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Comey and the End of Conversation - The Automatic Earth. Ray K.

Comey and the End of Conversation - The Automatic Earth

Metzker Philadelphia 1962 You might have thought, and hoped, that recent events, such as the election of Trump as president of the US, or Brexit, or the rise of Marine Le Pen and other non-establishment forces in Europe, would, as a matter of -natural- course, have led to increased conversation and discussion between parties, entities, whose divisions were material in sparking these events. LesConvivialistes - Accueil. (10) Et maintenant ? Déjà au lendemain du premier tour de l’élection présidentielle on comprenait bien les raisons pour lesquelles l’offre politique proposée à nos suffrages, celle des gagnants comme celle des perdants, s’avérait dramatiquement insuffisante.

(10) Et maintenant ?

Cette incapacité des programmes politiques à identifier les défis cruciaux de notre temps et à y proposer des remèdes plausibles n’est bien sûr pas propre uniquement à la France. Il est d’ailleurs possible, avec l’élection d’Emmanuel Macron, que nous nous en tirions plutôt moins mal que nombre de pays comparables, les Etats-Unis, la Grande-Bretagne, l’Italie ou l’Espagne, par exemple. Reste qu’aucun des candidats n’a su nommer et dire comment affronter l’ensemble des problèmes colossaux (de l’environnement jusqu’à la dette mondiale…), qui se posent à nous, en les saisissant dans leur cohérence systémique et dans leur interdépendance (1). Tous ces problèmes sont en réalité bien connus et énoncés par un peu tout le monde. De l’idéal de la Nation. Odd Ancient South African Human “Ancestor” Is Young. You’ve heard of Homo naledi, the strange “human ancestor” (really, a cousin) found a while back in South Africa.

Odd Ancient South African Human “Ancestor” Is Young

There were many skeletal remains in a cave, in the kind of shape you’d expect if they had crawled into the cave and died there, not much disturbed. The great climate silence: we are on the edge of the abyss but we ignore it. After 200,000 years of modern humans on a 4.5 billion-year-old Earth, we have arrived at new point in history: the Anthropocene.

The great climate silence: we are on the edge of the abyss but we ignore it

The change has come upon us with disorienting speed. It is the kind of shift that typically takes two or three or four generations to sink in. Our best scientists tell us insistently that a calamity is unfolding, that the life-support systems of the Earth are being damaged in ways that threaten our survival. Yet in the face of these facts we carry on as usual. Aristotle, Nagarjuna and the Law of Non-Contradiction in Buddhist Philosophy. By Peter G.

Aristotle, Nagarjuna and the Law of Non-Contradiction in Buddhist Philosophy

Jones Life, they urge, would be intolerable if men were to be guided in all they did by reason and reason only. The great British Brexit robbery: how our democracy was hijacked. “The connectivity that is the heart of globalisation can be exploited by states with hostile intent to further their aims.[…] The risks at stake are profound and represent a fundamental threat to our sovereignty.”

The great British Brexit robbery: how our democracy was hijacked

Alex Younger, head of MI6, December, 2016. The great British Brexit robbery: how our democracy was hijacked. Why Anti-Authoritarians are Diagnosed as Mentally Ill. (Note: Read Bruce Levine’s latest post: Anti-Authoritarians and Schizophrenia: Do Rebels Who Defy Treatment Do Better? In my career as a psychologist, I have talked with hundreds of people previously diagnosed by other professionals with oppositional defiant disorder, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, anxiety disorder and other psychiatric illnesses, and I am struck by (1) how many of those diagnosed are essentially anti-authoritarians, and (2) how those professionals who have diagnosed them are not.

Anti-authoritarians question whether an authority is a legitimate one before taking that authority seriously. Evaluating the legitimacy of authorities includes assessing whether or not authorities actually know what they are talking about, are honest, and care about those people who are respecting their authority. Some activists lament how few anti-authoritarians there appear to be in the United States.

Why Mental Health Professionals Diagnose Anti-Authoritarians with Mental Illness. RIDING THE BOMB. We are “THE WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION” Our economy is underwritten by war, weapons and killing.


