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22 Natural Sore Throat Remedies to Help Soothe the Pain

22 Natural Sore Throat Remedies to Help Soothe the Pain
A sore throat can be a royal pain in the uh…throat. Like blinking, we never notice how much we swallow until we start paying attention to it, and when it hurts like nobody’s business, it’s kind of difficult not to pay attention. But before you go getting down about how long you’re going to have to suffer with it, consider taking some action-relief may be close than you think. Below are 22 simple at home sore throat remedies that will help you get started on naturally soothing the ache. Note: Do not give honey on its own or otherwise to children under the age of 1 year. 1. When your Grandmother told you to gargle with salt water, she knew what she was talking about. When our throats hurt, regardless of what causes it, it’s because the cells in the mucous membranes have become swollen and inflamed. You will need… -1 cup of warm water (8 oz.) -½ teaspoon of table salt Directions Heat water until it’s warm, but not hot. 2. Directions If you’re using it, pour the alcohol into a large mug. 3. Related:  Homemadesanté

Pain Relief Lotion Bars Recipe Lotion bars are one of my favorite natural beauty recipes to make. They are a simple way to moisturize and nourish the skin and they can be easily customized for a variety of uses. This variation is one of my favorites, especially for after athletic training or on sore muscles. I don’t use it during pregnancy, but it is great at other times. I also make a diluted version by using half as much Menthol and Essential Oil and omitting the Arnica oil for use on the kids when they get growing pains. These natural pain relief lotion bars smell excellent and work wonders on sore or tired muscles! Pain Relief Lotion Bars Pain relief lotion bars help soothe the pain of achy muscles naturally with herbs and natural remedies. Author: Wellness Mama Recipe type: Remedy Ingredients Instructions Combine all ingredients in a quart size glass mason jar and carefully place this jar in a small saucepan of water on the stove.Turn the burner on and bring water to a low simmer. How to Use: Don’t Want To Make Them?

18 Helpful Remedies to Relieve Headache Pain & Tension Headaches often get brushed aside as nothing more than a common complaint, a quit-your-whining-and-start-working type of thing…if only. While many people suffer them at one point or another, rarity is not the best way to judge just how nasty something can be. The pain of a headache can make day-to-day life a miserable challenge, and forces us to head straight for the aspirin. This is a sticky situation, because ultimately that will only perpetuate the problem. When you take over-the-counter pain killers all you’re doing is smothering your symptoms and ignoring the real issue of what triggers the headache. Natural remedies for headaches may take a bit more thought than simply popping a pill, but don’t brush them off. 1. Utilizing something spicy may not sound headache helpful, but cayenne is somewhat revered in the kingdom of natural remedies to treat pain and inflammation. You will need… -1/4 teaspoon cayenne powder -4 ounces of warm water -cotton swabs Click Here to Download Now 2. 3.

Why Am I Bloated After I Quit Smoking? Smoking is an unhealthy habit that can ultimately shorten your lifespan. Although the consequences of smoking are well-known, some people hesitate to quit out of fear of bloating and weight gain. According to the Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute (MCCRI), the average person typically gains four to ten pounds after he quits smoking. However, the Weight-control Information Network (WIN) reports that 10 percent of ex-smokers can gain up to 30 pounds. Some smokers appear thinner than those who do not smoke. Once you quit smoking, your appetite may increase, causing you to eat more. Smoking is a habit and an addiction. Regular exercise is not just a healthy habit; it can help prevent bloating and weight gain associated with the cessation of smoking. Bloating is a common side effect from quitting smoking, but the Mayo Clinic reports that permanent weight gain is not inevitable. Lose Weight.

