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Busted: 5 Common Myths Of Customer Service. There are dozens of misconceptions about working in customer service commonly assumed by businesses.

Busted: 5 Common Myths Of Customer Service

Whether a fresh young start-up or established conglomerate, mistakes like limited thinking or an overemphasis on one particular aspect of a customer strategy has the potential to weaken a business from the inside. And it’s amazing how many companies continue to make the same mistakes, resting on the appeal of their renowned brand name whilst they fail to address gaps in their service structure. It’s easy for larger companies to fall into bad habits and stagnant practices over time, but smaller companies should be aware of these common pitfalls from the start, and take necessary measures to avoid them. 1. 'So long as customer needs are met, we’ve done our job well' Supplying the customer with what they asked for is one thing, but in reality it’s only half of the service. It is not enough to simply satisfy a customer’s primary request. 2. 3. 4.

Continue reading this article: #1 CX Competency to Utilize: Manage Customers as Assets. This is simple customer math: Incoming Customers minus Outgoing Customers = Net Growth or Loss.

#1 CX Competency to Utilize: Manage Customers as Assets

Managing customers as assets is about building passion across the organization and establishing a simple rallying cry for leaders. Rather than talking about customer retention, begin each meeting stating the numbers: Incoming customersOutgoing customersNet growth (or loss) of customer asset in the selected period (Incoming Customers minus Outgoing Customers = Net Growth or Loss)Customers who recommended youTop five reasons why customers left For many companies, every silo has varying definitions of “incoming customer,” so putting together these simple articulations requires alignment in definition and data. Debunking the web self-service myths: Part 4. Despite the omni-channel world we now live in, there are still those who consider web self-service to be a second-rate customer support channel.

Debunking the web self-service myths: Part 4

In the final of this four-part blog series, we will be addressing another of the common myths surrounding web self-service. Part 1: reviewed the myth: “It’s fobbing customers off with a second-rate support channel.” Part 2: reviewed the myth: “It’s all about cutting jobs in the contact centre.” Part 3: reviewed the myth: “It’s just for support, not for customer conversion.” Synthetix multi-channel customer service/customer experience blog. Despite the omni-channel world we now live in, there are still those who consider web self-service to be a second-rate customer support channel.

Synthetix multi-channel customer service/customer experience blog

In this four-part blog series, we will be addressing some of the most common myths surrounding web self-service. Part 1: reviewed the myth: “It’s fobbing customers off with a second-rate support channel.” Part 2: reviewed the myth: “It’s all about cutting jobs in the contact centre.” 3 Tips to Make Your Customer Service NOT Suck! Popular Today in Business: All Popular Articles A dear family friend has an expression – ‘My money is no gift.’

3 Tips to Make Your Customer Service NOT Suck!

I laugh – but it’s true. I work hard to earn my money. SaaS Marketing: Ideal Email Follow-up Sequence. How to Prevent Customer Success Liability Issues. As more SaaS companies adopt customer success initiatives that improve user experience and drive customer retention, it’s creating a customer-centric ecosystem in which everyone wins.

How to Prevent Customer Success Liability Issues

But as OpenView legal advisor Jeremy Aber warns in this post, if SaaS businesses aren’t careful, those initiatives could also expose companies to potentially liability issues. On the surface, customer success programs seem like a no-brainer. In addition to allowing software businesses to facilitate proper product implementation and usage, customer-centric initiatives — like the one that backup and disaster recovery solution Intronis rolled out last year — also help companies better understand who their buyers are, what they care about, and what they want to see in future product releases. If You Can’t Prove The ROI Of Your Customer Experience Effort Then Consider This Option. Where is Customer Experience Management At?

If You Can’t Prove The ROI Of Your Customer Experience Effort Then Consider This Option

What are the highlights of the Harvard Business Review Analytic Services study: Lessons from the Leading Edge of Customer Experience Management? It occurs to me that there are many. And for the purposes of this post I want to concentrate on a subset. According to the study: Less than half of the companies view customer experience management as a strategic priority. Most are struggling to develop clear and consistent customer experience strategies, support, processes, and metrics across the organisation. Put differently, even the 50% who see customer experience management as a strategic priority are finding it hard. What are the biggest obstacles-hurdles on the path of Customer Experience? Metrics-driven-saas-business. Bluenose delivers unparalleled insights and account management capabilities in hours.


Don’t wait to find out what our software can do for you. Complete the form below to download "The Metrics Driven SaaS business" Study: What Employers Look for in a Customer Success Manager - The Software Advice Blog. Subscription-driven companies rely on renewals and upselling for up to 95 percent of their revenue.

Study: What Employers Look for in a Customer Success Manager - The Software Advice Blog

As such, many are now hiring customer success managers (CSMs) to ensure their customers realize measurable returns from their solutions. While the exact nature of the position varies by company, its primary function is always the same: to increase customer retention, upsells and referrals through proactive customer support. For those with customer-facing experience, this emerging role presents an enticing opportunity. According to Totango’s 2014 Customer Success Salary Survey, the average annual compensation for CSMs is currently $94,864.

