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QDS System BioExplorer Software BioExplorer is a Windows program for real-time biophysical data acquisition, processing, and display. It is intended for personal use in entertainment, education, and experimentation. BioExplorer version 1.3 is now available for download this version is needs the Hasp Key. The 30 days Demo Trial Version download link is listed below. Gaugette Gaugette Time Clock This build combines a Raspberry Pi with a rotary-encoder, an RGB LED and an OLED character display to create a time clock that logs my time on tasks directly to a Google Docs spreadsheet. Motivation Whenever I have to record time against projects, I find it really hard to diligently keep my time records up to date. Maybe with a purpose-built time clock I will keep better records? Hey, it could happen!

NANO-BAT Open Source Hardware power supply for wearable Arduino Leonardo like development board stacks on top of OLIMEXINO-NANO LiPo battery charger LiPo connector Lithium 3V battery switch for selecting battery power (switch off battery if necessary) Related Products Click on image or press Esc to close EEG/EKG Schematics by +1+1+1 EEG & EKG (ECG) Schematics last updated 7-Jan 2005 I developed my 4-channel, dual-purpose EEG/ECG box between September 2003 and March or April of 2004 with the gracious help of David Rosenboom at Calarts for use in my medi[t]ations sound performance series. NANO-BB Open Source Hardware breadboard connector for wearable Arduino Leonardo like development board connects to breadboard-1 stacks on top of OLIMEXINO-NANO/OLIMEXINO-BAT makes all Arduino signals available for breadboard experiments Related Products Click on image or press Esc to close

OpenEXG Last Updated: 21 April 2009 A 2-channel biometric signal amplifier for EEG and other biological signal processing. About the project ModularEEG has been around for some years. Sync Android Contacts, Calendar, and Files to ownCloud Do you dislike Google? I do. I hate the fact that Google wants to record every little bit of information from your life and data mine it to death. OLIMEXINO-NANO Open Source Hardware wearable Arduino Leonardo-like development board ATMEGA32U4 Arduino Leonardo compatible works with Arduino IDE micro USB cable connector (unlike most of the other Olimex boards which use mini USB) user button reset button micro SD card connector two stackable connectors UEXT connector for connection to OLIMEX UEXT modules intelligent power supply can take power from USB or external LiPo battery (OLIMEXINO-BAT module) ultra low power design for battery and handheld operations Related Products Click on image or press Esc to close