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Evernote success story

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With 750K Paid Users, Evernote Brings In $18 Million A Year. Evernote CEO Phil Libin is on a tear; After making Inc Magazine’s “Company of the year” issue, partnering with French telecom company Orange and launching two apps, Hello and Food, he took the stage at Le Web to talk very candidly about Evernote numbers.

With 750K Paid Users, Evernote Brings In $18 Million A Year

Libin revealed that the company has hit 20 million registered users just 3 1/2 years after its launch, with 8 million monthly actives. These users are long-term, Libin emphasized, with 42% eventually returning after they leave, “People that leave kind of miss it,” Libin said. He revealed that 750K of that 20 million are Evernote Premium users, paying $5 a month and $45 a year for the extremely handy services. Those paid users amount to $18 million in bookings Libin told me backstage after his talk, and the company was profitable until six months ago where it started aggressively hiring post its funding.

Over 9,000 apps are built on the platform. You can view Phil Libin slides for LeWeb here. Evernote Bought Four Companies Last Year And (Almost) Nobody Knew About It. For Evernote, 2011 was a year to remember. History of Evernote. How Evernote Is Changing the Free Model. Extend Your Brain With Evernote (Private Beta Invites) We are all dealing with information overload.

Extend Your Brain With Evernote (Private Beta Invites)

Some of the most useful Web startups are the ones that help us deal with the never-ceasing flow of data washing over us every day. Evernote is one of those startups. A Windows version of Evernote has been around for a few years, but it is now releasing a Web version in private beta, as well as a new Windows client, mobile software clients for Windows Mobile and PocketPC phones, and a mobile Web version. (A Mac client and mobile clients for Java phones, iPhones, and Android phones are in the works). The first 200 TechCrunch readers to sign up here can try it out before its more general release in March. In the words of CEO Phil Libin, “The main idea of Evernote is to create an external brain.” Each of these digital “notes” is archived and can be searched, including any words (even handwritten ones) visible in those pictures.

The handwriting-recognition capabilities are pretty amazing. Evernote = Ubiquitous Personal Memory. Evernote, which was once a Windows-only, highly-complex clippings database, has re-invented itself with a new 3.0 beta release that combines a feature-smart client for OS X (& Windows) with creative and handy web & mobile functionality to ensure you never forget anything.

Evernote = Ubiquitous Personal Memory

I managed to wait in the beta line long enough to get an invite and wanted to share the first impressions of the program. The developers of Evernote seemed to have a single principle in mind when developing their new software/service: make it as easy and painless as possible to capture any bit of visual or textual information anywhere you happen to be at any time. From screen captures, to to-do lists, to quick notes via text or e-mail to impromptu captures from your cell phone camera, Evernote removes all barriers to memory. Evernote Passes 500,000 Registered Users, Most of Them On The iPhone.

Some apps wander around the wilderness for a while until they can find the perfect home.

Evernote Passes 500,000 Registered Users, Most of Them On The iPhone

For Evernote, that home is the iPhone. The note-taking, picture-capturing, voice-recording, handwriting-recognizing universal memory service has been under development for years and launched last February in private beta on the PC. But it wasn’t until May 29 that it debuted on the iTunes store as an iPhone app. That’s when it started to take off.

Evernote Stats: One Million Registered Users, 360,000 Active, 13,755 Paid. Reaching one million registered users is an important milestone for any startup.

Evernote Stats: One Million Registered Users, 360,000 Active, 13,755 Paid

At the very least, it suggests that it is pointed in the right direction. Evernote, the app which helps you remember things you find on the Web or take photos of with your phone, just hit one million registered users a couple days ago, about a year after its public launch in June, 2008 and six months after it reached 500,000 registered users. The company raised $4.5 million at the end of last year. Evernote’s growth is not rocket-like by any means, but it is steady and consistent. CEO Phil Libin shared some detailed stats on Evernote’s progress. The desktop clients have been download about 1.7 million times and can be used in conjunction with the iPhone app. Then you have to cut by another third. The more active users Evernote gets, the more it can convert into paying premium subscribers. Evernote, the startup that boosts your memory, raises $10 million. Evernote, which lets you record almost any type of data and recall it when you need it, just raised $10 million in a second round of venture-backed financing.

Evernote, the startup that boosts your memory, raises $10 million

It was led by Morgenthaler Ventures, with more funding from earlier investors including Troika Dialog. (The startup said it raised $2 million from NTT DoCoMo in October on top of $4.5 million in a venture-backed round in January. They also raised $6 million in angel funding back in 2006.) The Mountain View-based startup says it now has nearly 2 million users on its desktop clients and apps for the iPhone and Blackberry. They use a “freemium” model with a paid version that allows larger monthly uploads and syncs your files. Evernote was built to help people remember things — from wine labels at a restaurant to shopping lists to voice notes or old photos. Evernote Reaches Two Million Lifeloggers, Half Of Them Are On Th. The idea of a life recorder that captures every moments of your life on video is still a bit of a tech fantasy, but an early version of the life recorder already exists.

Evernote Reaches Two Million Lifeloggers, Half Of Them Are On Th

It is called Evernote, the popular iPhone (and now Android) app which lets you record your memories by snapping geo-tagged photos, making voice notes, or just text notes and making it easy to search through them. Evernote does not yet support video recording other than as an attachment (for premium subscribers), but when that becomes more practical it will. “Evernote is definitely positioned to be the lifelogging tool of choice,” says CEO Phil Libin. Evernote surpasses 3 million users. The title says most of this story, but there are a couple of interesting details that are worth sharing.

Evernote Gets an App Store. Evernote just revealed the next phase of its business plan during a small press conference at the company's Mountain View offices.

Evernote Gets an App Store

Evernote, which wants to be the "global platform for human memory," currently allows its users to capture a lot of different types of data but doesn't offer a lot of ways to manage and structure this information.

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Evernote Is Still Growing Like A Weed, Hits 4 Million Users. Evernote, the ‘memory enhancement’ service that allows one to capture, organize, and find information across multiple devices and platforms, is gaining new users at a fast clip.

Evernote Is Still Growing Like A Weed, Hits 4 Million Users

As you can tell from the graph above, the Mountain View startup needed 446 days to get its first million users, 222 days to get to its second million, and 134 days to get to its third. But it only took Evernote another 108 days to reach the 4 million users milestone, the company is set to announce later today. Chief executive Phil Libin tells me the large majority of its user base is located in the United States, but not overwhelmingly so: about 57%, followed by 18% who hail from Japan, where the startup now boasts an office. A decent number of users comes from Spain, UK and Germany, and more than 12% of its users are located in the ‘rest of the world’. Evernote hopes to attract more users through hardware bundles (i.e. in partnership with Sony, Samsung and others) in the future.