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How to Be Less Stupid Altucher Confidential. Posted by James Altucher I’m really stupid.

How to Be Less Stupid Altucher Confidential

I can tell you in advance. I think at heart, if I work at it, I can be smart. But at the moment I’m largely an idiot. Independent Report: Fukushima Disaster was Entirely Preventable. Last year, after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear meltdown, the Japanese parliament requested an independent report on the causes of the disaster.

Independent Report: Fukushima Disaster was Entirely Preventable

The 10 members of the report committee were not connected with the nuclear industry or the government bureaucracy and included distinguished scientists, doctors, lawyers, and even a science journalist. The resulting report, released this week, is damning. A Parent’s Guide to School Shootings. I walked into the high school wearing two guns and a bullet resistant vest. I had a rifle, six spare magazines, and a ballistic helmet stashed close by in my car.

It was Wednesday, April 21st 1999, the day after what had been the worst school shooting in United States history.

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Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) No Active Tropical Warnings in the Northwest Pacific, North Indian Ocean, Central Pacific, Eastern Pacific, or Southern Hemisphere There are no active tropical warnings in the Northwest Pacific/North Indian Ocean, Central/Eastern Pacific, or Southern Hemisphere at this time.

Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC)

Current Significant Tropical Weather Advisories: ABPW10 (Western/South Pacific Ocean) - ABPW10 Text - Satellite Image ABIO10 (Indian Ocean) - ABIO10 Text - Satellite Image Products on this website are intended for use by U.S. government agencies. Please consult your national meteorological agency or the appropriate World Meteorological Organization Regional Specialized Meteorological Center for tropical cyclone products pertinent to your country, region and/or local area. Sheepdog Tip of the Day. Officer Stacy Lim from the Los Angeles Police Department pulled into her driveway after an enjoyable evening of softball practice.

Sheepdog Tip of the Day

When Lim got out of her personal car, she was immediately confronted by a group of gangbangers who had followed her with the intent of carjacking her vehicle. Her first response was to call out that she was a police officer. They responded by firing a .357 magnum round into her chest, which penetrated her heart, and blew a tennis ball-size exit wound out her back. 10 sobering realizations the Eastern U.S. power grid failure is teaching us about a real collapse. (NaturalNews) In the wake of violent storms, the power remains out today for millions of Americans across several U.S. states.

10 sobering realizations the Eastern U.S. power grid failure is teaching us about a real collapse

Governors of Virginia, West Virginia and Ohio have declared a state of emergency. Over a dozen people are now confirmed dead, and millions are sweltering in blistering temperatures while having no air conditioning or refrigeration. As their frozen foods melt into processed goo, they're waking up to a few lessons that we would all be wise to remember. See some shocking photos of recent weather events, including a trampoline strung over power lines at: Here are 10 hard lessons we're all learning (or re-learning, as the case may be) as we watch this situation unfold:

Compilation of Every Known 911 WTC Video Video. Dramatic New Video of Japan Tsunami. Never Talk to the Police. By Dave Hitt on Mar 31, 2010 in Featured, Police State What’s the best response when a cop asks you something?

Never Talk to the Police

Silence, or a short, polite non-answer. Shut up. Eagle Eye Personal Protection Every Place I Sell. Keep Calm and Carry On. La comunicazione di crisi 1. Comunicazione in Tempo Di Crisi. Comment nettoyer une mauvaise eRéputation ? Comment se protéger d’une mauvaise réputation sur Internet. Comunicazione di crisi: Costa Crociere e il naufragio della Concordia. Virtual Reality Journalism Immerses Users in a Public Crisis. Former Newsweek correspondent Nonny de la Peña has developed a 3D virtual reality simulation that recreates a real eyewitness account of a crisis in Los Angeles as people wait outside a food bank.

Virtual Reality Journalism Immerses Users in a Public Crisis

‘Hunger in Los Angeles’ was designed using gaming development tools and includes a body-tracking system. Users wear a head-mounted goggle display to fully immerse themselvesin the game where they can walk around and interact with other characters in real-time. Emergency 2.0 Wiki Project. The 10 New Rules of Crisis Communications. It’s common knowledge: Social media and the way individuals use the Internet has changed the rules of the game when it comes to crisis management.

