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Missile Crisis

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Log In. Crisis or Compramise | Emily Earwaker. About these ads Like this: Like Loading... Related. Social studies | Monique's school blog. As president John F. Kennedy my best options is? Since the treaty of waitangi worked out well that was like one of my options. That one week a year As president John F. Kennedy my best options is? Cuba and America have a reunited day and they could talk and sign a contract saying that they will not hate/bomb each other but they will work well together and be friends. This was my best option because Cuba is in America and they are just hurting each other for they are the same country. It is just like saying Auckland hates Christchurch that doesn’t sound right, but neither does Cuba hating America it doesn’t seem right to bomb your friend.

This is the best option because U.S and Cuba are the same country it would be like bombing your own neighbour, for what? Considering all actions the U.S. Kapahaka6 | A fine site. Cuban Missile Crisis – 5/3/15 | Maxwell Hutton. We are currently aware of the threat of the Cuban Missile Crisis, and we are trying our hardest to prevent any extreme casualties. We’ve had many ideas put forward to decrease such military involvement, but our best and most efficient idea, is to send highly trained military spies behind enemy lines to assassinate the highest of USSR military personal and the commander and President, Khrushchev. We believe this is the most effective idea because, if our troops succeed, the USSR will fall without their leader, and the war will be ours for the win, and it may be a bit risky but it’s worth a shot.

Although, there are some negative consequences such as if the enemy were to discover our plans, they may capture our spies and/or kill them, and in return, may send nuclear missiles or send spies of their own. Another consequence, could be that our spies may get shot or killed before they reach their destination, meaning our initial plan would’ve failed. Like this: Like Loading... Social studies 2015 | alexisblomfield.

Socials studies 2015 | laraslabbert. 5. Explain Paragraph Follow Get every new post delivered to your Inbox. Build a website with Cuban missile crisis  | josephhandenglish2015. Essay I think my course of action is the option, my option is to have a cease fire between America and the Cubans this is the best option because Cuba would be committing war crimes if they did not agree to the cease fire, this would be a peaceful end to the missile crisis. The other options are to risky and would end in lots of deaths and the desertion of the world and america, for example bombing the Cubans would mean that they could just send the missiles anyway.

The other good idea would be not to buy there sugar that would mean that they would fall into a financial slump because America is the main buyer of there sugar but they could just get money from the U.S.S.R and get more missiles, so my plan is the best plan of action for America the cease fire would not end in the loss of Americans and there soldiers also means the Cubans don’t have any deaths. By Joseph Hand Like this: Like Loading... Related.

Crisis or Compramise | Emily Earwaker. Assesment | Michael Bryant. JFK Assessment | mitchellbanks12. Assessment | chewytofu. Social studies | michaelaclark1234. Lucyhatfieldsschoolblog. Cuban Compromise | gracesorby. I think the best option is to make peace by surrendering. This is a better option than the others because it means less people would die. Yet, there are some consequences to this option eg giving up can cause riots with the people of the country because some people just don’t want to give up. Another consequence is that Cuban could still randomly attack afterward and America wouldn’t be prepared. There are positives such as, no war :) people could rest again not worry about there life being blown up. I didn’t choose nuking Cuban because that would mean so many people would die and the land would all be ruined so it would effect the rest of the world.

Also if they stopped buying sugar products to make them go bankrupt could also make them more mad and cause another reason to carry on the war, also could cause deaths to civilians due to starvation and exposure. Overall this option could really go well and a lot more lives could be saved. Aha have a good day :) By Grace Sorby Like this: 1960’s | tiaharper1. The first one in green is my analysis , the one in the lists is evaluate and the paragraph is the justify . :) Cuban compromise | angelmcgregor. In my opinion I think the most successful course of action is to surrender to Cuban because if they continue the war they have started, innocent people would die and their belongings and resources they have could potentially be gone by one of Cubans attacks.

Although there are negative effects to this option such as the Americans feeling defeated because if they found out what Americans have done they could get angry because they didn’t get a say and they could feel defeated and start a riot on the streets and then continue the war. I think it is important to let your citizens know what is happening in their country. Another negative could be that Cuban could still have a plan to nuke America and continue this even if America surrenders. This can be a negative also because it could kill innocents. This option has positives which could involve their plan being successful by Cuban not retaliating and not attacking their country anymore and accepting that they have surrendered.

Like this: Social Studies 2015 | aquillalogan. Social studies 2015 | alexisblomfield. Nicolabridget | This site is the cat’s pajamas. Assessment | chewytofu. Social studies | brookeblackwellt. Socials assignment  | Maia Davis. Social studies | Monique's school blog. Jordyvitali | The greatest site in all the land! Social Studies Assessment | angelmcgregor. DAILY TIMES 8c Assassination of Kennedy John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States was assassinated on Friday, November 22nd 1963. He was shot with a sniper and during this time he was in a motor vehicle with his wife Jacqueline and Connally’s wife Nellie. There was an investigation that started in November 1963 and finished in September 1964. The result in this investigation was that Lee Harvey Oswald was charged with the murder of Kennedy. Kennedy had 4 children; Caroline Kennedy, John F Kennedy Jr, Patrick Bouvier Kennedy and Arabella Kennedy.

He made a big impact by joining the war with the fight against communism. Feminism Women were introduced to the contraceptive pill. Cuban Missile Crisis This situation became very close to blown nuclear holocaust. 1 – Us was the closest communist country 2 – A few months earlier, the US had placed nuclear capable missiles in Turkey, a capitalist extremely close to the USSR. Woodstock Woodstock was an music and art festival and.