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Dinosaur 13 Film Site. Microtopia documentary explores tiny houses, micro-dwellings, off-grid and minimalist living. Tiny houses are a popular topic here on TreeHugger, and with good reason. Many of us live in houses that are way too big for our needs, and which cause us to commit a large portion of our money and resources to simply maintaining the status quo. Downsizing to a tiny house can be a way of living more sustainably, with less stress on our finances and on the environment, and help us to pare down our lifestyle to something more appropriate and focused on the essentials, instead of accumulating more stuff that can end up weighing us down.

The trend of wanting to make the move to smaller houses, tiny houses, portable houses, and to live with less stuff, isn't unique to the tiny house crowd, and this documentary features some of the leading thinkers and designers of that movement, including tiny house pioneer Jay Shafer. Microtopia is currently only available as a video-on-demand rental from Vimeo, at the cost of $3.99. ‎ Store. Storytellers Media Group - Visual Content for Converging Media. Storytellers Media Group - Visual Content for Converging Media. The Big Uneasy | A Film by Harry Shearer. Scarlet Road. Documentaries. 6. The documentary → TASTE THE WASTE. Ein Film von Valentin Thurn 50 Prozent aller Lebensmittel werden weggeworfen: Jeder zweite Kopfsalat, jede zweite Kartoffel und jedes fünfte Brot. Das meiste davon endet im Müll, bevor es überhaupt den Verbraucher erreicht. Und fast niemand kennt das Ausmaß der Verschwendung. Wer macht aus Essen Müll? Der Film findet Antworten bei Bauern, Supermarkt-Direktoren, Müllarbeitern und Köchen.

Essen wegzuwerfen findet niemand gut — „weil andere nichts zu essen haben“, sagen die Jüngeren und die Älteren erinnern sich noch an den Hunger im Krieg: „Da waren wir um jeden Kanten Brot froh.“ Aber wir alle machen mit beim großen Ex und Hopp! Valentin Thurn hat die Wirklichkeit in unseren Mülltonnen aufgespürt. Was er findet ist ein System, an dem wir uns alle beteiligen: Supermärkte bieten durchgehend die ganze Warenpalette an. Die Folgen reichen weit, denn die Auswirkungen auf das Weltklima sind verheerend. Kleine Schritte, die eine große Chance bedeuten. A film by Valentin Thurn. PROJECT WILD THING: A feature-length documentary by David Bond & Ashley Jones. What will happen if we raise a generation of children completely out of touch with nature?

Filmmaker David Bond thinks Mother Nature needs a helping hand. His children are fascinated by screens but are strangers to the natural world. Childhood is different to when he grew up - so many distractions compete for children’s time and attention. David appoints himself the Marketing Director for Nature and, with the help of marketing experts, he sets out to convince apathetic consumers, and his family, of the benefits of this amazing, free, wonder product. His journey takes him across the world as he attempts to untangle the complex web of agendas, fears, policies and habits that disconnect him and his family from the natural environment.

Project Wild Thing finds hilarity, joy and absurdity in the choices we face as 21st Century humans. Project Wild Thing is an ambitious, feature-length, stunt documentary for international theatrical, TV, film festivals and public screenings. @wearewildthing. ‘Payback’ Documentary, Based on Margaret Atwood’s Book. A glance at the headlines from Europe, the news from Washington or this month’s bills will confirm that we live in an age of debt. Debt, a concept at once straightforward and almost metaphysically complex, is a source of personal, national and global anxiety, and forms a link between the individual and the worldwide economic system. More About This Movie Mark Blinch/Reuters The writer Margaret Atwood, whose book inspired the film. It also extends far beyond the domain of money, into the realms of psychology, morality and religion. “We owe God a death,” says Feeble in “Henry IV, Part 2,” and in the meantime what we owe ourselves, our friends, our children, our country and our species is beyond counting.

Jennifer Baichwal’s documentary, also titled and inspired by Ms. With Ms. The testimony is often fascinating, and the stories are gripping, in particular the grim Albanian situation, a land dispute between neighbors bound up in a deep and ancient code of honor and vengeance. Payback. ‘Last Call at the Oasis,’ a Documentary About Water Supplies - Jay Famiglietti, one of a handful of expert witnesses in Jessica Yu’s “Last Call at the Oasis,” is a thoughtful scientist with an engaging manner who specializes in water. In particular, he studies — and tries to raise public awareness about — the rapid depletion of water supplies caused by agricultural overuse, rampant development and global .

His analyses are thorough and clear, and he presents them, at public meetings and straight to Ms. Yu’s camera, with good-natured patience. For the most part, that is. At one point, contemplating a future of unchecked consumption and political paralysis, he sums it all up in blunt layman’s terms: “We’re screwed.” More About This Movie Art Takes Over Erin Brockovich, who investigates cases in which industries have polluted water. That might serve as an alternative name for Ms. Ms. Dr. In addition to scarcity, there is contamination. “Last Call at the Oasis” is rated PG-13 (Parents strongly cautioned). Last Call at the Oasis. Is College Worth It? New Doc "Ivory Tower" Tackles Higher Ed’s Unsustainable Spending, Student Debt.

| HOT COFFEE, a documentary feature film. Float Nation. Float Nation. Float Nation by Jory Piglowski & Carl Jessee. *** Due to the massive generosity of everyone who has donated and spread the word about this page, we were able to exceed our Kickstarter goal in less than three days! We hope to far exceed our goal to help us fund some essential equipment purchase/rental expenses to make this documentary.

