassroom. I have been playing around with iTunes Course Manager and I am so excited about the potential applications that it is going to have on my class and beyond. Before I get into the process and my experience with creating a course, I’ll start off by saying that I have always thought that iTunes U was one of the most underused brilliant resources available to teachers.

I have worked with people, who I would classify as quite IT savvy, who haven’t heard of iTunes U at all! This is where things usually get a little awkward as I somehow morph into an almost Evangelical iTunes U fanatic and go on and on with my spiel about “how amazing iTunes U is” and “how there is so much amazing content available literally sitting there waiting to be downloaded and integrated into classrooms. The content ranges in complexity; from Ivy league universities such as Yale, Oxford, Harvard etc to a grade 3 student’s reflection about a ball game they played in PE. It’s awaiting you!” Let Your Fingers Learn - LiveBinder. 10 MORE Things NOT to do in an iPad 1:1 Initiative « Trying to be a mobile Djay At the end of last school year I reflected on the 10 things NOT to do in an iPad 1:1 program.

10 MORE Things NOT to do in an iPad 1:1 Initiative «

I was blown away with the amount of responses and views the post got from all over the world. It seems that it was at the right time, and right moment for districts out there planning on entering the Fall with a new 1:1 implementation. That said, it’s almost too late by that point to make real swift changes to your implementation. I felt assured we had ferreted out all the little details that make things go astray during this process and hoped by providing a list of the 10 things, other districts could learn from our mistakes. 1. Talk about a nightmare scenario. 2. Our Elem iPadStations For the elementary classrooms, we knew 1:1 would look different. 3. iPad Training for Business Productivity. iPad in the Primary Classroom - Home. iPads/Apps for Teaching & Learning.

App Recs

PrometheanPlanet. The end of September marked the culmination of the iPad deployment—known as Power Up!


—in our district. It has been a great endeavor. All told, we delivered close to 9,000 iPads to 9–12 grade students at six high schools. We came short due to students opting out of receiving an iPad. This month, I'll share with you how it went and our future plans for the initiative we've named Power Up! How It Worked As stated in last month's post (iPads in the Classroom – Here They Come!) Software: install the current version of iTunes on all computers in labs.Usernames/Passwords: have all students set up an iTunes account prior to picking up their iPads.Schedules: setup a schedule for classes/grade levels to pick up their iPads.Network: ensure enough bandwidth is available for Wi-Fi.Food/Beverages: feed your crew.

Though this is not an exhaustive list, judging from my experience, I would say it is a good idea to not overlook these as unimportant. Teacher Training. Ipadsbyhuss - Ideas in the Works. iPad lessons. Borupcommoncore - home. How to Search Through Your Notes Application. Home > Apps, Tools, Utilities > How to Search Through Your Notes Application Many people use Notes Application on their iPhones and iTouch devices but a lot of people don’t know that there is an option to search through and for your notes. Some of you asked me (through emails) if there is a way to search for Notes and/or if there is an option for it… Yes there is, it’s very simple and very useful if you use Notes Application on daily basis and have a lot of data you don’t want to scroll through.

App Management

iPad & Literacy. Apps for Principals. iPad Activity: Open House Scavenger Hunt. I searched all summer for a fun Back-to-School activity. Well. . . unfortunately I couldn't find anything!! So, I have been racking my brain to come up with something exciting for Open House. This is when my kids will find out who their teacher will be for the year, and they will also find out that we will have 30 iPads in our classroom!! Yay! I decided to incorporate the QR scans and create an Open House Scavenger Hunt to give the parents and kids the information needed to begin the new school year. I created the template in Microsoft Publisher. They will find this clue on a table in the room after figuring out the clue on the first page. They will find this clue on a different table after figuring out the clue from the previous spot.When they scan the QR scan at the top, it asks them to check out the binder on the table.

iPads in the Primary Classroom - HCSMobile. iBrainstorm - Shared Brainstorming on iPads. I was recently going through my archives looking for some brainstorming and mind mapping apps when I "rediscovered" iBrainstorm. iBrainstorm is a free brainstorming application for the iPad and the iPhone. The app allows you to record brainstorming sessions using a combination of free hand drawings and sticky notes. You can share and collaborate with other users of iBrainstorm. Sharing notes and drawings between users in a local setting is a simple matter of "flicking" an item to another user. Watch the video below to see iBrainstorm in action. The 60-Second Guide To Teaching With Tablets. The 100 Best iOS Apps For Mobile Learning. 103 Interesting Ways to use an iPad in the Classroom-

5 New Apps for Back to School. App Roundup. Using iPads With Mixed-Ability Students, Teachers Must 'Give Up Some Control' Mobile Learning | Feature Page 2 of 2. How One Classroom Actually Used iPads To Go Paperless (Part 1: Research) Last year, with a fearless group of 10th graders in Katrina Kennett’s English class at Plymouth South High School , we attempted to transform the traditional research process to a completely paperless one using a fresh new cart of iPads. Connecting iPads and Reading in the Classroom: Part 1. “The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.”

By Sydney J. iPAD Apps. Ipadschools - home. Blooms Taxonomy of Apps. iPad in the Classroom Helps Students to Study on Their Own. Recommended Apps for MBMS 1-1 iPad Program. iPad Basics. We Give Books - Books. 50 really useful iPad tips and tricks. Technology Timesavers for Teachers - myTeachersLounge. Dodgecitydc3 / FrontPage. Evernote: A 0-to-60 MPH Guide.

PD for ipads. Initial iPad Class Set-up. iPad Classroom. iPad in Education. Essential Paid iPad Apps for Schools. iPad implementation. iPad implementation. iPads can’t improve learning without good teaching Pt 1. Digital Storytelling. Creating an iTunes Store, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store account without a credit card.

"The 3R's" Using iPad in Reading.