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PIC Programmer for Windows - Help Index PIC programmer - Help Index Disclaimer In other words, THE ENTIRE RISK FOR THE USE OF THIS SOFTWARE IS WITH YOU. Use this program as long as you keep in mind that this program is no professional software ! contents Short Description PICs are single-chip microcontrollers which can be used for many purposes. Note that most programming adapters supported by WinPic do not meet Microchip's requirements for a "production grade" programmer. WinPic lets you ... program a HEX-file into a PIC microcontroller read the contents of a PIC and save it as a HEX file read and modify the configuration word(s) of the PIC Keep in mind that this program is still far from being "professional" software ! Check for an update on the author's homepage.Note: Meanwhile there are other programs called "WinPic" on the web. Contents Features and supported devices The program requires a simple programming interface for the serial port. Supported devices are (AT LEAST WARNING ! System Requirements and Installation ? Code: /p /e

NearBus Company - Systeme Helmholz GmbH Creating The by Randy Innerarity Physics 476.001 Summer II, 2003 The original Word file and other documents can be found here: professor Dan Bruton originally conceived the SFA Rover project. The project began with a remote controlled H1 Hummer replica manufactured by Enertec. The Hummer's rf/motor control circuit board contains a single 18-pin IC that controls the steering and drive motors in response to remote control radio signals. Using a remote controlled vehicle for a robotics base has one major drawback. An acrylic carrier board is used in place of the Hummer body to provide a mounting area for circuit boards and future equipment. The figure below shows the new wires attached to the de-soldered resistor ends. Two single pole-single throw momentary switches provide sensory input to the robot. The motor control circuits on the original circuit board require 2.8 volts to activate the steering and drive motors. SFA Rover Program Listing.

MEN: Rugged Embedded & Safe CompactPCI, Box/Panel PCs, COMs for Transportation, Rail, Automotive, Avionics, Industrial Automation, industrial electronics and informatics: iMod, iModCloud, NPE X1000, TECHBOX, NX Dynamics Labcenter Electronics - Downloads Aerospace, Simulation, Industrial Control, and Data Acquisition - Home - UEI