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Homemade Weaponry

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(1) DIY Rocket Engines - Easy and Cheap! Building An Updated Invisibility Shield... For Chris Ramsay!?! US Concealed Online. At US Concealed Online we believe every eligible law abiding citizen of the United States should exercise their right to carry.

US Concealed Online

At the core of responsible firearm ownership is commitment to safety. This is why we are proud to offer the 1st step in securing your permit, of educational safety training. The State of Virginia allows for the issuance of concealed carry permits for both resident and non-resident applicants. This unique state endorsed program requires online (or optional in person) safety training. (4) alcohol airgun / Amazing an alcohol gun hunting with PVC pipe but you have never seen it [newcd]

(4) Create aluminum bullets for PVC guns. (4) Powerful PVC TOYS Gun - How to make PVC TOY Gun Using Glass Marble Bullet. (3) How To Make Powerful 45 Pound Slingbow. (9) Making Glass Arrowheads. How to Make Primitive Arrows – The Basics. If you’ve ever tried to catch wild game with your bare hands you already know that the ability to hunt at a distance can mean the difference between a meal and disappointment.

How to Make Primitive Arrows – The Basics

Most the time anyway. I have an old Vermonter neighbor that routinely brags that he hunts deer with a knife. He has a lot of stories, and this one seemed about as believable as any of them when he told it. I’ve tried to approach the deer on our land, and I was amazed that moving slowly, most of the year I can get within 20-30 feet before they skitter off. How o make hunting arrows. (7) Bases 88 Part 3 The Physics of Psychic Warfare. Pressure Points Simple Attacks. How to create a Light Weapon Orgone Orgonite CHI PRANA. How a MICROWAVE GUN Works. How to make a Microwave Gun. Testing Illegal Blue Lasers from eBay (and making them even stronger) Can You Melt Dragonglass and Cast an Obsidian Axe? Make Iron Oxide (for Thermite) Aluminum Powder is Dangerous!!! Gaussian Gun / Magnetic Linear Accelerator.

Growing NITRATE Crystals For Gunpowder. HOW TO MAKE YOUR AIR RIFLE INTO A DEADLY WEAPON- TAYLOR'S HOMESTEAD VISIT. Simple Ways to Build an EMP Generator. How to Make an Airsoft Shotgun Pistol - $5. Full Auto BB Guns Are Legal! (...and cheap, too) DIY BB gun! How To Make A BB Machine Gun For $5 - Easy Hand Powered Airsoft Gun. How to Make an Airsoft Machine Gun from a Soda Bottle. Homemade Tank Part 25 (It's Done!) 12ga WATER BULLETS - Round of Tomorrow? How to Make AMAZING Bullet Resistant Armor for $30. How to Make a Balisong / Butterfly knife from a Wrench (NO FORGE METHOD) How To Make a Ninja Throwing Star (Shuriken) How to make Aluminum Knuckles from old Soda Cans [SUPER Easy] How To Make Custom Knife from Wrench - Tactical Wrench Knife. Making of Tanto Knife by gabru90. How to make a Tanto Knife. TOP 10 Homemade GUNS. Iron Man 3 Stun Glove V.1. Part 4 Giants of 40 (12 m) to 70 feet (21 m) tall are coming in 2016/2017. Are you ready?

Holding an Explosion at 20,000 Frames Per Second. GLASS LIQUID PUDDY BULLETS - World Premiere! Top 10 Most DIABOLICAL Homemade Shotgun Rounds. Homemade Hoverbike. Bow and Arrow. Battle Wounds: Never Pull an Arrow Out of a Body. Often in western films there is a scene where an arrow is yanked from the body of a fallen comrade.

Battle Wounds: Never Pull an Arrow Out of a Body

As dramatic as that may be it is definitely not the recommended method for removing an arrow. Battle wounds in the American Revolutionary War were of a wide variety, none of which were easy to treat medically. One of the worst was when the victim was struck by an arrow. While the vast majority of combatants carried muskets or rifles, bows and arrows were used, sometimes along with a musket, by Native Americans. Medical texts during the Revolutionary War period are silent regarding the treatment for arrow wounds.

