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Employee Communications Channels

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We Forced Our Company To Communicate Only Through Snapchat. Snapchat was the first social network I was too old to understand.

We Forced Our Company To Communicate Only Through Snapchat

I joined Facebook as it first rolled out on campuses when I was in my junior year of college. I joined Twitter and Instagram in the very early days and even snagged my first name @gregory as my username on both. I scoffed at people who didn’t “get” these services. Then Snapchat came around. I downloaded it, but none of my friends were on it so I found it impossible to understand the appeal. Most people could afford to adopt new social networks less quickly as they get older, but the company I cofounded, Sawhorse Media, runs The Shorty Awards which honor the best of social media and Muck Rack, a SaaS solution for PR and journalism with social media at its heart.


As Communication Improves, Culture Improves, As Does The Bottom Line. What's the best employee communication channel? In today’s competitive market having the right employees doing the right jobs can make the difference between success and failure.

What's the best employee communication channel?

That’s why employee retention is a critical matter for HR professionals across the UK. Employee communications are an increasingly important vehicle for improving retention rate, especially when it comes to conveying the true value of benefits on offer. Offering the right employee benefits to your staff can significantly improve your ability to recruit and retain the best talent, but this only works if employees understand the range of benefits on offer to them and how they can make their lives easier.

Whilst some employees are satisfied with the benefits they have access to, many find they are confused about the offers and they report that they are not very confident that they have made the right decisions once they have made their benefits selections. Digital Shift : French companies need better internal communication. Perceptions and expectations regarding the shift to digital at French companies differ between Human Resources people and top management on the one side and the operational workforce on the other.

Digital Shift : French companies need better internal communication

In discussions about the shift to digital at companies, Digital is often portrayed as a bogeyman before whom management and employees alike tremble. Nevertheless the digital transition is a step that all firms will definitely have to go through, as implementing digital technologies at all levels of the organisation constitutes a real opportunity to boost competitiveness. In late 2014, Abilways Digital, which assists companies making the move to digital, teamed up with market research firm TNS Sofres to survey company employees on digital transformation at their organisations.

A total of 273 employees in France working for companies with over 200 staff were polled for the study – 108 HR staff and 165 operations staff. 10 internal communication ideas that cut through. Internal communication is a tricky game.

10 internal communication ideas that cut through

Often under resourced (and valued), it is prone to being considered an afterthought or a box that only needs to be checked. When you think about it, engaging staff can often be more challenging than engaging external audiences – this is because you have nowhere to hide. Like an intimate, long-term relationship, your employees have already seen you both falter and be fabulous. Your employees’ experience the workplace culture you create on a daily basis. Strategies to Strengthen Communication in Your Company. Healthy internal communication is central to the success of any company, whether the organization is a small startup or an established large enterprise.

Strategies to Strengthen Communication in Your Company

Like many aspects of successful business management, stellar company communication can take months or years to cultivate. 5 ways to improve your Company’s Internal Communication. Few companies succeed in the business world without regular communication.

5 ways to improve your Company’s Internal Communication

Sharing ideas, advice, and accomplishments is an important part of business. Systems should be in place from a company’s infancy, and modified along the way for improvements. Whether the communication is digital or interpersonal, it’s vital that employees feel comfortable sharing their progress and their problems. By encouraging conversation, employees are more successful and avoid more mistakes. Image via Flickr by Tim Patterson.

9 Tips for Improving Internal Communication. If your startup is a living organism, then internal communication is its nervous system and without it your startup may as well be on the way to its demise.

9 Tips for Improving Internal Communication

A startup should operate not as a corporation with a hierarchy, or a machine with parts which have predetermined functions. It should operate as a team where responsibilities and decision making is a lot more fluid, letting each member of the team do more. But for everyone to perform at their best, and together as a unit, unfettered communication is crucial.

Think of your startup as a living organism. Say for example, a mammal. Here are some tips to keep the nervous system in shape:

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Mobile vs Desktop Communication: What Do Your Employees Need More and Which is Most Effective? 6 Ways To Spruce Up Your Internal Communication. What do you do when a book or an article bore you?

6 Ways To Spruce Up Your Internal Communication

Let me guess – you put it away and move on to something else. That’s natural. That’s what people do. We don’t stick with something boring. Legendary advertising guru David Ogilvy once said: You cannot bore people into buying your product. Employees don’t think: “Oh, this is from my company so I’ll read every of the 3 473 words the internal comms department are publishing today.” No, they act the same at work as when they watching something boring on television at home. Why some stories “stick” and others die Chip and Dan Heath have written the book Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die about why a lie or an urban legend can get halfway around the world in no time, while people with important ideas – business people, teachers, politicians, journalists, and others – struggle to make their ideas or communication “stick”.

