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BBC Arts - BBC Arts - Numbers game: The artists making waves with big data. LAURIE FRICK. The Making of Orizuru Room a Traditional Japanese Origami Installation. Concept Manazuru was named after a crane due to the fact that its shape on a map very much resembles a crane.

The Making of Orizuru Room a Traditional Japanese Origami Installation

Our goal was making an installation that symbolized Manazuru, so we decided to feature origami cranes for our art work. Technology is Beautiful. » Chronostasis Antoine Schmitt. Concert A/V – Création 2018Franck Vigroux : musique live Antoine Schmitt : images liveLes neurones impliqués dans l’écoute de la musique sont les mêmes que ceux dédiés à la prédiction immédiate du futur.

» Chronostasis Antoine Schmitt

La chronostase est une illusion cérébrale qui correspond à ces moments dans lesquels le temps semble s’arrêter. Par ailleurs, les équations fondamentales de la physique ne dépendent pas du temps : tout pourrait se passer exactement de la même manière si le temps passait à l’envers. Paper.js — Chain. Paper.js — Chain. MXZEHN - Audiovisual Design - NoAccidentInParadise - Depozyt, 2015. Music of the Spheres – A Conversation with Dan Tapper / @dantappersound. Dan Tapper is a British artist based in Toronto that combines his interest in code and celestial form.

Music of the Spheres – A Conversation with Dan Tapper / @dantappersound

In the past he has mapped sonic geographies, created documentaries about Very Low Frequency (VLF) sound, and explored the poetry of code. This past August CAN attended Turbulent Forms an exhibition at the Canadian Music Centre that presenting Tapper’s visualizations of cosmic phenomena. Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (Zeitz MOCAA), Cape Town / Interview with Mark Coetzee. MUSIC x CULI’N’ART x FASHION x FILM. Kombo Chapfika. Mailing list Connect WORKS All Gold EverythingFela KutiGeneralUnknown WomanBusiness WomanZvirikufayaZiMazeBobSmurfsHail to Chief IIRude Boys Don't CryAlien HybridsNeon DreamTransitPurse Dog Becomes Self AwareLaundry DayJulia MDBenderHail to ChiefVoluntary Atlantic CrossingVasikana VanonetsaPerson of ColorTransplantationMatopos (Balancing Rocks)MaskYou Are HereYabai (omg)Burqa #2All You can Eat BuffetYoung BrideNocturnal Urban ContortionistThe Grind2The FallHadley on a SwingChrist on MedsCandy MountainBurqa #1BeckyAphrodite and her MinionsThe Delusional Self Importance of Contemporary ArtPlato's CaveParisGazeDarfur DiscoCarpal TunnelThe GrindStrangersRed Blot MirageLoadingJoker RmxI-20Brand IdentityListenBillboardCurvy Rude Boys Don't Cry 30"x40"acrylic on canvas2013Contact for Availibility © 2018 Kombo Chapfika.

Kombo Chapfika

IVAHM 2018. Plonger dans les arts numériques avec la nouvelle collection RÊVOLUTION DIGITALE sur MUSEUM - Museum. L’art robotique, le mapping et les vidéoprojections, la fashion tech, la musique, le corps augmenté, les drones, la lumière LED, laser ou projetée, le code informatique…les arts numériques sont devenus incontournables avec leurs sous-genres, leurs stars, leurs expérimentations.

Plonger dans les arts numériques avec la nouvelle collection RÊVOLUTION DIGITALE sur MUSEUM - Museum

Il était donc bien naturel que Museum leur consacre un weekend spécial «Pixel» dont la programmation inclut «Rêvolution Digitale», une nouvelle collection inédite coproduite par Museum. Les arts numériques sont à l’honneur sur Museum lors du Weekend Pixel le Samedi 12 et Dimanche 13 Mai 2018 à l’occasion du lancement de la nouvelle collection documentaire «Rêvolution Digitale». In Terms of Performance — Duration — André Lepecki. André Lepecki, a scholar and curator of performance, is associate professor in the department of performance studies at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University.