Castor Oil’s many forgotten uses (Part 1 – Medicinal) – skinVERSE These days, castor oil, like many of mother nature’s gifts, are at best dismissed as an ‘alternative’ therapy. However, castor oil has been used and recommended for its powerful medicinal and curative effects for centuries by physicians. But as science and cynicism have replaced the desire to heal sickness with the modern-day desire to protect drug & pharmaceutical profits, much of this valuable information has been forgotten. What is Castor Oil? Castor oil is extracted from the seeds of the castor oil plant (ricinus communis). When handling castor oil, be sure to protect your clothing or bedding from drips as castor oil can stain fabric irreversibly (although Arm & Hammer washing soda may help remove castor oil stains). In Spanish, castor oil is called Aceite de Ricino or Aceite de Castor. Castor Oil use through the ages There is evidence that it was cultivated in England as early as 1562 but castor oil use goes back even further. The Healing Properties of Castor Oil 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Super Easy and Natural Cure-All Master Tonic Recipe Cure-All Master Tonic Recipe from 1 part fresh chopped garlic1 part fresh chopped Onion1 part fresh grated Ginger Root1 part fresh grated Horseradish Root1 part fresh chopped Cayenne Peppers or any peppers available.Apple Cider Vinegar (Raw Unfiltered Unbleached Non-distilled) Fill a glass jar 3/4 of the way full with equal parts by volume of the above fresh chopped and grated herbs. Then fill jar to the top with raw apple cider vinegar. Shake at least once a day for two weeks, and then filter the mixture through a clean piece of cloth or filter, bottle and label. This tonic is extremely powerful because all the ingredients are fresh. The dosage is 1 or 2 ounce, two or more times daily. For ordinary infections, a dose taken 5-6 times a day will deal with most conditions.

Homemade Honey & Onion Cough Syrup Here’s a recipe for an all-natural cough syrup that is great for adults, and can be adjusted so that it excludes honey when using for young children. It saves money, tastes better than it sounds, and is healthier (and probably more effective) than over-the-counter cough medicine to boot. Using OTC cough medicine is just extra money spent, extra chemicals, and a nasty flavor, none of which you need when you’re already battling a cough. Note: If you have a productive cough, as in you’re coughing up mucous, avoid suppressing it. The action of coughing is important to loosen up phlegm or mucous and get it out of your lungs. Ingredients: Red onion/garlic, honey, brown sugar/white sugar Why red/yellow onion or garlic: Onion is contains a milder form of some of the active components in garlic, but both strengthen the immune system, work as natural anti-biotics, anti-inflammatories, and expectorants (they loosen up mucous so you can cough it up.) You will need… Directions Slice the onion evenly.

7 Ways to Replace Aluminum Foil in Your Kitchen | Whistle Pig Hollow 18.3K 13.5K 36StumbleUpon5 Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons Attribution, “Aluminum” by topquark22, 6/15/13, edited. If you follow me on Facebook, or if you’ve read about my paperless kitchen, you know I am obsessed with the book I’m currently reading, Zero Waste Home. “… that the use of aluminum foil for cooking contributes significantly to the daily intake of aluminum through the cooked foods. And so it must go. (1) Covering dishes during/after baking. (2) Lining baking sheets during roasting. (3) Baking potatoes/sweet potatoes. (1) Potatoes will bake just fine without being wrapped in aluminum foil, so no need to do that. (2) But sweet potatoes drip and white potatoes explode if they aren’t poked enough, so I used to place a sheet of foil on the oven rack beneath the potatoes to catch any drippings. (4) Wrapping celery to keep it fresh. (5) Grilling veggies. (6) Covering large birds (turkeys) while oven roasting to prevent uneven cooking and browning. Did I miss anything? -Ashley

Light Therapy for Less than $60.00 Near Infrared (IR) Light Emitting Array for Body Detox and Light Therapy This NIFTY device is good for all kinds of stuff as well as looking COOL! (would go great on the wall above the couch in a hipster loft!) I decided to post this for winter because we all need a little sun when the sky is gray. It is well proven that humans and animals respond to certain frequencies of light. Its what baby animals are put under when they are born. So with that in mind I posed these instructions so anyone can benefit from Light Therapy which you can use to drive away the "winter blues". As soon as you turn it on and bath in the red-orange light you will feel better. But that's not all! This project is equally as valid for another reason altogether and can be used all year long as a powerful way of Detoxifying the Body. This array when placed in a small room like a bathroom or small closet functions as a real SAUNA! The light waves go below the suffice of the skin, heating from the inside out.