Dr. Arrowheads could be made from stone, antlers, shells, hardwood, bone, or metal. Once the shaft was ready, the arrowhead was attached using tendons and sinews. Further complicating the multiple wounds was that each arrowhead had to be removed. Now the gravity of a friend’s attempt to pull the arrow from a wounded comrade becomes apparent. Complications could occur, however. Frequently Asked Questions on Magnets & Magnetics - Integrated Magnetics. Answers to many Frequently Asked Questions on magnets and magnetism.

Frequently Asked Questions on Magnets & Magnetics - Integrated Magnetics

For a more technical treatment of these issues, please see our Magnetics 101. The Basics Magnet Power. How strong would an electromagnetic field need to be in order to deflect a .50 caliber bullet? Powerful Homemade Burning Laser Built From Computer Parts. Build your own Surveillance Spy Bug. FM Transmitter Bug. No special parts needed. Are "Ghost Guns" Next on The Gun Grabber Agenda? By Joshua Krause Governments hate legal loopholes, unless of course those loopholes benefit themselves and their monied interests.

Are "Ghost Guns" Next on The Gun Grabber Agenda?

In either case, they can’t stand it when the plebes find a way around their draconian laws. This especially applies to ghost guns, which, if you’re not familiar, are untraceable firearm receivers that are shipped to your home as an almost finished product, thus skirting registration laws. The control freaks in our society can’t stand the thought of any empowering object making it into the hands of an average citizen without it being tracked, stamped, and taxed. So when a young man in California murdered his college roommate with a ghost gun before turning the weapon on himself, it was no big surprise when the local media jumped on the case and focused in on the scary gun.

Still, you can almost hear the bell tolling for the ghost gun, and cases like this will certainly be used to scare the sheep into forfeiting their rights. Image Credit. Hide in woods for US Martial Law or Homelessness - Instructions. How to escape Martial Law in the USA. Arduino Laser Trip Wire. Eye of the Drones: Evading and Avoiding Thermal Imaging. How To Make Brass Knuckles, From Bullet Shells. Anti-Nightvision camouflage. If You Only Watch One Archery Video, Please Let It Be This One. Jan 23, 2015 Legolas who?

If You Only Watch One Archery Video, Please Let It Be This One

Hawkeye what? Meet Lars Andersen, the man who wants to revive the ancient art of battle archery. Watch as he demonstrates his unorthodox technique while completing a wide array of extremely technical tricks and manoeuvres. Fletching primitive arrows (a better way) Making Blue Glass Arrowheads. How To Make A 45 Pound PVC Slingbow for $5 Zommbie Defence , fishing , compact. Make A PVC Takedown Bow, REALLY POWERFULL. How to Build a 40 Pound No Heat PVC Bow for Less Than $7.

Lethalizing Paper Planes! How to weaponize Duct Tape. How to weaponize trash. Sling Bow Final Modification How To. How to make a knife with basic tools. Related video Author: Trollskyy Lenght: 4.30 min.

How to make a knife with basic tools

View: 135338 Rating: 4.9431415 Author: Trollskyy Lenght: 5.60 min. View: 81972 Rating: 4.981023 Author: Trollskyy Lenght: 3.05 min. Author: bp - Lenght: 8.28 min. Author: Trollskyy Lenght: 9.57 min. Author: Biskup Ondřej Lenght: 7.60 min. Author: Bruce Cheaney Lenght: 13.37 min. Author: Chandler Dickinson Lenght: 21.93 min. Author: Nick Van Leuven Lenght: 7.00 min. Author: Trollskyy Lenght: 6.02 min. Author: Nick Van Leuven Lenght: 27.48 min. The new video in the world. Fire Hardening Spears & Gigs- School of Self Reliance. Topic: Reloading Discussion. BobbyD, I’m not sure I would want to use cast copper.

Topic: Reloading Discussion

DIY Drones. Outdoor Forums. Topic: Combat loading shot gun. Not to pick nits, but we carried extra ammo in carriers that snapped shut.

Topic: Combat loading shot gun

I notice that dude has all his spare ammo in a handy carrier right at his belt buckle. They’re all poking up where he can get at them easily. Ready to Draw? Survival Bows on a Budget. Lists of weapons. Lists of weapons From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search There is a bewildering array of weapons, far more than would be useful in list form.

