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Old Sewing Machine Maintenance

Old Sewing Machine Maintenance
According to the old Singer parts lists, that big spokey wheel on the end of your vintage Singer is the balance wheel. According to most folks who use a vintage Singer it’s the handwheel, so it’s the handwheel as far as we’re concerned here, and we’ll be looking at its removal and replacement, with a bit of a detour on the way. But why, pray, would anyone want to take the thing off? Well, you could be taking a machine apart because it’s in a disgusting state and cleaning it will be so much easier if you take off some of its bits. Or maybe you want to change the handwheel for a different one? You’re bored and it might be more interesting than cleaning the oven? “The clutch?” Well, the clutch is what lives behind that big chromed knob in the middle of your handwheel, and without the clutch your machine would be nowhere near as user-friendly as it is. That upping-and-downing is the motion, which you stop by unscrewing the stop motion clamp screw when you want to wind a bobbin.

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Catch-All Laminated Bib We have a problem in our household. Our little guy loves to eat and while doing so…..he makes a mess. The tray of highchair is useless, really. Everything ends up wedged between his belly and the tray…….or along his sides. I have seen those bibs at the store that are made out of rubber to catch all of the food and debris while kids eat……but I can’t make a rubber form myself. So I resorted to this Catch-All Laminated Bib. Perfect Machine Tension Every Time Good tension produces a smooth stitch without puckers. If the top and bottom threads break in exactly the same location, your tension is perfect. The threads may break in more than one place, but the top and bottom threads will both break at that location.

from the blue chair: Quilting 101: Machine Maintenance When I bought my first sewing machine years ago, I had no idea what I needed to do to take care of it. It had a 90-day warranty for any problem whatsoever. After about two months it started acting up. I took it back to the store, and they checked it out. It seems I failed to ever clean my machine. I didn't even know I needed to or how to do it. DIY Anaerobic Glass Fermentation Vessel Build A Glass Anaerobic Fermentation Vessel March 6, 2013 from left to right: empty 5-gallon vessel, 2-gallon vessel with unground idli batter, 1-gallon vessel with water kefir Building an all glass, anaerobic lacto-fermentation vessel is extremely easy. All it takes is the creation of single 5/8″ hole, an objective simply accomplished with a hand drill. If (for some reason) you have access to a drill press, this already rudimentary project is made even easier!

Barefoot Baby Sandals Little gems like these are why I NEED a little girl! ha Yeah right I need another baby right now like I need a hole in my head! I first saw them at a craft fair and fell in love but they were fabric and sewing isn't my strong suit so I had forgotten about them. Then one day browsing pinterest I saw a crocheted pair but never could find a pattern for them. 24 Blocks Quilting Tension Problems: Troubleshooting Tips for Your Machine Have you ever been in the stitching groove, just to see loops or puckers pop up out of nowhere? It’s often the thread tension that’s causing the frustration, and there are several reasons why it’s causing trouble with your machine. If the thread is too loose or too tight, it affects your ability to make nice, even stitches. To make a definitive diagnosis about the problem, try some of these tips and get your machine back in the groove!

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