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Pole Dance

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Twisted Grip Lift Tutorial - Pole Fitness Trick. Comment se faire la parfaite séance de pole practice ? Rien de plus frustrant que quand tu as enfin ton créneau seul(e) avec ta pole et que tu sais pas quoi faire … Pour éviter cet horrible sensation de gâchis, voici mes petits trucs et astuces : Avant le practice : – Préparez sur une feuille ou un petit carnet 3 listes : 1.

Comment se faire la parfaite séance de pole practice ?

Une liste détaillée des combos à travailler (5 pour une heure de practice environs) 2. Une liste de tricks déjà vu à re-travailler (3 pour une heure) 3. Une liste de tricks à tester (3 pour une heure) – Préparez de quoi se filmer : pensez à charger votre caméra à bloc et à vider la mémoire – Préparez une playlist Après le practice : – À tête reposée (à la maison, douché(e), nourri(e), en pyjama, … ) : regardez vos vidéos, triez, notez vos + et vos – , – Ne partagez pas tout d’un coup sur Facebook et instagram : 2 vidéos par jour environs (les courtes sur Facebook et insta, les longues sur youtube). How Improve Your Back Flexibility in 5 simple steps. Recently, I asked a few of my pole dancer friends what their flexibility goals were and almost all of them responded: Arches!

How Improve Your Back Flexibility in 5 simple steps

Improved arch flexibility is my pole wish too and I constantly wonder: why wasn’t I born with a contortionist’s body? I have good flexibility in my legs, my splits are perfect, but my back seems to be made of stone. So, last year I decided that I was going to work on my arch. My goal is to someday be able to do the needle split, even if it takes me decades to achieve it. Bad Kitty® Brand Ambassador Amy Hazel in a Needle Bad Kitty® Brand Ambassador Amy Hazel I decided that since nature didn’t give me a flexible back, I would make it flexible myself.

How did I do it? After you feel warmed up (preferably almost sweating) it’s time to stretch: Start with a cobra: Lay on your belly and slowly push the ground away with your hands. Kneel and lay your chest (and only your chest) on the floor. Sit on your knees once again and reach out for your ankles. Ermelinda Maglione. Pole Dance Dictionary. Guide des tailles Chaussures - Pole Dance - OLGA KODA - 2014 Exotic Pole Dance. Achetez votre barre et DVD de pole dance. Pole Dance Tutorial ► Twisted Grip Aysha. Contemporary Pole Movement (Single DVD) - Complete Pole. Level: Beginner to Advanced Be the Dancer and the Poler!

Contemporary Pole Movement (Single DVD) - Complete Pole

Train with the US National Pole Dance Champion. This DVD will give dancers and non dancers the building blocks they need to incorporate Jazz, Ballet and other dance techniques into their pole work. Learn how to use these techniques to create transitions and movement around the pole. About Sergia Louise Anderson. 16 Pole Dance and Pole Fitness Active Wear Brands to Know. Most polers attend their first pole dance or pole fitness class with whatever gym appropriate outfit they have in their closet.

16 Pole Dance and Pole Fitness Active Wear Brands to Know

Maybe yoga pants, a comfy tshirt and a sports bra. After about class three, it becomes apparent that having the right pole wear is an essential part of being a poler. The free PDC (Pole Dance Community) syllabus. Carnet des progression. Voici mon bon plan du jour!!

Carnet des progression

Sur le forum de Pole Dance Fever, Galadrielle, une pole addict, a créé un carnet des progression. Elle s’est basée sur le site de Pole Dance Community. Il est très bien fait. Vous y trouverez tous les noms des figures proposées sur le syllabus. Et en cas de doute, il vous suffit de consulter le site. La discussion sur le forum Le document WordPress: J'aime chargement… Pole Bible, le livre de référence de Pole Dance. Dernièrement, j’ai découvert les livres Pole Bible.

Pole Bible, le livre de référence de Pole Dance

Le titre a tout de suite titillé ma curiosité. Ces livres sont-ils justes des images? Ou au contraire sont-ils un support précieux pour apprendre la Pole Dance? C’est quoi les livres Spin City Pole Bible? Dans les livres Spin City Pole Bible vous y trouverez plusieurs informations. Pole Dance Dictionary. Karo Swen - Pole Dance - Artwork 1 Tha Trickaz. Pole Dance Community. Responding to your feedback, we are pleased to present a more structured, user friendly layout for this, the updated 2013 edition.

Pole Dance Community

This new and larger edition is laid out in levels and has an alphabetical contents section with cross referenced AKAs, so you can always quickly find the move you are looking for. We have also increased the image sizes so you can more easily see and understand the techniques. now over 400 pages new techniques and classifications bigger photographs searchable contents section Even bigger, even better. Love the Book x This is the collaborative work of over 250 PDC Approved pole dancing instructors who have submitted their pole dancing tricks, spins and combinations to the constantly evolving PDC Syllabus. Featuring over 3000 images we hope this will help both students and instructors to understand and breakdown the techniques. Our members have also added their AKA's so each move has a most commonly used name as well as other names currently in use.