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Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi: Flow, the secret to happiness. Aliens Occupy the Earth in Neill Blomkamp's New Short Film, 'Rakka' - Creators. 7 Must-See Psychedelic Fantasy Films. Full Documentary 2014. The Best Science Documentaries on Netflix in May, Ranked. Sure, Netflix has a bevy of cheesy rom-coms, sexy capers, and superhero content.

The Best Science Documentaries on Netflix in May, Ranked

But, it can also boast a number of visually stunning science documentaries on everything from microbes to food to our personal favorite — space. Whether you need some fun facts for a cocktail party or have a dire need to debate with people on Facebook, these Netflix documentaries are sure to give you a solid dose of trivia, and then some. ANTARTICA - WHATS REALLY TAKING PLACE.. RUSSIA SPILLS THE BEANS & HOW DOES THIS TIE IN TO PROPHESY? Dr. Faraji & Dr. Issa: The Kushite, Egyptian & Ethiopic Origins Of The Hebrew Script And Cultrue. Secrets of Kabbalah - Documentary. Tetragrammaton - The Most Sacred Knowledge On Our Planet - Nassim Haremin. Dr. Jacques Vallee the Reality of UFOs. Samadhi Movie, 2017 - Part 1 - "Maya, the Illusion of the Self" Ray Kurzweil: A university for the coming singularity. 2029 : Singularity Year - Neil deGrasse Tyson & Ray Kurzweil. Top 10 Mind-Blowing Movies One Must See.

Source: | Original Post Date: August 7, 2013 – Here is a short list of the best movies that open your mind and alter your perception of reality. 1.

Top 10 Mind-Blowing Movies One Must See

“Fight Club” (1999) The film was based on the book of the same name by Chuck Palahnuik. It refers to a consumer society imposed on false values, the dependence of modern man on material things. 2. This is a story of a person who is subjected to physical and mental torture in a psychiatric clinic. 3. Complex and at the same time very interesting film. 4. The main characters of the movie (scientists) create a virtual reality model in which they are immersed one by one. 5. It is an incredible movie full of feelings and emotions, with an intricate, well thought out and beautiful story of love and eternal life. 6.

All this looks like a nightmare… The endless darkness of the streets that resemble mazes, constant pursuit and struggle… The city from which there is no escape. 7. 8. Jim Carrey in the lead role! New Movie-Length Video: The Antarctic Atlantis [MUST SEE!!] Dan Winter '09 Pt 3 - Magnetic Phase Conjugation & Fractal Fields. Steve Quayle-There Is Advanced Alien Technology Buried in Antarctica. Forbbiden Pictures Revealed Saudi Arabia Mt. Sinai. Anunnaki and Ancient Hidden Technology (MUST WATCH) Dan Winter '09 Pt 3 - Magnetic Phase Conjugation & Fractal Fields. Dan Winter- intro to (Priore) Implosion Science of Centripetal Conjugate Healing Plasma. YHWH Tetragrammaton A Gravity Generator. Graham Hancock:Arc of the Covenant, Solomon's Temple & Holy Grail - Brilliant !

Sacred Geometry with Dan Winter. The Secrets of Water, The Documentary of Viktor Schauberger "Comprehend and Copy Nature" How to activate your superhuman powers and project yourself across space and time and. Brief History of 'God':Serious ET Origin's of Earth-with Dan Winter. Hebrew/Torah is FRACTAL: The DNA of Creation - Rabbi Mordechai Kraft. Fractality - Science to the Soul. Implosion and new technologies - Dan Winter at COGNOS 2013. BioActive Fields and Spiritual Science with Dan Winter. Forbbiden Pictures Revealed Saudi Arabia Mt. Sinai. Neuroscientist And Buddhists Create New Theory, Stating “Consciousness is Everywhere” – Evolve + Ascend.

The Arrivals Part 00 (Intro) Malay Sub. Secrets of Kabbalah - Documentary. What lies under Antarctica will amaze you. The Book for the Final Generation. The Secrets Of Vibration 528hz) Hidden truths of sound! Law Of Attraction Part 1. 300+ Mind Expanding Documentaries. Source: | Original Post Date: January 12, 2014 – I watch a lot of documentaries.

300+ Mind Expanding Documentaries

I think they are incredible tools for learning and increasing our awareness of important issues. The power of an interesting documentary is that it can open our minds to new possibilities and deepen our understanding of the world. On this list of mind expanding documentaries you will find different viewpoints, controversial opinions and even contradictory ideas. Critical thinking is recommended. Watching documentaries is one of my favorite methods of self-education. I hope you find these documentaries as enlightening as I did! [1] Life In The Biosphere Explore the wonder and interconnectedness of the biosphere through the magic of technology. 1. . [2] Creativity and Design: Learn about all the amazing things that people create with their imaginations. 1. . [3] The Education Industrial Complex: The modern school where young minds are moulded into standardized citizens by the state. A Conversation about Cosmos, Brain and Reality. Aham Dravyasmi - Matter Ingredients Of The Visible Universe (Malayalam) Vaisakhan Thampi Part 1.

What the Universe Wants. Constructing Reality From Consciousness. CONSCIOUSNESS - A conversation with Deepak Chopra and Stuart Hameroff. Anunnaki - The Documentary. KYMATICA - FULL LENGTH MOVIE - Expand Your Consciousness!!! INDIAN MOVIES WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES. 9 Sci-Fi Movies That Will Profoundly Change Your Perspective On Life. Source: | Original Post Date: March 13, 2016 – Here is a list of some of the most influential and thought-provoking sci-fi movies of all time.

9 Sci-Fi Movies That Will Profoundly Change Your Perspective On Life

They will certainly rock your world and make you question your way of thinking and believing in what is possible. These sci-fi movies had a great impact on me the first time I watched them and, to be honest, I’ve re-watched them several times in a state of awe. They will surely have the same effect on you too and influence you to develop a different perspective on the way you observe life and the very foundations of reality. 1. A space freighter ship “Nostromo” is coming back to Earth packed with 20 million metric tons of mineral ore. 2. Dystopian future portrayed in a most disturbing Kubrick directed manner. Aquarius - The Age of Evil (Full Movie) Bruce Lipton □ ADN d'activation biologie Croyance Epigénétique □ esprit et la matière se rencontrent. Time Travel - What Our Government Knows & Hides [Documentary] 2016.

ORIGINS OF MAN ON EARTH - THE REAL TRUTH. ANTARCTICA SECRETS "Beneath the Ice" 2016 (Full Documentary HD) 720p. Antarctica top secrets exposed - Can you handle the truth? Time Travel - What Our Government Knows & Hides [Documentary] 2016. If this doesn't open your eyes nothing will. END OF THE U.S. CORRUPT SYSTEM - What are the Reasons? ( Full Documentary)