In Terms of Performance — Duration — André Lepecki

Duration is not time extended. AADN - Arts et Cultures Numériques. ELECTORAL REFORMS: EXTINGUISHING ETHNIC HEGEMONY IN THE KENYAN EXECUTIVE. REX Reveals Design of Perelman Performing Arts Center at WTC in New York. Joshua Prince-Ramus Lecture at NewSchool. Joshua Prince-Ramus: Bâtir un théatre qui se transforme. Artist's Statement of dancer and choreographer Alice Chauchat. Artist's Statement "Dance is for me an experimental frame in which I can think and practice, together with other people, a social and entangled subjectivity: I-as-part-of-we, I-through-we, I-in-we.

Artist's Statement of dancer and choreographer Alice Chauchat

This is not an independent 1st person perspective, but a 1st person singular that exists within and in relation to a 1st person plural. P(AR)ticipate: body of experience/body of work/body as archive. What do you think, feel, how do you move?

P(AR)ticipate: body of experience/body of work/body as archive

Social theorist and philosopher Brian Massumi (2002) claims that when we are in motion we undergo intuitive experiences and interactions with the environment. We forego the linguistic models of coding and try to find a “semiotics willing to engage with continuity” (Massumi 2002, 4). It is in this ever present kinesis, movement and change that we experience things. Anatomy Trains Books for Sale. Geeta Dutt: Five Definitive Recordings. Of the great playback singers of the golden era of Bollywood cinema, no one quite exudes the sad beauty of Geeta Dutt.

Geeta Dutt: Five Definitive Recordings

Her melancholic demeanour and quivering voice reflected the personal tragedies that cemented her reputation as Bollywood’s ultimate tragic heroine. Her turbulent marriage to director and actor, Guru Dutt, which ended with his suspected suicide in 1964, was followed by her decline into alcoholism and death from cirrhosis of the liver in 1972 at the age of 41. Mxzehn. Mxzehn. Mxzehn. TeamLab: Living Digital Forest and Future Park. The Art Channel. School for Poetic Computation. Digital Artist. Lightform - Project On Anything. A Projector And A Fog Machine Create Startling Virtual Spaces. British artist Anthony McCall’s “solid light” sculptures have received an outsized amount of attention this spring, with three concurrent exhibitions in Switzerland, London, and France.

A Projector And A Fog Machine Create Startling Virtual Spaces

An exhibition at Sean Kelly Gallery this month adds New York to the list. The name of McCall’s stateside show–Face to Face–cleverly functions both as a structural description of the work and a way to name what happens when you’re inside of it. Upstairs at Sean Kelly, visitors are ushered into a silent, darkened room filled with the sickly sweet scent of fog machines. In the center of the room, two projection screens hang from the ceiling. Dual projectors cast thin strings of white light onto the screens from opposite angles, casting shattered pieces of what looks like parabolic arcs that eek slowly into new positions.

But the piece doesn’t really “start” until you step in front of the projector and enter the volumetric spaces created by the thin white lines. Check out Face to Face until March 23. Demonz - Digital Playground. AltaSea Preview Reel. Our Digital Rights to the City by Meatspace Press. Meatspace Press – Print & Digital IRL. The pamphlet ‘Our Digital Rights to the City’ is now out on Meatspace Press. We are pleased to offer it for free download (epub, mobi, pdf), as a low-cost paperback, and as a self-print pdf. ‘Our Digital Rights to the City’ is a small collection of articles about digital technology, data and the city. It covers a range of topics relating to the political and economic power of technologies that are now almost inescapable within the urban environment.

SAGE Journals: Your gateway to world-class journal research. Reader us DEF. 045. 3D Projection Mapping and its Impact on Media & Architecture in Contemporary and Future Urban Spaces. Abstract When advertisers like Ralph Lauren describe their recent 3D projection mapping installation as a “collision of fashion, technology, art, commerce, and architecture”, how is this intercreative event to be evaluated and leveraged in a commercial way that makes it work for their business? The following analysis presents an overview of the current development in 3D projection mapping technology, compiles expert peer opinions, and demonstrates the benefits and challenges of contemporary public space media performances, installations, and campaigns that industry experts and the wider audience in the on and offline world has been observing and is still talking about.

