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How to Make Candied Ginger

How to Make Candied Ginger
There’s an inside joke amongst people who write books about baking that any recipe that begins with “Using a candy thermometer…..” scares the pants off of people and is enough to ward away all but the most dedicated baker. I’m not sure why that is. It’s like when people tell me, “I can’t bake.” So I won’t tell you that you have to use a candy thermometer to candy ginger, but it does help. The great thing about candying your own ginger is that aside from the fact that you can make it without the aid of the dreaded thermometer, you get plenty of spicy slices from just a pound of ginger. One caveat: most fresh ginger that you buy is quite firm and may have fibers in it. I use candied ginger, finely chopped, to enliven apple and pear crisps or in a batch of lemon ice cream. Since I don’t like to waste anything, and hopefully neither do you, one can use the syrup to make a spicy elixir, pouring some in sparkling water and adding a squirt of lime juice. Related Links and Recipes Candied Citron

Burnt Orange Fig Charoset Recipe on Food52 Cooking is more fun with friends. Find your friends who are already on Food52, and invite others who aren't to join. Let's GoLearn more Join Our Community Follow amazing home cooks. Sign Up ♥ 60 + Save ▴ If you like it, save it! Save and organize all of the stuff you love in one place. Got it! If you like something… Click the heart, it's called favoriting. Author Notes: We celebrated the rare feast of Thanksgivvikuh with my sister's family in Austin. Food52 Review: WHO: Savorthis is the co-owner and designer of Where Wood Meets Steel. Makes 2 cups 1/2 cup walnuts 1/4 teaspoon fennel seed 1/4 teaspoon coriander seed 1/4 cup sherry vinegar 1/4 cup water 1 teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon plus 2 teaspoons sugar 1 cup packed dried figs, cut into about 8 pieces each 2 clementines, peel cut away, sliced crosswise into 1/2-inch slices 1/2 lemon, peel cut away, sliced crosswise into 1/2-inch slices Honey 1/4 cup packed parsley, leaves only Heat your broiler.

Dairy-Free Homemade Butterscotch Baking Chips | Gluten Free Gigi For baking or simply snacking, these homemade butterscotch baking chips solve the problem faced by those of us who are dairy-free in addition to being gluten free. Make a batch (or two!) of these to use in all your favorite recipes calling for butterscotch morsels. Dairy-Free Homemade Butterscotch Baking Chips Author: Gluten Free Gigi Recipe type: Dessert 1 cup brown sugar, firmly packed¼ cup dairy-free butter substitute (like Earth Balance buttery spread; I use the soy-free variety.)2 Tablespoons dairy-free milk (Any plant-based milk will work; I use coconut milk.)½ teaspoon pure vanilla extract Before you begin, line a cookie sheet with parchment paper or wax paper.Combine all ingredients except vanilla.Cook over medium heat until mixture comes to a boil.Boil 2 minutes without stirring.Remove from heat, add vanilla and stir.Pour mixture onto prepared parchment-lined pan.Allow mixture to cool to room temperature until it hardens.Cut into chunks.Store in glass jar, tightly sealed. Notes:

12 Summer Fruit Dessert Recipes Here's one way to stump even the most ardent dessert fan: Quiz them on what differentiates a crisp from a crumble, a crumble from a cobbler, a cobbler from a buckle, a buckle from a pandowdy. Intracacies aside, they are all delicious—the crumbs are tender and buttery, the biscuits sugared and browned, the oats caramelized and crispy. The fruit flows molten beneath. They are exuberantly messy—and best with a shower of cream or a scoop of vanilla melting over it. What are you waiting for? Blackberry Apricot Cobbler by fiveandspice Perfect Peach-Blueberry Pandowdy by EmilyC Rhubarb Cherry Hibiscus Crumble by em-i-lis Southern Peach Crumble by sarah buttenwieser Blackberry Cornbread Buckle by janeofmanytrade "Cuppa Cuppa Sticka Sticka" Peach and Blueberry Cobbler by kate Oregon Bounty Berry Buckle by hardlikearmour Oozy Cherries Bread and Butter Pudding by HungryLarder Gluten-Free Peach Brown Butter Buckle by glutenfreegirl Joan Nathan's Red, White, and Blue Fruit Crisp by Joan Nathan

Desserts With Benefits I have always had an obsession with butterscotch flavor… not necessarily butterscotch candies, just butterscotch flavor. It’s like caramel but with more depth. It’s like brown sugar but with more sophistication. So it seems like a given that I would love butterscotch chips, right? False. Factory-made butterscotch chips are probably one of the worst things in the grocery store baking aisle. So I made my own butterscotch chips — low in sugar, PHO-free and sans artificial food colorings! This first version is for no-bake treats only (they will melt in high-heat applications… trust me, I tried) like an addition to krispy treats, protein bars and dessert oatmeal! Homemade Butterscotch Chips [the no-bake version] Ingredients 42g (3 tbs) Coconut Oil20g (1 tbs) Molasses 1 tsp Butter Extract83g (11 tbs) Powdered Erythritol, sifted 2 tsp Arrowroot Starch (other starches may work) Instructions Line a cookie sheet with two sheets of wax paper. Notes This recipe is: low sugar, gluten free, vegan! Like this:

