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Collagen Protein Archives - Vital Proteins Collagen Blog. The Best Recipes I’ve Tried Recently (and They’re Not Mine)! If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed.

The Best Recipes I’ve Tried Recently (and They’re Not Mine)!

Thanks for visiting! You may be well aware that I happen to be a creative cook and come up with many of my own recipes. Just about every day, I make meals that came out of my own head or that were dramatically tweaked from another recipe idea I found. Sometimes, I’m not really in the mood to create meals or I want a change from my own repertoire. Thankfully, I have some amazing real food blogger friends who are also creative cooks with loads of great recipes to try out!

I want to share some of the best recipes I’ve tried recently from other folks. Nutrient Dense Tumeric Spiced Rice from Pickle Me Too You may or may not know that I have 4 growing, HUNGRY boys at home. Better Than Take Out: Homemade Orange Chicken from Delicious Obsessions Oh my! Pakistani Beef Curry from Whole New Mom Another awesome dish! Roasted Apricot Chicken with Herbs de Provence from The Organic Kitchen. Marinated Cheese Appetizer Recipe - - 33501. Sriracha-style hot sauce. Sriracha-style hot sauce Total time: 25 minutes Servings: Makes about 1½ cups sauce Note: This sauce should be prepared in a well-ventilated area and is best prepared at least 1 to 2 days before using.

Sriracha-style hot sauce

Cane vinegar and palm sugar can be found at select well-stocked cooking stores, as well as Asian markets. 1 pound mixed fresh red chiles (such as red Fresnos or jalapeños), stemmed and chopped 2 to 4 cloves garlic 1/4 cup cane or rice vinegar 1 1/2 teaspoons sea salt, more if desired 2 tablespoons palm or light brown sugar, more if desired. Homemade Ketchup and Mustard Recipes - Real Food. Featuring everything you need to know to put up the seasons’ bounty, The Art of Preserving (Weldon Owen, 2010) by Rick Field and Rebecca Courchesne illuminates how to savor your favorite fresh produce year-round.

Homemade Ketchup and Mustard Recipes - Real Food

From beginners looking to learn, to those familiar with the technique, everyone will appreciate this contemporary and comprehensive approach to preserving the wealth of fruits and vegetables from backyard gardens and farmers’ markets. In this excerpt from the chapter “Condiments & Sauces,” learn how to make homemade ketchup and mustard that will put the store-bought varieties to shame. Classic Ketchup Recipe Make this ketchup when tomatoes are at their summer best. Sweet, juicy garden-fresh tomatoes are reduced to a gently spiced, lusciously thick condiment. Ingredients: Instructions: The Dog's Breakfast - asian-style noodle soup. Our new favourite thing: a one-bowl meal that’s crazy-good, dead easy, and guaranteed to get you glowing, no matter how cold it is outside.

The Dog's Breakfast - asian-style noodle soup

While probably not authentically anything in terms of style, it’s genuinely restorative, with a strong, distinct yang character that warms the heart of winter’s deep yin. chicken-tamari-ginger-garlic broth - umami, or ooh mommy? This soup is one of several brilliant permutations suggested by the Japanese Noodle Soup recipe from Cook’s Illustrated.

Mango Chutney Recipe at Epicurious. Yield Makes 5 cups (1.25 L) Mango Chutney is the one we think of as the "original" and most traditional of all chutneys.

Mango Chutney Recipe at Epicurious

It goes well with curries, chicken, pork, lamb, and game. Preparation 1. Combine apples, mangoes, red pepper, sugar, onion, raisins, vinegar, and gingerroot in a large stainless steel or enamel saucepan. 2. SERVING SUGGESTION: Chutney Butter Serve with grilled or barbecued chicken parts. Combine 3 tbsp (45 mL) Mango Chutney and 1 tbsp (15 mL) softened butter or margarine. Makes 1/4 cup (50 mL). Kitchen Tip: "I like to mix this chutney into a vinaigrette made with vegetable oil, rice vinegar, soy sauce, honey, lime juice, lime zest, and crystallized ginger," says Topp. Easy Way To Decorate A Pie – Tips and Tricks. I found a cute Pie Press Cutters Set and use each different press mold to create different shapes.

Easy Way To Decorate A Pie – Tips and Tricks

I just pressed the pie cutter on rolled out dough creating a bunch of individual pieces. I listed a few sets at the end of this post for you. You can use your favorite pie crust recipe or buy pre made pie crust if your in a rush. You can use your favorite canned pie filling as well. This is what the rolled out dough looked like after pressing out all the individual shapes. I added multiple strips across the pie. This is the golden brown crust when baked. . Homemade Probiotic Deodorant – That Really Works!


Homemade Probiotic Deodorant – That Really Works!

A buzzword within the natural health community. And rightfully so! Most health conscious individuals understand the positive effects on digestion that come from using probiotic foods and supplements. In fact, the benefits of ingesting probiotics have been well researched and the craze is taking over. If you haven’t already heard of fermented foods, kefir, and kombucha you will soon. Likewise, as the known benefits of probiotics are now expanding into mainstream culture, new research is showing remarkable promise for the use of this “good bacteria” in topical remedies. Emerging thoughts include the idea that probiotics can actually help improve the balance of bacteria on your skin, very similar to the way they are known to improve the balance of bacteria in your digestive system.