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Quick & Easy Homestead Uses For Plastic Bottles (PET)

Quick & Easy Homestead Uses For Plastic Bottles (PET)
In the not too distant past, you would buy milk, sodas, etc. in glass bottles which you would return to the store to be sterilized and used again. Now, with our disposable culture, plastic bottles have replaced this system and have consequently become one of the many banes of the landfills. We need to rectify this wasteful and eco-nomically expensive practice. The current popular solution to the problem is recycling. However, recycling requires additional energy to process the material into something usable, not to mention the fact that the process itself can have harmful side effects. So a better solution, if you can't avoid the disposable containers altogether, is to reuse them. That said, here are 10 simple ideas on how to reuse plastic bottles around the homestead.

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