The 10 New Rules of Crisis Communications

It’s no longer about communicating your message to the public but rather communicating your message with your audience, in real-time and with wide-open eyes and ears. The eyes are for monitoring and the ears are for listening. Little Red Riding Hood’s big bad wolf had big ears and big eyes and you’d better plan for your brand to have the same in a crisis. Using Social Media for Crisis Communications Sign Up Form. Crisis PR Analysis: Costa Cruises and the Costa Concordia tragedy. The running aground of the cruise ship Costa Concordia has so far meant the death of six passengers, with many also being injured.

Crisis PR Analysis: Costa Cruises and the Costa Concordia tragedy

The reaction by Costa Cruises in its dealing with the press and the information released has caused a stir, not least the company's decision to issue a press release blaming the captain in full for the disaster. Adrian Johnson, managing director of PR and social media agency, Umpf who has handled crisis communications for a number of travel companies, discusses the communications strategy so far. The tragedy that unfolded on Friday night off the coast of Italy is a PR team’s worst nightmare.

And that’s the trouble with crisis comms – there’s no predicting when they will strike, so no matter how prepared you are, they always take you by surprise. Social Media and Crisis Management - Iabc- Eventbrite. Invalid quantity.

Social Media and Crisis Management - Iabc- Eventbrite

Please enter a quantity of 1 or more. The quantity you chose exceeds the quantity available. Please enter your name. 6 ways to control a social media crisis. We've all seen examples of social media eruptions burying companies in wave after wave of bad news. Amazingly, major corporations still struggle as often as not in their management of crises online. Sometimes, the corporations themselves make things worse.

In today's social media-crazed world, a clear understanding and diligent implementation of damage control principles will make or break a company in its reaction to such a crisis. Having handled numerous crises for a few dozen companies over the years, I know firsthand how much heavy lifting is involved with the successful suppression of stories, let alone turning bad news into opportunities for favorable outcomes. The rise of social media has changed that calculus though, and has made what used to be regarded as successful crisis management seem almost archaic. What are the top 3 questions you have on #socialmedia & #crisiscommunications ? #crisispr #PR #reputation.

Social Media Blog » Is Crisis+ the Future?: Implementing Google+ in Crisis Communications (Benefits & Challenges) Is Crisis+ the Future? : Implementing Google+ in Crisis Communications (Benefits & Challenges) a wonderful publication of PRSA !! Some of you have had a hard time reaching the link, so her is the link again and the text: “It seems like the entire world (or social media world at that) is discussing the new launch of Google +, which is the social networking site that is the answer to Facebook.

Some say that it is going to be the site that will transform how we search for information and how it truly encompasses the social life as we know it, but there are others that still say that there are some issues with the site that need to be explored further in development. Using Social Media for Crisis Communications Sign Up Form. Crisis Communications: A Special Five-Part Series. Written by Brad Phillips on June 5, 2011 – 12:40 pm I’m delighted to announce that this week, the Mr. Media Training blog will be running an in-depth, week-long series on crisis communications. All five articles are by crisis communications pro Jane Jordan-Meier, author of the new book, The Four Stages of Highly Effective Crisis Management: How To Manage The Media In The Digital Age.

I asked Jane to write this series after reading her book. Pavese, i social e la crisis management. Did you integrate social media in your #crisiscommunications plan ? (via @horationelson) 100621-COT-Twitter-in-crisiscommunicatie. CWJulAug10_Crisis2_Borremans. Crisis Communications and Social Media. CS&A, Fully Integrated Crisis and Business Continuity Management. Crisis Communication group. New Realities Emerging in Crisis Communications. Boy, was last week a tough one for New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. With his city stung by a 20-inch blizzard, its sixth-worst on record, and massive delays in cleaning up the mess, “Mayor Mike” managed to put his foot in his mouth for what will likely not be the last time in his political career.

Saying Monday that #snowloko was “inconvenient,” while urging New Yorkers to see a Broadway show (seemingly oblivious to the fact that millions of outer-borough residents were literally trapped in their homes — and would be for several days — because of his administration’s mismanagement and bungling of the cleanup effort) Bloomberg perfectly exemplified a new reality that is starting to emerge in crisis management in the digital age: words, much like images, can make or break you. What we’re seeing now is that executives’ words often can hurt, or help them, just as much, if not more, than the imagery, visuals and advertising their companies uses. Panelists. Speaking about ROI of Social Media at Brussels Conference. Crisis Management - Crisis Public Relations.

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