5 Peach Recipes for Weekday Dinners Put time into dinner now, and you can make it last forever -- or at least the whole week. Welcome to Halfway to Dinner, where we show you how to stretch your staples -- or your seasonal produce -- every which way. Today: Quick! While peaches are still in season, run out and buy a basket (or three). In our family we like to chase the seasons. While I am a big fan of plenty, I am certainly not fond of waste; I try to manage our overflowing table to the best of my abilities, and when produce is headed for over-ripeness, I swiftly try to turn it into something delicious. More: It's (practically) a crime to throw bruised tomatoes away. These last few weeks we've been awash in peaches -- they seem to be everywhere I look, not least on that big kitchen table. Peach and Almond ClafoutisThis dessert is a no-brainer: I absolutely adore clafoutis, whether it’s made with cherries, apricots, or peaches. To make the clafoutis, whisk 4 eggs and 1/2 cup of sugar until the mixture is light and fluffy.

Experimenting with homemade butterscotch chips – Butterscotch and walnut oatmeal cookies | Intelligent, evolved and insane Homemade butterscotch chips and butterscotch and walnut oatmeal cookies First I made butterscotch baking chips adapted from this recipe with shortening as I didn’t have any coconut oil. 1/2 cup butter 1/2 cup shortening 1 cup organic brown sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Melt together the butter, shortening and sugar in a pan. Bring to nearly boiling, turn down the heat and cook until dissolved. Add vanilla. I used half the butterscotch chips for the cookies and stored the rest in a jar in the fridge. Oatmeal cookies 1 cup butter 1 cup white sugar 1 cup brown sugar 2 eggs 1/2 tsp salt 1 tsp baking powder 1 tsp baking soda 1 tsp vanilla extract 2 cup flour 2 1/2 cup old fashioned oats 1 1/2 cup walnuts 1 1/2 cup butterscotch chips Cream together the butter and sugar. Results The cookies taste great but the butterscotch chips melted into the cookie dough as it baked and made them spread a lot more than usual, resulting in big and flat cookies with no butterscotch chunks. Like this: Like Loading...

Rhubarb with Earl Grey Tea, Cardamom, and Orange Zest Recipe on Food52 Cooking is more fun with friends. Find your friends who are already on Food52, and invite others who aren't to join. Let's GoLearn more Join Our Community Follow amazing home cooks. Collect recipes and articles. Sign Up ♥ 396 + Save ▴ If you like it, save it! Save and organize all of the stuff you love in one place. Got it! If you like something… Click the heart, it's called favoriting. Author Notes: The last time I purchased rhubarb there was a fellow shopper eagerly inquiring as to how I prepared my rhubarb. I just assumed everyone knew what to do with rhubarb. I am on a mission to spread the simplicity of fine (and simple) rhubarb preparation far and wide. I've been especially inspired by Tara's tribute to rhubarb on Tea & Cookies, Molly's recent rhubarb post on Orangette, and by Ruth, my next door neighbor in Point Reyes Station, who spoke of her rhubarb plant so lovingly. Sweet cool cream on warm chunks of rhubarb and apple infused with Earl Grey tea, cardamom, and orange...mmm.

Homemade Butterscotch Baking Chips Check one more item off the Heavenly Homemakers Recipe Challenge List! We have Butterscotch Chips! These are more than just a little bit sweet – wowza, these chips are quite sugary. Here are the reasons I attempted Homemade Butterscotch Chips: Many of you wanted me to do this. You will notice that I used organic brown sugar in this recipe instead of sucanat. Homemade Butterscotch Chips 1/2 cup butter 1/2 cup coconut oil (I used expeller pressed so as not to have a coconut flavor) 1 cup organic brown sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla extract In a saucepan, melt together butter, coconut oil and brown sugar. Remove the mixture from the heat and stir in vanilla extract. Place the dish into the fridge for 3-4 hours to allow the mixture to solidify. Store them in an air tight container in the fridge. And would you look at that? Are you a fan of butterscotch chips? Read about making Homemade Chocolate Chips here!