Lists of weapons

Therefore, a particular weapon is best found within one or more of the following sub-lists: Contents. How to Make Home Made Weapons. DIY lightsaber is almost as dangerous as an actual lightsaber. T hough we live in a world where we have tiny little computers in our pockets that, depending on the type, can project images to a wall that feature a woman telling you that you’re her only hope, we don’t yet live in a world where we can attach light to a hilt and cut things in half with it. The world we do live in, though, contains handheld lasers that are so powerful that they can instantly set various objects ablaze. YouTube user styropyro took one of those very lasers, attached it to a lightsaber hilt, and burned some things like a true Sith Master would. The blue laser packs 3000mW, quite a bit more than the standard red laser pointer you use to bug people at the movies. Homemade Coilgun Energy Weapon. Five silent weapons (or tools) that will knock your socks off.

Silent weapons, no, not the kind of silent weapon used by CIA spooks or KGB assassins to dispose of targets during the cold war or the type screwed onto the barrel of a long-range sniper rifle, with cross hairs zeroed on the heart of a charismatic evil leader or the ex that continues to suck at the wallet year after year forcing you to live in deprivation while they and your replacement live in the lap of luxury at your expense. No, the silent weapons that I’m talking about are less sinister . The value of silence under certain survival conditions could literally mean the difference between life and death for the survivor. Taking game silently could be essential in keeping your location secret and avoiding potential threats, or frightening away other animals in the area. Never fall into the trap of being totally dependent upon one food source, therefore learning to hunt is important.

Too much can happen to cut off or eliminate your food storage. Deadly homemade gun, who needs a 3D printer? How to Make Black Powder. $20 HOMEMADE .50 Cal AIR Rifle + Shotgun Combo (Pt. 1) Homemade Energy Weapon - Coil Gun/ Coil Rifle. How to Make a Lethal Traveling Arc of Electricity with a MOT-Powered Jacob's Ladder. With the microwave oven transformer (M.O.T.) salvaged in a previous project, a simple electrical circuit can be rigged to get high voltage arcs to fly outward and upward along a "V" shaped spark gap. You can look, but don't touch! These arcs of plasma are lethal enough to kill on contact! The M.O.T. looks like a large metal cube, and is very heavy. There are 2 sets of copper coils. A primary coil (the bottom one here), which connects to your house power, and the secondary coil, which generates the high voltage to run your microwave. How to Make a 60 lb PVC longbow for less than $10.

Home Depot Garden Stake Bamboo Arrow Build-A-Long (Pic Heavy) in Arrow Making Tutorials and Helpful Information Forum. Bamboo Arrow Build-A-Long Now I'm going to show you how to attach Glue-On Broadheads and Glue-On Nocks. First drill the front of the shaft (point end, fat end) with a 1/4" drill bit a little over 3" deep. The shaft will want to split so go slow. Next cut a 3" peice of 1/4" hardwood dowel. Squeeze in some Gorilla Glue.

Now lets do the same thing on the nock end. Drill the back of the shaft (nock end, skinny end) with a 3/16" drill bit a little over 2" deep. WristBow (Homemade Crossbow-Gauntlet) Assassins Creed Poison Dart Gun v2. 3D Printing Guns. Liberator 3D printed gun - How it works. Wiki Weapon - 3D Printable Gun - Defense Distributed. 3D Guns. 3D Printed GUN soon to be Available to the MASSES as 3D Printing goes MAINSTREAM. How To Make Use Of Improvised Weapons - Online Survival Blog & Survival News. (This article was originally published on and written by Chris Black. To Read this article and more like it please click here) We all love our guns and we can’t imagine life without them. We live by the survivalist’s golden rule, the 3 G’s : guns, gold and a getaway plan. But, if you’re a realist, you must take into consideration any plausible scenario and one of them (maybe the most disturbing one) is the following: What are you going to do in a survival situation when you’re out of ammo and the bad guys are still coming?

I don’t know if you saw the movie “Snatch”, but if you didn’t, I highly recommend it. To Stand on a Stone I: 50 Fundamental Principles of Martial Arts by Antony Cummins. How to make a blowgun and darts.

History of Weapons