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Folk Dance

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Oxfordshire Folk Dance Association. The Round. Webfeet : English Ceilidh, English Country, Barn Dance, French and Breton dance information. Klug Double Top 30 Sliding Door System - Track - 3000mm. Irish Set Dancing. Irish Set Dancing Glossary. Rick Mohr. Roy Dommett's cine films (silent!) Upload Subscription preferences Loading...

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Working... MFnotation ► Play all Roy Dommett's cine films (silent!) By MFnotation 48 videos 23 views Updated yesterday Play all Sign in to YouTube Sign in History Sign in to add this to Watch Later Add to Loading playlists... Webfeet : English Ceilidh, English Country, Barn Dance, French and Breton dance information. Elements of English Country Dance. By Hugh Stewart ( The caveat Firstly a caveat.

Elements of English Country Dance

Students are used to the concept of exams where they have to supply a `right' answer to a given question. Folk dances usually have several `right' answers depending on such things as what sort of music the band play, what sort of people are dancing the dance, your fancy at the time and what the phase of the moon is. My intention here is to provide assorted `right' answers, but if anyone dares to quote these notes at you and claim that you are doing it wrongly because you are doing something different, then agree politely with him (so he goes away happy), but otherwise ignore him.

Definitions from Elements of English Country Dance You can buy your very own copy, complete with introductory material and pretty pictures Allemande Allemande is a Square Dance term for a turn, so Allemande left your corner translates into turn your corner with the left hand. Arming Back to Back (do-si-do) Balance Back Ring What it says. Basket Cast Gipsy. Notation of basic easy simple country dances. english folk dances, country dance moves and actions,

DANCES INCLUDED BELOW (click on the name to go straight to it.)

notation of basic easy simple country dances. english folk dances, country dance moves and actions,

Apfelstrudl Waltz. all SIT round tables holding hands.Barnaby a bit of fun ; more of a game than a dance.the Big Corral. a couple dance, ending like a circle. Bridge of Athlone, another easy five couple dance.Circassian Circle an extremely easy circle danceCumberland Square Eight an easy square dance, Sides copy the Tops.Festival Circle a very easy dance with only two moves.Gay Gordons. not English, but we all need to learn it.I Want to be Near You. A simple square dancethe Love Knot four-couples in a line.the Snowball a very easy dance for five couples in a lineSicilian Circle. couple face couple all round the roomStar Trek four couples in a line, and rather clever.Swedish Masquerade. couple following couple all round the roomThree around Three. just three gents face three ladies.Waves of Tory. two long lines, facing partners, for marching round.

Ceilidh Dance instructions. This is a collection of ceilidh dances I know, saying how to dance them and what music they need.

Ceilidh Dance instructions

This is by no means exhaustive yet, but I welcome suggestions, comments and further tips. Just drop me a mail at I explain some of the terminology below. At the moment I have the following dances: You may also like to try the following dances: Musicians Notes for musicians wanting guidance on what to play. In general, the dancers continue until the band take pity, but if not specified, a good length for the 16-bar dances is probably 4-6 times 32 bars (i.e. 8-12 times through the dance); for 32-bar dances like The Dashing White Sergeant, Pride of Erin, Circassian Circle, Lucky Seven it would be 6-8 times through; for set dances like Strip the Willow, continue until the original couple is back to the top (should be roughly 8x32 for a 4-couple set).

Barn Dances: Home. English Barn, Country, Folk and Ceilidh Dance Collection. English Folk Dance. Webfeet: English Folk Dance index The English Folk dance index; convering English Country Dancing, Folk Dancing, Social Dancing and so on....

English Folk Dance

There are many names or descriptions for this style of dance... Index of English Folk Dance or Barn Dance Bands and CallersIndex of English Ceilidh BandsFolk dance and Ceilidh Events and clubs - dance series and one-off'sTrack listing and samples - biased towards English Ceilidh Bands at the moment FAQ's covering: You can search the webfeet site and neighbouring pages for bands and dances: What's on?

And Tony Kelly's Set and Turn Single site [Facebook] EFDSS The English Folk Dance and Song Society Resources Schools and Teaching Resources Collections Dance Descriptions Andrew Swaine's Getting started notes.. English Barn, Country, Folk and Ceilidh Dance Collection.