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Best Ever No-Cook Play Dough Recipe!

Best Ever No-Cook Play Dough Recipe!
How to make the best ever, no-cook play dough recipe in just 4 minutes, that will lasts for 6 months! The other day I slightly modified our usual no-cook play dough recipe and it turned out to be the best ever! It’s softer, smoother and doesn’t start to dry out even if it’s played with all day. This is my new go-to recipe and I just had to share it! I also realised that, even though I have about a million-and-one play dough recipes and ideas on this site, I don’t have a post simply dedicated to how to make the stuff! So here it is. If you have never tried making your own play dough, this is the time to give it a try. The benefits of using play dough for young children are wonderful and the play possibilities are endless! You need: 2 cups plain flour (all purpose)2 tablespoons vegetable oil1/2 cup salt2 tablespoons cream of tartarUp to 1.5 cups boiling water (adding in increments until it feels just right)food colouring (optional)few drops glycerine (optional- adds more shine!) Method: Voila!

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2-Ingredient Silky-Smooth Play Dough We’ve had 3 snow days this year. The first two were fantastic. We stocked up on treats and wore our coziest clothes all day and stayed inside and read and played games. DIY Stamped Nature Shirts - Fireflies and Mud Pies If you’ve been a reader of Fireflies and Mud Pies for a while, you know one of my passions is getting kids outside to play. Outdoor play positively influences a child’s health by improving their mood and physical fitness, developing their immune system, and enhancing their creativity, leadership skills, and imagination. Additionally, children who spend time outdoors are more likely to become environmental stewards, demonstrating a higher level of respect and appreciation for their environment and the people, creatures, and plants that live within it. Time outdoors needn’t be intense. Much of our outdoor play revolves around playgrounds, leisurely nature walks, sand play, and crafting. Our latest nature craft, DIY Stamped Nature Shirts, taught my oldest son how to identify several common trees while getting his hands messy in the art process.

Toilet Roll Easter Chicks for Kids If you’re looking to make some easy Easter Crafts for Kids, you’ve come to the right place! We have Easter Finger Puppets, Easter Napkin Rings, and everything in between! Today, we’re making these adorable Toilet Roll Easter Chicks in nests made of shredded paper. How to make easy peasy gummy candy!!! I’m not kidding people…’s really easy to make your own gummies. And cheap too! I forget where I caught a glimpse of this, but I went and Googled (is that a word?) it and found this guy…..who REALLY got into it, as you can see. So, I wanted to try it, since I am a big fan of the stuff AND I was so curious, since people claimed that all you needed was Jello, gelatin, and water!

15 Musical Instrument Crafts for Kids : Red Ted Art's Blog Well I am back and the wonderful Playing By The Book has challenged me again to come up with a lovely round up of crafts relating to a specific topic… today’s topic is MUSIC a! So I bring you over 15 Musical Instrument Crafts for Kids. Music is something I am trying to share with my kids, through song and also by “leading by example” – recently I took up playing the piano again, just to inspire my children to have a go. However, we have not YET, made very many DIY Musical Instruments and I know we do need to make some more!

Almost Unschoolers: Summer Fun Day 13 - Gummy Creations - Painting With Gummy This is one of those projects that sounds easy in the planning stage - just divide out a batch of homemade gummy solution (I like the "easy peasy" recipe from Not So Idle Hands) into squeeze bottles, so that instead of pouring it into molds, the children can squeeze it out into all kinds of creations - simple right? In fact, it is just that simple, except that as it turns out, the steps are a little more time consuming and labor intensive, than they sound. My youngest five (ages 6-14) plus a visiting friend (age 12) gave this activity such a positive review though (their only suggestion for improvement was to double the batch of gummy solution, so they could make even more creations), that I decided to go ahead, and share it.

Sensory Nature Scavenger Hunt This week our homeschool co-op had a brilliant time exploring one of our local nature reserves and doing a Sensory Nature Scavenger Hunt! It was a warm enough morning for bare feet and full body sensory fun! Typically, scavenger hunts focus on sight and maybe touch. 17 Easy Paper Plate Crafts for Kids Who loves a paper plate craft as much as I do? Paper plates are just the best for crafting with! They’re inexpensive and so versatile. If we’re ever stuck for a craft idea here in my daycare, with just a little imagination, we can almost always think of something to make out of a paper plate!

Homemade Paint Recipe {Puffy Sand Paint} We have had lots of fun exploring with sand this Summer. We purchased a 20 pound bag for $5 at Home Depot and have found all sorts of ways to play with it! We made homemade quicksand for some super sensory play, played and explored with stretchy sand slime, and made MAGIC sand and sandcastles just to name a few. Today, we took a bit of our sand and whipped up a simple and fun homemade paint recipe.

First Sewing Basket for Kids Make a first sewing basket for kids using simple, age appropriate materials that encourage open-ended creativity, fine motor skills and plenty of independent fun! My girls have been asking to do some sewing recently, so we collected some simple, easy to use materials together and made a first sewing basket for them to have and use.They are really excited to have something of their very own and to do it next to me while I am doing my crochet. It struck me how much a basket of these materials is really just a fantastic open-ended play resource, with a focus on fine motor skills and development of co-ordination.

20 TP Roll Crafts (yes, even more!) HOORAY we love TP Roll Crafts.. and just when I think I have seen them all.. I clearly haven’t … I keep stumbling across more and more lovely loo roll craft ideas and the world wide web – and as toilet paper rolls are so plentiful and can be use in SO MANY DIFFERENT ways, I thought I would share yet more with you here today!! It really does surprise me how many things you can turn them into with just a little bit of imagination!! Adorable TP Roll Pinatas We LOVE these TP Roll Teacups. So fun! Textured Aromatherapy Play Dough We made some gorgeous scented aromatherapy play dough using three different essential oils and a variety of textures to create a real feast for the senses! I wish that you could smell this post- it’s wonderful! I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how my girls get tired and frustrated at certain times of day, especially the dreaded “witching hours” between about 4- 6pm. Is this a familiar time of day for you?