Heath & Heath say ideas that stick share the same traits and attributes: 1. Choosing the right communication channel: Version 2.0. Following on from our original Choosing the right communication channel tool, we take a look at some of the channels we may have missed in the table below.

Choosing the right communication channel: Version 2.0

SnapComms has devised this table to help you figure out what communication channel to use for your different IC campaigns. Use it in conjunction with our original tool for best results. Click on the table for a larger version. Master This Copywriting Formula to Dominate Any Social Media Platform. Avoid Communication Breakdowns in Your Office. By Karen Geier There are times when the communications in every office feel like the floor of the New York Stock Exchange – pandemonium.

Avoid Communication Breakdowns in Your Office

Unfortunately, most offices are guilty of some kind of communication dysfunction. For all of your company’s efforts to streamline budgets and increase efficiency, when was the last time your company reviewed the framework by which your teams communicate? Employee Satisfaction and Evangelism With Social Media. It is a well-documented fact that a happy employee is a productive employee. Since our economy shifted from being industrial to service-oriented, keeping your work force happy in the office has become an important aspect of company culture. Numerous studies have been conducted on the subject of increasing employee satisfaction as a function of a more favorable company culture. Moreover, most experts agree that a positive company culture encourages employees to think of the company as part of their identity. “[Corporate] culture isn’t just one aspect of the game, it is the game.” – Former Chairman and CEO of IBM, Lou Gerstner.

When a company’s and an employee’s identity become one and the same, the employee will want to promote the company – since, in effect, the employee is actually promoting him or herself. Social media has begun to play a ubiquitous role in every aspect of our lives, including our professional ones. Facebook. 4 Types of Internal Content You Need to Scale Internal Communication. The 4 Types of Employee Communication. Whether you’re an employee or an employer, communication in the office is something you experience first hand. By better understanding company-to-employee communication, you can actually help make your office more productive.

Five practices that are guaranteed to sink your workers’ efficiency: 5 Management Practices That Kill Employee Productivity This infographic breaks down all forms of employee communication into four basic groups. The core business communications (including news on the organization, progress status and employee objectives) are “The Right Information,” and the most important employee communications received from the top. Culture communications are the second most important type of communication in the office and basically consist of office rules and social communications. 5 Internal Communication Activities Your Boss Will Support. Ragan Communications reports that "Employee Engagement Is (A) Top Challenge For 2013": Executives don't agree with communicators that it's a top priority ("engagement didn't even make the list. ") In any large, complex organization, internal communication must normally go through many bureaucratic hoops to be approved.

Also, operational matters frequently crowd out what seem like "mushy" matters to executives. If you are eager to promote internal communication, but are finding it a daunting hassle, here are 5 tactics that I've used across three government agencies. 3 reasons to use Facebook groups as an internal communication channel. Published on June 19th, 2014 | by Lisa Harrison 1inShare Facebook Groups is an arrow in the Facebook quiver that can keep your employees on side and demonstrate true transparency to your staff. Why is transparency and trust important to your employees? Serena Software vice president of corporate communications Kyle Arteaga explains: “People entering the workforce now won’t work hard for you if they feel you’re holding back info.” Serena Software has been in business for 27 years and has roughly 800 employees across The States so managing staff is a huge task for the company. Every new communication technology is another option for how to send each message - Etpers Blog.

Are You Using Communication Tools Effectively? Nobody likes sifting through an overcrowded email inbox and deleting endless spam. We’ve all had that moment when we listen to a voicemail, hear a phone number, and race to find paper and pencil before our short term memeory forgets it. These days, we have more communication tools than we know what to do with. In our personal lives, these tools are fun. People love showing off the cool new features and apps on their smartphones.

4 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement with Internal Communication. Employee engagement seems like an ambiguous phrase. How Crowdsourcing Can Improve Internal Communication and Teamwork. CFO Communication Skills: The Importance of Informal Dialog, Listening. Ken Goldman is the CFO of Black Duck Software, an open source technology company which currently has about 165 employees.

Previously, Ken has served as CFO of seven other companies, including, a company that he took public in 2007, Lodestar Corporation, Student Advantage, and

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Selecting internal communication channels. Internal Social Media. Video. Intranet. Print. Employee Handbooks. Townhalls. Leader Communication. Enterprise Gamification. Blogs. Desktop Notification. Visual Communication. Screensaver Messaging. Company Desktop Wallpaper. Ambient advertising. The SnapComms Desktop Wallpaper Messaging tool allows you to publish messages onto targeted employee desktop backgrounds.

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