In addition, many CSMs will gain valuable experience interfacing directly with C-level executives. To learn what companies are currently looking for in CSM candidates, we analyzed a random sample of 300 job listings for customer success management titles (explained in the Methodology section). Key Findings Level of Education Required. Hbr-leading-edge-customer-experience-mgmt-107061.pdf?utm_content=buffer5b5f3&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter. The Definitive Guide to Using Content Marketing for B2B. Blueprint Customer Success. Customer success begins in the sales organization.

Blueprint Customer Success

The clients you win should be in alignment with your product capabilities and your company vision. Otherwise, they will struggle to succeed and you will create unnecessary waste and stress on both organizations. Every sales cycle creates valuable information that helps your clients and your company succeed. Capture, optimize and reuse that knowledge to filter and accelerate the success of your clients.

At MindTouch, we’ve institutionalized the capture of this knowledge in a process we call Customer Success Blueprinting. Churn out churn: Five steps to serious. How to Control Contact Points with Your Customers. The Number One Goal for Most Support Departments: Decrease the Overhead for Customer/User Support. Companies face a large overhead tied to the amount of agents needed to field inbound requests- whether it be by email, phone or chat. Depending on the medium the customer uses to interact with the agent, the cost to the company can increase or decrease.

Example: a phone call will usually cost more than an email exchange because it is easier to multi-task with email and you can pull from scripted responses. The first step companies take to decrease their overhead is to cut the number of support agents. This typically results in poor customer satisfaction because there rarely are enough agents left to handle the volume of tickets. Before Cutting Agents, First Understand the Lifecycle of a Customer “Issue” Great Customer Service Training Focuses on Relationships. Take a moment to remember a time when you were blown away by someone’s service. Maybe a restaurant, a hotel or a company you did business with. What did they do that was so impressive? My guess is that it boils down to how their customer service training was executed. My guess is they were thinking ahead about the journey the customer will take dealing with them. They thought of how to make the check in or check out easier. Customer Success - It’s As Easy As 1, 2, 3.

We definitely live in a complex world. No argument there. But I think there are times when we over-complicate things. Customer Success is no different. Why You Should Track the Rate of Customer Referrals. Consider the referral as the true money question; it’s the final frontier of loyalty. If your customers are willing to stick their neck out vouching for you, they are truly powerful to your organization and the potency of its revenue stream down the line. Keeping and developing these customers, and developing other customers like them, is the key. A customer referral means that you’re firing on two important cylinders. First, you’ve done enough things right that they meld together into an experience that’s more than the sum of the parts of your organization. Your products, services, people, locations, and contacts present themselves beyond the ho-hum of our daily lives as consumers. Second, the connection you’ve created with customers through the delivery of this experience compels them to tell others about it.

Know Your Lost Customers – the Volume, Value and Reasons Why. Call it what you want – the revolving door theory or the leaky bucket approach. You must reconcile “Customers In” with “Customers Out” to know how well you are doing with managing customers as an asset of your company. This is just about math. (See 5 Answers Every CEO Should Want to Know.) In addition to knowing the number of lost customers, you need to know the reasons why customers left so you can drive change across the business.

Without this information, the organization misses a massive opportunity to galvanize people into taking action. Are You Making Excuses for a Bad Customer Experience? Everything in life isn’t pleasant. Whether that’s when you don’t feel well, not being able to pay your bills, or getting a traffic ticket, these are not exactly things that end up on anyone’s top ten list of great moments in their life. Is Average Customer Service Enough? When To Invest In Customer Success. A CFO walks into the office of his CEO after days of analysis in preparation for an upcoming board meeting.

“I have some good news and some bad news,” the CFO said. Figuring he should buffer the bad with the good, the CFO shares his findings. The First And Last Question Your Customers Subconsciously Ask. Is There Clarity about Your Unique Purpose in Customers’ Lives? 8 Capabilities Every Customer-Centric Organization Should Enable. If your organization has done any thinking about customer centricity, you’ve likely read buckets about the importance of enabling strategies and tactics based on a deep understanding of your customers.

The core message of all this writing around “customer understanding” is pretty simple: this understanding must be centered both on what customers want and need, as well as their value as defined by the contribution each makes to the profitability of your company. Customers at the Core. The Secret Sauce to a Superior Customer Experience. Illuminate Your Customer Success Operation. Linkedin. Why Brands Often Fail at the Zero Moment of Truth. Google introduced this term to describe the impact of online information, i.e. social media reputation, on the intent of a potential customer to engage with a brand. According to the research that influence, and consumer dependence on it, are growing very fast from year to year. Consumers checked 10.4 sources of information to make a decision in 2011.

