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Board Game about Principles of Democracy and Politics - Garcia, Orlando David The present invention relates generally to board games, and more particularly to an educational and entertaining board game for teaching principles of democracy and politics and providing an overview of fundamental factors that interact in a democratic society. Political strategy games and presidential election games are known in the art. Generally, these games are electronic games with a complex internal model that may represent the population of specific states or countries; these games are directed toward young adults with specific interest in politics, making them unsuitable for younger students. Due to the complexity of these games they fail to engage players in a manner that focus on the basic principles of democracy, thus failing to make the understanding and retention of such principles both easy and entertaining. The game rewards attitudes compatible with democratic principles and values and penalizes those amply perceived as anti-democratic.

A Language for the Future Editor’s note: In this article Pella Thiel introduces us to the Common Cause report and related psychology and linguistics research on how values work. This research shows that the way we talk about the issues we care about is, in fact, very important. A version of this article was originally published in the Swedish magazine effect, nr 1 2013. The “value” of solar panels Finally putting up solar panels on our house last year rendered a lot of questions on numbers. Pier Luigi Ighina: l’uomo delle nuvole As long as the human being ’ will use the money as absolute power, people like Pier Luigi Ighino will be mocked and discreditate. Ighino admits that many countries would not his drive to solve the problem of drought. Until proven guilty, When a person demonstrates the veracity of the claims, the scientific community is obliged to investigate and carry out more detailed studies for the benefit of all. As long as multinationals will have the power to decide on the lives of others there will never be equality. The things said in this video lead me to think that the ’ often being human doesn't deserve to live although there are people filled with goodness.

One Community Partners ~ Working Together for a Better Future One Community seeks to create and strengthen win-win relationships with other forward-thinking people and organizations throughout the world. Our purpose is to work with those who agree with our four-phase global change strategy and desire to help us in our mission to demonstrate and open source free-share all that we do to provide non-profit leadership and a blueprint for global living for The Highest Good of All . The like-minded individuals and organizations below are the people we are working with now, and will proudly refer everyone to in the future, as our model continues to evolve and expand globally .

The RBE10K Project - The Crowdsourced Resource-Based Economy Knowledgebase RBE10K (R-B-E-10-1000 or /ˈɑrˈbiːˈiː/ /ˈtɛnˈθaʊzənd/) is a minimalist (simple living) or eco-communalist experiment project seeking to implement the a basic Resource-Based Economic Model (RBEM) system. The experiment is being planned and prepared through this Wiki and other tools since 1st January 2013, and will run for two years, 2015-2016, involving 10,000 volunteers in a yet to-be-determined location, with a main objective of trialling a real world RBEM, i.e. a social arrangement engineered to satisfy premises of sustainability, equality, liberty, health, and access to the necessities of life without using money, trade, or authority or privilege systems. This wiki is a work in progress, and it is currently in very early stages of development, with little information and almost no planning started. For more information see the Frequently Answered Questions page. [edit] Objectives of the RBE10K Project

'How on Earth?' - A Book for a New Economy Thanks to incredible generosity and support, we made our goal! If you've only just discovered this project and would like to contribute and/or grab a copy of the book, please visit: and/or contact us via: We're happy to honour any of the listed 'perks'. What on Earth is this project? At the Post Growth Institute, we are writing a book: How on Earth?

pirate-politics - An open-source framework for political organizing. Pirate-Politics is a software platform designed to act as an infrastructural lattice around which the social network of a modern political organization can be built. Pirate Politics will be: A system through which users will be able to deliberate over and decide upon a cohesive set of objectives for the organization (adaptive platform) A system that will enable users to actively organize and grow the organization in the real world, and influence and win elections (electioneering system) A showcase of innovative computer learning and collective intelligence techniques that are designed to facilitate direct democracy and consensus decision making within a very large social network. Objectives Broad Use: Although the system is targeted for adoption by independent groups, it should be packaged for deployment by any political organization that could benefit by using it, including political parties and grassroots organizations. Documentation

Supportive Ecosystem - With such a broad array of activity taking place in the emerging Fourth Sector, why is this sector not thriving yet? This is mainly because there are powerful institutional and structural impediments to the change that is occurring. In order to accelerate the development of the Fourth Sector, a robust ecosystem of support services and infrastructure is required that is tailored to the particular needs of Fourth Sector organizations. The scope of this undertaking is considerable. Fourth Sector organizations challenge conventional thinking about capital markets, legal and regulatory constructs, metrics, ownership, leadership, and more. New instruments, new institutions, and not least of all new understandings are required.

10 Signs We Live in a False Economy It’s time to admit that we live in a false economy. Smoke and mirrors are used to make us believe the economy is real, but it’s all an elaborate illusion. Out of one side of the establishment’s mouth we hear excitement about “green shoots”, and out of the other side comes breathless warnings of fiscal cliffs and the urgent need for unlimited bailouts by the Fed. We hear the people begging for jobs and the politicians promising them, but politicians can’t create jobs. We see people camped out to buy stuff on Black Friday indicating the consumer economy is seemingly thriving, only to find out everything was bought on credit.

The Emerging Fourth Sector - The Three Traditional Sectors Businesses create and distribute goods and services that enhance our quality of life, promote growth, and generate prosperity. They spur innovation, reward entrepreneurial effort, provide a return on investment and constantly improve their performance responding to market feedbacks. They draw on the skills, effort and ingenuity of individual workers, and share with them the economic value created by the enterprise. Non-profit organizations give us ways to celebrate, build and protect the many human values that give rise to healthy, thriving communities. They have worked to ensure that all people have adequate necessities of life, including clean air, water, food and shelter; an equitable share of wealth and resources; and opportunity to develop their full physical, mental and spiritual potential.

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