Please keep spreading this page to everyone you know who may be interested in supporting us! Thanks! *** We’re here to fund our transportation expenses for the production of Float Nation, which will be a full-length documentary delving into the little-known world of flotation therapy/Flotation Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique (REST). Check out for more info! We’re going to be traveling across the country (and potentially abroad) to speak with and interview a myriad of people in the flotation community and document our experiences to produce a full-length documentary in order to bring floating to the masses.

Jory Carl I've been interested in float tanks for about 4 years. Kickstarter. Links to press about Whitelandia: TEDx Talk with Whitelandia producers Matt Zodrow and Tracy MacDonald Article about Whitelandia in The Portland Observer Article about Whitelandia Kickstarter Campaign in The Portland Observer Interview with Matt Zodrow on KBOO FM 90.7 Article about TEDx Talk on Portland Mercury Blogtown Street Roots Newspaper Greetings from producers, Tracy MacDonald and Matt Zodrow...and thank you for your interest in this project... The story of Oregon's relationship with Black Americans is complex to say the least. Today, contrary to its progressive reputation, Oregon is rated as "low" on the census map of U.S. diversity, ranking closely with states such as Kansas, Missouri, and Utah. How did we get here? This is a picture of us with our three children, Esme, Ella, and Salvador. 14 years ago, we bought a house in this historically Black neighborhood.

For our family...this could be described as an inconvenience. Cargo Bike Documentary. LESS CAR MORE GO: the cargo bike documentary by Liz Canning. The tireless LESS CAR MORE GO Co-Directors have emboldened me to post... There's been talk for a while about how effective it would be to have aerial footage of cyclists in motion for LESS CAR MORE GO.

We could make that happen with a GoPro camera mounted on a flying drone, such as the GoPro HERO3: Silver Edition Camera & Phantom Quadcopter with GoPro Mount Kit. We would also need--at lease initially--to hire an operator to make sure we captured what we desired and learned how to best use it. The equipment could be shared amongst Co-Directors within certain limits and always under the watch of a trained operator. Watch the amazing things it can do here. What do you say? Think you can get 10 friends to donate $1? This could not only transform a family life, but put a spotlight on the practical benefits of cargo bikes we all know so well. Furthermore, the collectively illustrated story of the cargo bike boom will be framed by the parallel story of the synergistic LESS CAR MORE GO project.

Movies - Inequality for All. Movies - Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry. Movies - Andre Gregory: Before and After Dinner. Movies - TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away from Keyboard. Movies - The Organic Life. Movies - The Arrested Development Documentary Project. Hotline Documentary. Most Interesting Documentaries. DocuWiki. My God, I'm Hit! (2011. Luke's Change: an Inside Job. JFK Documentary Wins An Indie Award. JFK Documentary Wins An Indie Award Brian Andersen: From The Diagonal Media's JFK Documentary Wins an Indie Award For Immediate Release ROYAL PALM BEACH, Fla. /EWORLDWIRE/Sept 1, 2011 --- The Indie has recognized and honored the JFK documentary "My God, I'm Hit! ". "'My God, I'm Hit! ' Andersen, an inventor and scientist from Royal Palm Beach, Fla., released the DVD version of "My God, I'm Hit! " "The United States government via the Warren Commission and other official investigations and the well-meaning but mistaken conspiracy theorists provide only two contradicting scenarios regarding what really happened on Elm Street," stated Andersen.

Andersen desires open discussions and debates regarding the findings and conclusions made in his documentary. "Unlike JFK's limousine that rolled down Elm Street in Dallas on November 22, 1963, it does seem the scientific and factual evidence in 'My God, I'm Hit! ' "'My God, I'm Hit! ' Winning an Indie is no small matter.

I absolutely love it. Navigation. Netflix makes push into documentaries. NEW YORK (AP) — Netflix is making a push into documentaries, with the subscription service announcing deals on Thursday to premiere four new films in the next few months. Netflix has always made non-fiction films available to subscribers, but until recently they have been projects initially made for theatrical release or on television networks. Netflix said it now wants filmmakers to make their work specifically for the service, or use Netflix to offer the first wide distribution. The first of the four new films to be released will be "Battered Bastards of Baseball," about a defunct minor league baseball team. It will premiere on Netflix on July 11. "Mission Blue," a documentary about marine biologist Sylvia Earle and her campaign to create a network of protected marine sanctuaries, is set for Aug. 15.

Lisa Nishimura, head of Netflix's documentary unit, said the service is intentionally trying to present films on a wide variety of topics.