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Opinion: five ways to guarantee women can speak up and speak out. Over years of working in government and in academia, I have been able to study the practical ways in which the most effective male leaders value, praise, and advance women every day in their professional lives.

Opinion: five ways to guarantee women can speak up and speak out

Here are the five outstanding techniques I have seen deployed: Sample the FT’s top stories for a week You select the topic, we deliver the news. 1 Always give a woman credit when she deserves it. In any meeting or discussion involving men and women, whenever a man makes a point ask yourself if he is repeating something a woman has already said. As every woman or man who already practises this habit knows, you will be astonished at how often the woman’s contribution is ignored until a man makes it. 2 Make sure all the women at the table have a chance to speak.

Three Problems with Top-Down Teams (and How to Fix Them) Giving Praise - Communications Skills Training From 100 Ways You Can Express Love as a Leader. Nonprofit Know-how: Giving Feedback. Feedback is an effective, but underused, way to develop your people and achieve your mission.

Nonprofit Know-how: Giving Feedback

“When nonprofits use feedback regularly and effectively, they strengthen the work of the organization,” says Shera Clark, manager of CCL’s nonprofit sector. “Plus, you don’t need extra funding or a formal system to engage in giving feedback.” Clark is author of a new book in CCL’s Ideas Into Action series, Feedback That Works for Nonprofit Organizations. “The key to effective feedback is the ability to create and deliver a specific message based on observed behaviors,” says Clark. The Leader-Coach: 3 Essential Steps That Make All the Difference... Sound Like a Leader With These 5 Simple Sentence Starters.

Can Your Employees Really Speak Freely? Chances are, your employees are withholding valuable intelligence from you.

Can Your Employees Really Speak Freely?

Maybe it’s about a project that’s gone off track or a manager who’s behaving badly. Or maybe they’re not sharing their thoughts on ways the business could grow its sales or improve operations. The Top Complaints from Employees About Their Leaders. If you’re the kind of boss who fails to make genuine connections with your direct reports, take heed: 91% of employees say communication issues can drag executives down, according to results from our new Interact/Harris Poll, which was conducted online with roughly 1,000 U.S. workers.

The Top Complaints from Employees About Their Leaders

In the survey, employees called out the kind of management offenses that point to a striking lack of emotional intelligence among business leaders, including micromanaging, bullying, narcissism, indecisiveness, and more. In rank order, the following were the top communication issues people said were preventing business leaders from being effective: The data shows that the vast majority of leaders are not engaging in crucial moments that could help employees see them as trustworthy.

This is startling, considering how much money organizations spend conducting employee surveys and reorganizations, engaging consultants and implementing change initiatives. Why Your Culture Problem Is About To Get Much Worse. 4 Ways Leaders Can Create a Candid Culture - Joseph Grenny. By Joseph Grenny | 8:00 AM July 8, 2014.

4 Ways Leaders Can Create a Candid Culture - Joseph Grenny

I JUST WISH MY BOSS WOULD TELL ME THANK YOU! How to Take Criticism Well - WSJ. Manage a Difficult Conversation with Emotional Intelligence - Susan David. By Susan David | 1:00 PM June 19, 2014 I once worked with a leader — we’ll call him Karl — who needed to have a difficult conversation with an underperforming (but key) team member.

Manage a Difficult Conversation with Emotional Intelligence - Susan David

The Best Way To Earn Workers' Trust: Pass-Along Email. Leaders, Are You Listening with Impact? 8 Things Truly Outstanding Leaders Do Without Thinking. 3 Keys to Empowered, Effective Employees. 10 Ways to Encourage Discouraged People. Leaders who lift get further than those who push down.

10 Ways to Encourage Discouraged People

Performance improves when people feel encouraged and declines when they lose hope. You don’t have to beat up high-performers – they do it to themselves – lift them instead. Image source All successful leaders fill people with hope. But, the added responsibility of encouraging others may discourage you, especially if you aren’t good at it. 10 Ways to encourage others: Encourage in private. Facebook contributors say leaders who encourage: Give people challenging assignments and check them periodically.Lead by example and practice what you preach.Communicate clearly and follow through.Recognize and reward progress. 8 Things Great Leaders Say in Times of Tumultuous Change. 5 Steps to a Life-Changing Culture of Thanks. Lead at your best. When we think of leadership, we often focus on the what: external characteristics, practices, behavior, and actions that exemplary leaders demonstrate as they take on complex and unprecedented challenges.

Lead at your best

The Most Overlooked Leadership Skill - Peter Bregman. Even before I released the disc, I knew it was a long shot.

The Most Overlooked Leadership Skill - Peter Bregman

And, unfortunately, it was a clumsy one too. We were playing Ultimate Frisbee, a game similar to U.S. football, and we were tied 14-14 with a time cap. The next point would win the game. I watched the disc fly over the heads of both teams. Everyone but me ran down the field. Sam was on my team. How Great Leaders Communicate.