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Alien Registration Records. NYC Municipal Archives. Documents gratuits d’histoire familiale et de généalogie — SFgenealogy | Home. California Digital Newspaper Collection. Trouver des gens, Lookup Numéros de téléphone, Exécuter vérifications des antécédents, consulter les documents publics | Centre de généalogie francophone d'Amérique.

Ships Passenger Lists to USA, Canada & Australia 1700-present on Ships Passenger Lists From Italy. John S. asked Olive Tree Genealogy for help finding a ships passenger list: I am having difficulty finding the arrival record of my great grandfather in North America. I know that he lived in the province of Cosenza, Italy & departed Naples, Italy in the 1884 time frame identified as Napoleon Bellaspica Lepera. Are passenger departure lists available for Naples during this time frame? John - Ships Passenger lists for North America are best searched by arrival country or port, not departure port. The manifests were made at the port of departure, then turned in at the port of arrival. You should be able to find your ancestor in ships lists on .

Be sure to use wildcards when searching as Lepera could be easily misspelled or badly transcribed. Dossiers d'histoire de famille et de généalogie gratuit - Online card catalogs help genealogists locate good sources — Living. I hold in my hands “Early Settlers of Rowley, Massachusetts,” compiled by George Brainard Blodgette and published 1882-1887 by the Essex Institute Historical Collections. It was revised and published in 1933 by Amos Everett Jewett and reprinted in 1981 by New England History Press. Researchers don’t need to know all that. My copy probably will go to a library eventually, but Maine genealogists will be interested in where they can see the book now, maybe even today.

First I check URSUS at, the online card catalog for Maine State Library, Bangor Public Library and the University of Maine campuses throughout the state. I find the Rowley book available at: • Bangor Public Library, 145 Harlow St. • Maine State Library, next to the State House in Augusta. • University of Maine’s Fogler Library in Orono. Where else might readers hope to find “Early Settlers of Rowley”? • Gardiner Public Library. • Gray Public Library. • Maine Historical Society, Portland. LibraryThing | Cataloguez vos livres en ligne.

The Bureau of Land Management. Library of Congress Home. Welcome to Cyndi's List. Listes de passagers Le Havre_New-York. Document imprimé depuis le site le 14 juin 2015 à 17:52 Liste des passagers du paquebot 'La Bretagne', 1887 Porteuses d'informations précieuses pour les généalogistes et les chercheurs, les listes de passagers sont des documents régulièrement sollicités. Pour répondre à cet engouement, il est désormais possible de consulter sur cette page l'intégralité de nos listes pour la période 1864-1945 Il s'agit de l'ensemble des listes de passagers à bord des navires de la Compagnie Générale Transatlantique effectuant la ligne Le Havre - New York entre 1864 et 1945.

Consultez les listes patronymiques des passagers et des membres d'équipage classées par ordre alphabétique Entrez le nom que vous recherchez ci-dessous, ou consultez l'index passager de tous les noms recensés dans les listes de passagers. Téléchargez les copies numériques des listes. La Bretagne 1887 La Bourgogne 1894 La Lorraine 1902 La Lorraine 1903 La Provence 1907 La Savoie 1911 La Lorraine 1918 De Grasse 1925 Flandre 1926. Ellis Island - FREE Port of New York Passenger Records Search.