We don’t want to know what is happening in our name, with our tax money, sustaining our lifestyle. The question is not simply who benefits from the end result of the wars but from the total action of the wars. Taboo - The East India Company and The True Horrors of Empire. Scott Free Prods/Robert Viglasky By Andrea Major / May 1, 2017.

Taboo - The East India Company and The True Horrors of Empire

You're not going to believe what I'm about to tell you. Comics Blog Books Shop.

You're not going to believe what I'm about to tell you

The Global Famine Begins: UN Announces That The Worst Food Crisis Since World War II Is Happening Right Now. By Michael Snyder, on March 19th, 2017 We always knew that this would start happening.

The Global Famine Begins: UN Announces That The Worst Food Crisis Since World War II Is Happening Right Now

Earlier this month, I wrote about the severe economic problems that are plaguing South America, but up to this point I have neglected to discuss the horrific famines that are breaking out all over Africa. Right now there is a desperate need for food in South Sudan, Somalia, northeast Nigeria, Eritrea and Kenya. Limits to Economic Growth? - Resilience. Circulareconomy madeinitaly. Eklipse. EKLIPSE has just published the report from its first request from policy makers for synthesizing available knowledge. The resulting report Nature-based solutions to promote climate resilience in urban areas – developing an impact evaluation framework is now available online. This report is the outcome of a request from the European Commission DG Research and Innovation to develop an assessment framework to evaluate the multiple benefits, disservices, trade-offs and synergies of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS).

Feudalism and the “Algorithmic Economy” – Basic income – Medium. For the sake of this essay, feudal economic models imply the idea that a very tiny segment of the society is fantastically rich while the bulk of society works hard, has few choices about the work they do, and tend to be poorly compensated for their efforts. Effetto Risorse: Perché l'energia nucleare non è un'alternativa ai combustibili fossili. Di Alice FriedmannDa “Energy skeptic”. Life in a 'degrowth' economy, and why you might actually enjoy it. What does genuine economic progress look like? The orthodox answer is that a bigger economy is always better, but this idea is increasingly strained by the knowledge that, on a finite planet, the economy can’t grow for ever. This week’s Addicted to Growth conference in Sydney is exploring how to move beyond growth economics and towards a “steady-state” economy.

Life in a ‘degrowth’ economy, and why you might actually enjoy it. Samuel Alexander, University of Melbourne What does genuine economic progress look like? Richard Heinberg: "Since government and the economics profession are largely abdicating leadership, civil society must step forward to lead." Interviews Published on April 20th, 2017 | by The Beam April 20th, 2017 by The Beam The Beam interview series, edition 33: Richard Heinberg CleanTechnica keeps on publishing some of The Beam interviews and opinion pieces twice a week. La « grande accélération » du système terrestre, par Cécile Marin (Le Monde diplomatique, décembre 2015) Coltivare funghi in casa e in giardino: Pastorizzare ed inoculare la paglia. Come già accennato, la paglia costituisce una delle materie prime fondamentali per ogni coltivatore. How a Melting Arctic Changes Everything. Sea ice, by definition, is already in the water and therefore doesn't add to rising ocean levels as it dissolves.

Humans on the verge of causing Earth’s fastest climate change in 50m years. A new study published in Nature Communications looks at changes in solar activity and carbon dioxide levels over the past 420 million years. The authors found that on our current path, by mid-century humans will be causing the fastest climate change in approximately 50 million years, and if we burn all available fossil fuels, we’ll cause the fastest change in the entire 420 million year record. Think Resilience: Chapter 1 - Introduction. Confounding Collapse – Albert Bates – Medium. What the US Aristocracy Are Demanding. American energy use, in one diagram. Joules, BTUs, Quads—Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off. Monsanto Is Scrambling To Bury This Breaking Story - Don't Let This Go Unshared! Why 2020 is a critical milestone for a climate-safe world.

