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DIY & Natural Dentistry

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How to Make Your Own Toothpaste, Tooth Powder, Beat Gum Disease Now, Right at Home. So, you want to make your own toothpaste or tooth powder, eh?

How to Make Your Own Toothpaste, Tooth Powder, Beat Gum Disease Now, Right at Home

Well, we have quite a few recipes here and on a few other pages... First, let me tell you that this site is about oral health and how you can preserve your good teeth by learning the truth about tooth decay, diet and nutrition, the oral biology and so forth. You can also learn about decayed teeth, sore or bleeding gums, the consequences of tooth and gum diseases and how the body fights disease and what you can do to help out. You may feel that by making your own paste or powder, you will be doing yourself some good by taking a more natural approach to your oral health.

I would tend to agree with you - BUT, that is only a PART of the story. What I want to do is take you beyond 'brush twice a day, avoid sweets and see your dentist 3 times a year.' So... no problem. Oh, and if you are MOM, whether an urban mom or a homestead mom (dads too), please read this four-part article on raising kids with healthy teeth for life. Keep Your Teeth Clean Without A Toothbrush Or Paste. In a world without a dentist, you know that keeping your teeth clean and cavity-free is an extremely important part of your overall hygiene.

Keep Your Teeth Clean Without A Toothbrush Or Paste

Many people stockpile toothbrushes and toothpaste, or seek out recipes for toothpaste that can be made out of more natural ingredients like baking soda. The problem with these methods is that eventually the materials needed run out. Baking soda doesn’t grow on trees, after all, and once your toothpaste is gone your brushing will be much less effective. What is really needed is a 100% natural and easily renewable source of brushing materials so you can always have some available even if you are in a long-term collapse.

Enter the chew stick Chew sticks are an ancient method of keeping your teeth clean. Fortunately, history provides us with an answer to this problem. For preppers the chew stick also has the advantage of being renewable and easily made even by children. How to make one for yourself Flowering DogwoodSassafrasBirchOakSweetgum The results. Oil Pulling For Natural Dental Health. Oil pulling is an ancient remedy used for generations in India for insuring good dental health.

Oil Pulling For Natural Dental Health

Oil pulling therapy consists of putting a tablespoon of vegetable oil, normally sunflower or sesame seed oil, in your mouth and swishing (or pulling) it around in your mouth for an extended period of time, normally 10 to 20 minutes and spitting it out. It was used to help prevent tooth decay, stop bleeding gums, ease bad breath, and help to heal a dry throat and mouth and chapped lips. Oil pulling also was used to help re anchor loose teeth and to help reduce gum disease as well as help to whiten and brighten teeth. In several informal studies that were conducted oil pulling was shown to help reduce both plaque and gingivitis resulting in healthier gums and teeth. People who have tried it for 3-6 months have stated that they have had fewer cavities, loose teeth have firmed back up and they see less redness and swelling in their gums.

The Coconut Oil Miracle. Oil Pulling, Wonderful Therapy - Home. How To Heal Cavities Naturally. Prevent & Reverse Osteoporosis & Tooth Decay. OraMedia Dental Self Sufficiency. You are about to view some startling material, most of which you may never have seen before, but probably should have.

OraMedia Dental Self Sufficiency

I have tried to keep the integrity of the following articles and other works intact. In doing so, however, some resource information may no longer be current. As work on this site progresses, resource information will be updated. If you have any pertinent questions or comments, please inquire. It should be made clear that much of the the information presented here was written by Dr. While this information may have been written a while back, it remains as valid in its application as it did when first presented to the world for individuals wishing to take more personal responsibility for their own oral health without leaving that solely up to the professionals. It should be noted that we are not concerned with restorative techniques, rather, in preventive techniques. Further, while there may be or have been professionals in the field practicing according Dr. 1. 1.

"Drs. Where There Is No Dentist (PDF)