Introduction The history of projections dates back to the 1840s when powerful electric arc-lights were experimented with for the illumination of public monuments in Paris [1] The idea of projecting not just a beam, but pictures and texts as well was a logical next step. Endnotes 1. W. DSpace at IKU University: A Video Projection Mapping Conceptual Design And Application: Yekpare. Damien Fontaine. Creative Coding — Craig Pickard. Flossmanualsfr. Ce livre aborde les pratiques artistiques placées sous la dénomination de "performance audiovisuelle" ou de "VJing", à travers le prisme de la culture, des logiciels et matériels libres qui concourent à leur réalisation. Il débute par un propos introductif où il s'agit de replacer ces pratiques dans un contexte historique et dans leur écosystème actuel, illustré par des projets artistiques que l'on peut associer à cette dénomination.

Ce livre propose également une approche concrète de ces pratiques, en apportant des ressources cognitives, logicielles et matérielles aux artistes et curieux souhaitant s'intéresser au versant libre d'une pratique qu'ils exercent peut-être déjà. Nous avons décidé de débuter par la préparation et le choix des médias et sources utilisés.

Dans une seconde section, sont abordés le traitement et la manipulation des sources, les possibilités de mélange des images, l'application d'effets, le contrôle de lecture et la composition de l'image. Antécédents cf. PrinceMio. Bright beams cut the room, replacing complete darkness. They glow in threatening white as they reach to the ceiling in mathematical precision. Two men step into the room as scan matrices sense their bodies. Log In. Declaration or Deception? The C.I.A., fighting the Cold War, had acted out of worries about Mr. Castro’s increasingly open Communist connections. As he consolidated power, even some of his most faithful supporters grew concerned. One break had taken place as early as 1959.

Huber Matos, who had fought alongside Mr. Within two months, Mr. FIELD x Exploring art + technology to create new formats of visual communication. A digital art and design collective inventing new forms of moving image. Humanizing Motion Graphics. Africa In The New Century. Italian Version. Videos. MOVEMENT, MEMORY & THE SENSES IN SOUNDSCAPE STUDIES – Sensory Studies. Jennifer Schine This paper will explore how the practice of soundwalking can be a tool for memory retrieval. How to make a movie trailer for a typeface. Daniel Shiffman : Computational Design. Art and Technology Major. The Art and Technology Program at the University of Oregon encourages students to combine new media and visual art theory with strong technical sophistication, a rich sense of visual design, and an ability to articulate artistic research. The UO program in art and technology emphasizes creative thinking, experimentation, visual communication delivery systems and intense research.

Led by internationally known Department of Art faculty members, the Art and Technology Program offers classes in interactivity, video art, animation, installation, imaging, programming, design, and art and design history. Undergraduate B.A. and B.S. degrees and a graduate M.F.A. degree in art and technology are offered on the Eugene campus. The Art and Technology program focuses on research, production, and installation, in the context of a technologically sophisticated studio environment. Newmixaug08. Proto-Knots.

Quick cut-up. Des images habitables. Depuis la fin du XIXe siècle, les images envahissent l’espace scénique, jusqu’à devenir aujourd’hui un phénomène très répandu. À la différence des « écrans sur la scène », pour reprendre le titre d’un ouvrage dirigé par Béatrice Picon-Vallin, la scène-image est la conversion de la scène en image, comme si la scène et l’écran se superposaient jusqu’à se confondre. Les acteurs sont immergés dans des images sans écran, en 3D, grâce à divers stratagèmes optiques, à des machines de vision. Le numérique, avec l’interactivité, permet d’agir sur ces images, de les modifier, en temps réel ou en temps différé. Dans la scène-image, les images deviennent des espaces habitables. American Theatre – Decmber 2011.

By David Barbour. ABOUT - alexandre le guillou. Alexandre Le Guillou is a French creative technologist working with Superbien in Paris. Reebok "Reethym of Lite" Tokyo - alexandre le guillou. Samuel Bianchini. Dispn series Interactive image, on the web and as installation, 1999Samuel Bianchini. Samuel Bianchini. Valeurs croisées. Samuel Bianchini. Interactive installation, 2008 Samuel Bianchini.

ExperiensS. Workshop Shanghai Theater Academy. LIVE @W33.TV – BERLIN. Sinneslandschaften. Demo 1 : Moving Texts with video background. Schirn kunsthalle frankfurt - Doug Aitken Workshop. 360 degrees Projection with Millumin and f.e. Mac Pro - MAIN Discussions on Millumin. Doug Aitken - SONG 1 Installation.