Predicting the next global meltdown. Civilization is Inherently Unsustainable. THE ULTIMATE ROLLER COASTER RIDE: A Brief History of Fossil Fuels Post Carbon Institute. SAGE Journals: Your gateway to world-class journal research. There's Now a Mathematical Equation Showing How Fast Humans Are Wrecking Earth. Atmospheric CO2 levels accelerate upwards, smashing records. The Oil Crash: Un aumento de producción “autoportante”

Is 100% renewable energy realistic? Here’s what we know. A beginner’s guide to the debate over 100% renewable energy. Carbon Brief » Clear on climate. The Smokestacks Come Tumbling Down – The Nearly Now. Introduction à la collapsologie : Déclin ou effondrement ? - Par Grégoire Chambaz ~ Adrastia. A Nation of the Walking Dead. Great Acceleration - IGBP. Neoliberalism Is Killing Us: Economic Stress as a Driver of Global Depression and Suicide.

Final Warning Limits to Growth. Oilcrash Italia: Il ritiro degli ambientalisti. Los escenarios peligrosos: Argelia. Why Being Realistic Feels Like Doomsday Thinking – Rally Point Journal – Medium. La transizione che non vediamo. Scientists made a detailed “roadmap” for meeting the Paris climate goals. It’s eye-opening. Risorse Economia Ambiente. Why This Market Needs To Crash. Businessinsider. Free Fall – Kenn Orphan. Have We Been Denying Our Human Nature for Four Hundred Years? The End of the World: Progressing to Collapse. The Smokestacks Come Tumbling Down – The Nearly Now. The fossil fuel industry's invisible colonization of academia. What is biophysical economics? Cassandra's Legacy: Why EROEI matters: the role of net energy in the survival of civilization.

IEA warns of potential shortage of global oil supplies in 3 years. CONTINENTAL RESOURCES: Example Of What Is Horribly Wrong With The U.S. Shale Oil Industry – SRSrocco Report. George Monbiot on Neoliberalism: "A Self-Serving Racket" Disengage from the Spectacle - Resilience. You know you are in trouble when… – un-Denial. The Dance of Death. The Dance of Death. - Ka-Poom Theory. By 2030, half the world’s oceans could be reeling from climate change, scientists say. Peasantization as modernization – an alternative ecomodernism. Crisi climatica e Antropocene: i problemi, le soluzioni. Cassandra's Legacy: Thermodynamic model of oil depletion sparks controversy.

When Denial Becomes Toxic. What's Really Warming the World? Climate deniers blame natural factors; NASA data proves otherwise. Scientist’s ground-breaking research uncovers new risks of GMOs, glyphosate - The Organic & Non-GMO Report. The monster footprint of digital technology. How much energy does it take (on average) to produce 1 kilogram of the following materials? - LOW-TECH MAGAZINE. WC02MAR2016 CHall. Appropriate Civilization versus New Despotism: State of Play on 20th February 2017, one month into the Trump presidency. La morte fossile dell’Italia. Just who are these 300 'scientists' telling Trump to burn the climate?

Gas per l’Italia: il progetto TAP nel contesto geopolitico attuale Matteo Verda Istituto per gli Studi di Politica Internazionale - Milano. - ppt scaricare. Retail Apocalypse Gains Momentum As David Stockman Warns ‘Everything Will Grind To A Halt’ After March 15th. Can biochar make climate change a profitable business opportunity? Of Two Minds - How Do We Design a DeGrowth Economy? Theconversation. Economists Ignore One of Capitalism's Biggest Problems. Banks Create Money out of Nothing. Datacenter, the hidden face of the web. Climate Change and Global Food Security: Prof David Battisti. Il consumo di suolo comune per comune. Biorenew.iastate. Love, Intelligence and Art — Musings on the Natural World (part 1) End of the “Oilocene”: The Demise of the Global Oil Industry and of the Global Economic System as we know it.

Abstract. Reflexiones sobre el modelo ETP y el colapso. L’Ecologia di Superficie e l’Ecologia Profonda - LtEconomy. Peak Energy & Resources, Climate Change, and the Preservation of Knowledge.