This is a dramatic increase from the 5.3 sources This more recent study found that positive consumer reviews increase both intent to purchase, and product value, by about 7%. An online share (customer review, Facebook share or tweet) has a value of between $0.33 for a brand or store recommended by a stranger, and $1.33 for brands recommended by friends or family. Online content sharing and recommendations now hold more sway over consumers’ buying decisions than brand, or even price. Tracking Customer Success: Avoiding Common Traps. If your business is embracing a subscription model, then your own success relies directly on that of your customers. Unless customers realize real value from your solutions, they are not likely to renew, much less buy additional licenses or solutions. The first step in optimizing customer success is to measure and track it.

The SaaS Metrics Maturity Model. Becoming a Metrics-driven SaaS Business is no easy task. 5 Ways to Drive Subscription Growth By Focusing On Customer Success. The "subscription economy" is upon us. We’re all bought in. And while the extensive adoption of subscription models, especially software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies, has lowered the barrier to entry for customers, the barrier to exit has also been reduced. This means as a vendor in the subscription economy, you can no longer rest on the security of a closed deal, but instead must work smarter to consistently deliver value to your customers, so they’ll stick around and become bigger customers.

5 secrets to reduce Subscription Churn. 5 Churn Rate Myths to Stop Believing Now. If you’re going to make it your mission to track corporate metrics, churn rate is a great place to start. Unlike vanity metrics – like website visitors or brand mentions – churn rate gives you actionable data about the number of customers leaving your company, as well as potential ideas for improving overall retention rates. Customer Success Management Is Good For Business.

19 Signs Customers Are Just Not That Into You. Inc : .@marcecko 'Success is Merely ... Caring For Customers In A Noisy Social World. The New Realities of Being a Customer in the Subscription Economy. Killer SaaS Metrics - Churn, Customer Success and Instrumentation. Growth Hacker TV Resources. What Every Cloud Vendor Knows (Or Ought to) David Verhaag: 5 Tips for Managing Customer Churn. Customer Success Driving the Top Line Part 1: Building Long-Term Relationships - Application Performance Monitoring Blog from AppDynamics. Customer Success Driving the Top Line Part 2: ROI-Focused Adoption - Application Performance Monitoring Blog from AppDynamics. Customer Success Driving the Top Line Part 3: Data Driven - Application Performance Monitoring Blog from AppDynamics. 4 Types of Customer Retention Email That Actually Work. Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast When it Comes to Customer Success.

5 keys to a customer success dream team. 3 Smooth Moves in Applying the Customer Success Mindset - Frontleaf. 4 Ways to Solve the Problem of Iceberg Products. 8 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Help Center With SEO. Post-Sale Nurturing: Turn Customers into Advocates. Breaking the back of customer churn - Bain Brief. Top 5 Myths for Solving Churn. 8 Things Customer Success Pros Shouldn't Do. Service Process vs. Service Experience. Top 5 Myths for Solving Customer Satisfaction. 30 Ways to Show your Customer They're Always Right. Employee and Customer Engagement. 75 Customer Service Stats and Facts you Can't Afford to Ignore. Become A Customer Success Ninja - 8 Best Practices Trends, Data, and Statistics. Why a CSM's First Impression Means So Much. Customer Success + Exception Management = Revenue and Profit. Six Key Challenges of the Chief Customer Officer. Narrowly Defining Who a “Customer” is Thwarts the Power of Customer Centricity. Customer Success Nightmares: How to deal with the “Oh Sh$t” email from your CEO.

How to prioritize and organize the work of your Customer Success Program. The EARU Model: How To Get The Best Renewal and Upsell Numbers Possible. The Customer Success Map: A Key Tool in Your Fight Against Churn. Forrester-groundswell-entry. What Is Customer Success Management And Why Is It Important. Customer Success: Changing Behavior, Not Just Software. Customer Success Management: The Key to SaaS Renewals. Yes, the Marketing Funnel is Dead #PulseConf2014. Customer-Centricity is Controversial. Everyone Should Work in Customer Service. Six Ways to Improve Customer Experience Now. Feedback is an experience too: How to make your surveys engaging!

Spare Me Your Platitudes Customers Are Tired of Insincere Support. 3 Keys to a Profitable Customer Success Team. 6 Ways to Keep The Sucky Service Snowball from Rolling Downhill. The difference between Customer Success Managers and Account Managers. Creating Customers for Life: 50 Resources on Loyalty, Churn, and Customer Retention. How We Pinpoint Opportunities for Improvement.

The Complete Guide to Using Social Media for Customer Service. The Customer Success Manifesto (Part 2 of 2) 30 Ways to Show Your Customers They're Always Right. RESEARCH: Why 60 Percent of Companies Don't Offer Social Customer Care - Contact Centers in the Cloud. The Customer Success Manifesto (part 1 of 2)

Service Process vs. Service Experience: Solving the Customer’s Problem vs. Owning the Customer’s Issue. Customer Satisfaction: Busting The Top 5 Myths » Nexidia. Customer Success: Do Things That Don’t Scale. How to Develop a Customer Success Management Strategy. 8 Things Customer Success Pros Shouldn’t Do. Churn: Busting The Top 5 Myths » Nexidia. Tesla Raises the Bar on Customer Service. Helpouts by Google: Ready to Helpout in a Hangout?