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Scott Chacon on the Interwebs

Scott Chacon on the Interwebs
August 31, 2011 Issues with git-flow I travel all over the place teaching Git to people and nearly every class and workshop I’ve done recently has asked me what I think about git-flow. I always answer that I think that it’s great - it has taken a system (Git) that has a million possible workflows and documented a well tested, flexible workflow that works for lots of developers in a fairly straightforward manner. However, it does have its issues. One of the bigger issues for me is that it’s more complicated than I think most developers and development teams actually require. Both of these issues can be solved easily just by having a much more simplified process. Its simplicity gives it a number of advantages. GitHub Flow So, why don’t we use git-flow at GitHub? There are a number of advantages to deploying so regularly. Another advantage of deploying all the time is the ability to quickly address issues of all kinds. How We Do It So, what is GitHub Flow? That is the entire flow. Conclusion

Introduction à Subversion · 1 Introduction 1.1 Objectifs de ce document Ce document a pour objectif de servir d'aide-mémoire et de support de formation succinct au logiciel de contrôle de versions Subversion1. 1.2 Qu'est-ce que Subversion ? Subversion est un logiciel de gestion de sources et de contrôle de versions. 1.3 Pourquoi Subversion ? Il existe un grand nombre de logiciels du même type. Des comparatifs point à point peuvent être trouvés aux adresses suivantes : On pourra justifier rapidement le choix de Subversion par les arguments suivants : il est multiplateforme ; il s'agit d'un logiciel libre ; il fonctionne de manière centralisée ; son utilisation et son administration sont plus faciles que CVS ; il supporte plusieurs modes d'accès distants, dont SSH et WebDAV via Apache. 1.4 Configuration requise 2 Définitions 2.1 Notions générales 2.1.1 dépôt (repository) 4 Outils

Pomodoro | Pomodoro The Pomodoro Technique® What is The Pomodoro Technique? EASY for anyone to use! Improves productivity IMMEDIATELY! FUN to do! Why Pomodoro? The Pomodoro Technique isn’t like any other time-management method on the market today. For many people, time is an enemy. Essential to the Pomodoro Technique is the notion that taking short, scheduled breaks while working eliminates the “running on fumes” feeling you get when you’ve pushed yourself too hard. Whether it’s a call, a Facebook message, or suddenly realizing you need to change the oil in your car, many distracting thoughts and events come up when you’re at work. Most of us are intimately acquainted with the guilt that comes from procrastinating. Who does the technique work for? These are all ways real folks use the Pomodoro Technique: Motivate yourself to write.Limit distractions.Keep track of how long you’re spending brainstorming / writing / revising.Reduce back and neck pain by walking around during Pomodoro breaks.Draft a book in three weeks. How It works