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Current. 12/27/16
Finished. 3/21/17

Budget-friendly Office Storage. I posted a before and after of my office on instagram @oheverythinghandmade yesterday, which made me realize that I have not shared my budget-friendly storage solution with you guys yet!

Budget-friendly Office Storage

So, today I’ll be sharing my Budget-friendly Office Storage and what I use to store all my craft supplies! This is how I had my station for printing, and storage set-up. But, after a couple of months I realized that it just wasn’t working with the cabinet being so low and the openings too small, nothing really fit in there. A couple of months ago, I went to Ikea and found these KALLAX shelving units, which are a new style of the EXPEDIT units. Organize Me Pretty. I am so honored to be among 11 talented ladies for the Organize me Pretty Series, which started on Monday with Home Made by Carmona.

Organize Me Pretty

First, I like to share 3 great ways to organize around the kitchen, from creating an organized and colorful pantry, labeling your jars to organizing your drawers and cabinets for easy daily use. Here is my Organize Me Pretty Series – Functional for Daily use. Bucket Bag. I had some leftover fabric from a recent project, so I thought of making this handy bucket bag for my collection of yarn.

Bucket Bag

I got the instructions from This class is free and comes with templates, instructions are simple and clear to follow. If you are interested to sign up for classes, click here Craftsy Class Sale up to 66% off from 11/29-12/2! Craftsy has many different classes, from sewing to jewelry making, with different techniques, like Metalsmithing and Beading. Craftsy is a fun community, where you can share your finished projects after each class. The classes are affordable, plus you can watch them whenever you want! Love my new bucket bag, perfect for all the yarn I have collected while stationed in Japan. 101 Paper Flowers. Hi there, I have an amazing post for you today!

101 Paper Flowers

I collaborated with “THE BEST” paper flower smiths to bring you a series of blog posts, called: 101 Paper Flowers & Where to Start – Part I. This series will introduce you to some of the most incredible and talented paper flower pro’s out there. As you may know, I recently started making paper flowers myself. Find my first Wild Paper Flower video here, and the blog post here. Make faux milkglass. I love vases, and today’s faux milkglass DIY will show you the easy way to change up your old vases.

make faux milkglass

What you’ll need: – Assorted vintage glass vases (I found mine at a local thrift store, 9 pieces for $5) – Rubbing Alcohol (optional) – Brown craft paper or newspaper – Latex gloves – White glossy spray paint (I used Krylon Multipurpose Indoor/Outdoor Gloss White) Instructions: Step 1: Use rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball or paper towel to remove any sticky residue from the vases.

Wash vases with soap and dry completely. Step 2: Lay down paper on your spraying surface in a well-ventilated area. Step 3: Rotate vase until covered, let dry a few minutes before adding a second coat. 10 ideas to store your jewelry! As a jewelry designer, I’m always looking for inspiration on how to display my jewels, if it’s for a craft fair or for the home.

10 ideas to store your jewelry!

There are so many ways to display your jewels, and most of the displays you can easily make yourself! So, here are 10 ideas on how to display your jewelry, hope you enjoy it. -Betty 1. Boxes: | 2. 3. 5. Stamped Doily Bowl. Hi ladies, I have been quite busy last week and wasn’t able to post, therefor I will share a very cute DIY today!

Stamped Doily Bowl

I found this amazing DIY on this German Blog called: Sodapop-design ( in german ). The Stamped Doily Bowl ~ DIY is a unique way to display your Jewelry, and great to use as a decor piece. So here is what you will need to get started: 1 pack of Clay – 500g ( Efaplast clay is recommended, but you can use any other clay that is sturdy and requires no backing )Rolling pinplastic cutting boardAcrylic Paint ( recommended: Folkart – Wicker White )BrushBowlDoily First you need to roll the Clay out on your board, to a 3mm thickness. Now, place the doily onto the rolled clay, and carefully roll over it with your rolling pin. Pear Chalcedoney necklace. This is just a little collection of pink beads, and since the sun decided to come out today here in Okinawa.

Pear Chalcedoney necklace

I feel like wearing something pink. I’ll just make something everyone can enjoy! All our Episodes can be found here Made by color DIY What you’ll need: Just by looking at those cure chalcedony’s, I get excited. Wrapped Peach Aventurine Ring. Here is my 3rd Episode of the Made by color DIY’s, and today I’ll be making a very cute, easy to make and comfortable ring with a gorgeous pillow Peach Aventurine.

Wrapped Peach Aventurine Ring

What you’ll need: 1. Cut a piece of 18ga round dead soft wire 1 ft (30cm) long. 2. Place a 11x6mm pillow bead in the middle of the wire. 3. 4. 5. 6. Amethyst drop earring. The amethyst is the birthstone of February, and one of my favorite stones to work with.

Amethyst drop earring

You can find a selection of jewelry with Amethysts incorporated, Here. Today, I will show you how to make a gold drop amethyst earring. Simply follow the step by step instructions and at the end you’ll have a new hand-crafted pair of earrings. The Tools you need: (22 Gauge Wire can be found at Widget supply | 6mm Amethyst rondelles can be found on Etsy | Tools can be found at Cre8tvqn) 1. 2. Carnelian Dotty Post earring. It’s Friday already!!! Ball chain Bracelet. Do you want to make something super fast, and elegant for under $1.50? Just a few inches of ball chain (which you can get at your local craft or hardware store) will help you accomplish that. As I was wondering through a local hardware store, here on Okinawa.

I came across some ball chains and my invisible light bulb turned on. I had to share this little DIY with you, since it’s so super simple and honestly I am wearing mine right now, and love it. Wire Wrapped Bow Ring. Wouldn’t it be a cute idea to create a wire wrapped bow ring? I actually love the idea, and today I’ll make one for my readers! Enjoy What you’ll need: If you like to order the Bow Ring DIY Package, which includes supplies for two rings please click here. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Acrylic Puzzle earring. Last weekend hubby, Jasmine and I went to one of the local home improvement stores, because I was looking for some saw blades, unfortunately the Japanese home improvement store we went to didn’t have saw blades – not the ones I need. But Amazon (saw blades size 3) had just the right ones I needed. So, we wondered around and at the acrylic and wood department, my husband came up to me and said… “this would be great for you to cut-out motives, right?” -he was holding a red acrylic sheet in his hand, waving it in front of me!!!

…moment of silence, then I said “yeeeeaaaa, actually this could be my next DIY project!!!” Swirl Ring. Make your own art piece. The empty space above our fireplace really made me antsy, I just couldn’t stand looking at it anymore after we had painted our living room. DIY Friday Roundup. Emerald Wire Earring. Fabric flower stud earrings. Wire Rose Ring. I was working on a few cute additions for our shop, one of them is this cute little Cherry Quartz Rose Ring in shiny Sterling Silver. Heart Double Stud Earrings. Make a Teardrop earring. Geometric Stud Earring. I am obsessed with geometric stud earrings, they are easy and affordable + even cuter when made by yourself.

Pearl Earring. I wanted to create something simple, fast, affordable and cute to look at. Cluster of Abundance Bracelet. Jewelry DIY. There is something unexplainable lovely about Fall. Enamel Earrings. Spring Bloom Wreath. 5-step Ring Organizer. Lariat Necklace. Craft Table Project. Oh Everything Handmade.