Which Medical Miracle is Sitting Right in Your Own Bathroom? - NaturalON Photo credit: One of the best household remedies around is hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). This is truly a miraculous substance. Hydrogen peroxide has been used at least as far back as the early part of the 19th century, when many bacterial diseases were killed by H2O2, including syphilis, asthma, ulcers, cholera, and whooping cough. In your body’s immune system, hydrogen peroxide is released by T-cells to kill off fungi, viruses, and bacteria. An important factor to remember is that the normal hydrogen peroxide you get at your local drug store, which is normally marked 3% hydrogen peroxide, should never be taken internally. Hydrogen peroxide has hundreds of uses, but take a look at the top 20 ways you can use this little miracle in a brown bottle all over your house. 1. If you have ugly toenail fungus or athlete’s foot, hydrogen peroxide is an excellent way to kill it off quickly. 2. 3. NOTE: Don’t ever swallow peroxide. 4. 5. Continue to Page 2 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Continue to Page 3

DIY All-Purpose Healing Salve Hi friends! Today my sister Rebecca ( has been kind enough to help me out while I’m in New York City for the Mom+Social Global Summit. She is sharing a product that has been a LIFESAVER for me! I know I have talked about my “stress hives” before…and I apologize for doing so again…but they continue to plague me! ugh! I sure wish I could find the “cure”. So it’s my pleasure to share it with you and at the same time I want to publicly thank my sister for generously sharing this magic potion with me/us. :-) Take it away Rebecca….. If I had to choose one skin care product out of the many that I’ve made, used and blogged about, CW All-Purpose Healing Salve would be it! Is It Safe to Hold in a Sneeze? Most injuries from stifling a sneeze are just plain old bad luck. Still, if you're about to sneeze, it's better to just go ahead and ah-choo! "I wouldn't recommend suppressing a sneeze by any method, whether by pinching one's nose or consciously sneezing into a closed throat," said Alan Wild, a head and neck surgeon and assistant professor of otolaryngology at Saint Louis University School of Medicine. It's important to note the difference between restraining the urge to sneeze and trying to stop a sneeze in progress. Error loading player: No playable sources found "Rubbing the nose, breathing forcefully through the nose, and pressing on the upper lip below the nose may relieve the urge to sneeze, but once the sneeze starts, it is usually best to just let it go," Wild said. So what might happen if you don't follow the doctor's advice? "The injuries that might occur are flukes or are related to some underlying anatomical oddity." Some of our sneezes still puzzle doctors. Got a question?

Blue light kills gum disease The research, published in the April Journal of Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, suggests that light in the blue region of the visible spectrum might be useful in preventing, controlling or treating periodontitis -- an oral infection that can lead to loss of bone and teeth. "Some of the key bacterial pathogens associated with periodontitis produce and accumulate compounds that are sensitive to light," said Nikos Soukos, DDS PhD, Director of the Forsyth Laboratory of Applied Molecular Photomedicine and the principal investigator. "We found that, when exposed to particular wavelengths of light, a percentage of those pathogens was eradicated within seconds." Another important finding was that when the proportion of such pathogens was reduced, the proportion of other, potentially helpful, bacteria increased. The team is currently developing a hand-held, light-based device that might, one day, be used by consumers to help combat periodontal disease.

Make Your Own Natural Salve for Pain Relief - NaturalON If you haven’t already heard, the health benefits of cayenne are truly amazing. Used as an herbal pain reliever, cayenne has compounds that improve the immune system, stop the bleeding from a cut, and can relieve pain like nothing else! Cayenne is found in many chilies, bell peppers, and paprika. These plants have been cultivated for at least 7,000 years. Photo credit: The active ingredient in cayenne is called capsaicin, and it’s this ingredient that works so well at reducing pain. If you go to your local drugstore you will find many different types of creams and lotions, all of which contain cayenne to one degree or another. You can use this salve on just about anything from sore muscles to stiff joints to nerve pain and bruises. Take a look at just how easy it is to make your own cayenne salve. Ingredients: SEE ALSO: Natures Best Pain Killers Right from Your Kitchen! Instructions: Enjoy!

Not Your Mother's Neosporin: Healing Salve for Minor Scrapes and Burns I’m on the outs with biscuits right now. Biscuits are the reason I am burned. Biscuits are the cause of all of my corporeal suffering in these last few days. I was going to take a picture and show you guys the giant burn on my inner forarm from delivering biscuit babies from the hot, hot oven. I called it “Not Your Mother’s Neosporin” up there, but the truth is, it’s not anyone’s Neosporin. But you can use it in much the same way. While there are tons of options you can use in a healing salve, I’m going to give you the specific recipe I used (to make it easier, and because I’m madly in love with it). All great for your boo-boos, and your skin in general. Ready for the homemade healing salve recipe? There’s no hard and fast rule that says you have to use the same oils I used. Also? The first thing you want to do, after you’ve gathered all of your ingredients so you know you have ‘em, is sterilize – with boiling water for at least 5-10 minutes – everything you’ll be using. Oh. Double PS.