Nectarine Slump Recipe on Food52 Cooking is more fun with friends. Find your friends who are already on Food52, and invite others who aren't to join. Let's GoLearn more Join Our Community Follow amazing home cooks. Sign Up ♥ 404 + Save ▴ If you like it, save it! Save and organize all of the stuff you love in one place. Got it! If you like something… Click the heart, it's called favoriting. Author Notes: Slump is the most easy-going one in the family of fruit-and-dough desserts like buckle, betty, crumble and grunt. I used nectarines because this year's local nectarines were sweet beauties. Adapted from "Under the Tuscan Sun" and "Cooking for Mr. Serves 10 8 tablespoons salted butter plus more for greasing casserole dish, softened About 1 1/2 pounds ripe, sweet nectarines, pitted and quartered 1 cup plus 1 teaspoon sugar 2 eggs 1 1/3 cups mascarpone 1/8 teaspoon almond or vanilla extract 1/4 cup all-purpose flour Heat the oven to 375 degrees. This recipe is a Community Pick! More Great Recipes: Fruit|Cakes|Desserts

Homemade Gift Series #3: Caramel Apple Jam A few weeks ago, my wife stopped by a roadside stand where an individual was selling apples. A lot of apples. My wife asked if there were any deals, and the seller told her that he would sell her 8 1/2 pounds of “seconds” (apples that had been dropped and needed to be used quickly) for $8. My wife jumped on the bargain and arrived home with a lot of apples in tow. So what exactly do you do with eight and a half pounds of apples? We pulled out a recipe for “Caramel Apple Jam” from The Taste of Home Cookbook and modified it a bit, adding a bit of additional cinnamon kick to it (because we love cinnamon). What do you need if you want to cook up a batch of this jam? The first thing you need is jars. Sarah shopped around and was able to find a dozen jars with lids and rings for $5.99 – about $0.50 per jar, lid, and ring set. You also need a few pieces of equipment – things that can be reused if you begin to can things regularly. You need a stirring spoon, which you probably already have.

Butterscotch Chip Cookies I don’t know much, but I do know this: Butterscotch chips make everything better. Especially cookies. Ingredients: 1 cup all-purpose flour1/2 cup brown sugar1/4 cup sugar1/2 tsp baking powder4 tbsp butter, softened1 egg1 tsp vanilla extract1 cup butterscotch chips Directions: Preheat oven to 350*F.Combine all ingredients in a large bowl. Butterscotch Pudding Triple Chip Cookies | Pudding Cookie Recipe Butterscotch Pudding Triple Chip Cookies I am on a pudding cookie kick. I recently made Banana Pudding Cookies and fell in love. I was tempted to make them again, but you know I always love creating new cookie recipes. So instead, I made Butterscotch Pudding Triple Chip Cookies. I am usually not the hugest butterscotch fan. The butterscotch pudding adds the perfect flavor to these cookies. The cookies are fantastic right out of the oven. We did manage to save some cookies and you know what? Make these cookies. Butterscotch Pudding Triple Chip Cookies Yield: 3 dozen cookiesPrep Time: 15 minutesCook Time: 10 minutes Super soft butterscotch cookies with chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, and butterscotch chips. If you like these Butterscotch Pudding Triple Chip Cookies, you might also like:

How to Make Fruit Powder and Why You Should Bother Let’s start with the fruit powder basics and then we’ll move on to how to make fruit powder. What is fruit powder? Fruit powder is dried fruit that’s been finely ground. How to use fruit powder Fruit powder can be used in place of artificial flavoring to flavor just about anything. Use fruit powder to transform basic buttercream into any fruit flavor without dumping fruit into your perfectly-pipeable frosting. How to make fruit powder Although you can buy fruit powder online, it’s easy to make fruit powder at home to preserve whatever fruit is in season. You can make fruit powder from store-bought dried fruit (make sure to choose fruit that has no moisture left), but if you can get your hands on ripe, inexpensive fresh fruit, you can dehydrate it yourself and use it to make fruit powder. The recipe below can be used with any dried fruit. Ingredients Any dehydrated fruit that has not been sweetened (be sure that the fruit is fully dehydrated with little to no moisture remaining) Instructions

Vegan butter Butter is one of those ingredients that can be so central to baking that as soon as some people hear the term vegan baking they wonder aloud almost in a panic, “what about the butter?!” Many vegan baked items get along great with fats like canola, coconut oil or even olive oil. These types of fats work wonders for cakes, cookies, bars and breads. When designing recipes where we need something to act like butter, things start to get complicated. Solid fats like butter and margarine are integral to things like puff pastry, pie crust, shortbread, croissants, danish dough and certain cakes. Vegan butter options as of this writing are pretty slim. Non-hydrogenated vegan margarines aren't knights in shining buttery armor either. I've never been a huge fan of margarines because I find that they're so packed with chemicals and stabilizers that they frequently remind me of what it would be like to chew on a candle on a hot day. I make Vegan Butter in large batches and store it in my freezer.