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25+ DIY Toys to Make at Home. Who needs store bought toys when you can make your own? Encourage little designers by making DIY Toys! If you have followed Babble Dabble Do for awhile you have probably gathered that I am slightly obsessed with DIY Toys. There is one simple reason: DIY Toys encourage creative thinking. Not only do you end up with something fun to play with at the end of the process, but you learn about design and problem solving as you make them! Many DIY Toys also have an educational component to them since they are often based on scientific principles to give them a “wow” factor, principles like inertia, energy, and gravity. So instead of heading to the store the next time your child asks for a new toy to play with, consider making one of your own. Paper Helicopeters Zappy Zoomers Tyvek Kite Check out our PAPER TOYS PLAY PACK 7 Paper Toys and 10 templates you can download, print, and make, now!

Pearler Bead Tops Tiny Dancers Kinetic Carousel Paper Tops Mosaic Magnets Constellation Geoboards Perler Bead Mazes. East Coast Mommy: Homemade Kites. What is more fun on a beautiful fall day than getting outside and flying a kite? Making your own kite out of a brown paper bag is lots of fun and super easy. My boys loved it! Here is how we did it: 1) Decorate the paper bag. 2) Use a hole punch to make four holes (two on each side of the opening of the bag). 3) Use two pieces of string (equal in length), and tie one end around each hole. 4) Hold the two loops (the middle of each piece of string), and tie them together using a long piece of string.

That's it! Homemade Windsock Kites for Kids. Paper_sun.gif (GIF Image, 640 × 900 pixels) How to Make a Paper-Bag Kite. Kite flying: How to make a homemade kite. Paper Plate Frisbees. Summer is here and the kids are outside more and more. Whether it’s summer camp, playing in the park or just hanging out in the neighborhood, outdoors is where it’s at! This is a fun project that can be made (outside if you want to!) Easily and with little supervision. When done, have fun tossing the frisbee around with your friends, but don’t let the dog get it! This is a great craft for camp. One package of paper plates will make a LOT of frisbees! What you need: 2 paper plates for each frisbee colorful markers or crayons scissors clear shipping tape What you do: Place both plates right side up, as if you were going to put food on them.

Copyright Amanda Formaro. Paper Kites from One Sheet of Paper. 20 Kites in 20 Minutes Editor’s Note: I am very happy to provide these instructions for one-page paper kites. The kites are perfect for classroom construction, for home school use, scouts and guides activities, or just as easy summer crafts for kids. As a class volunteer, I helped a local teacher make these kites with his Grade 5 and 6 kids – and it was an absolute joy.

Since we even had other students coming over, eager to learn how to make these kites, I asked the Big Wind Kite Factory for permission to provide the instructions, and step-by-step photos featured here. I hope you enjoy your kite making as much as I did! ~ Jane Lake Material list: 20 sheets of brightly colored 8 1/2″ x 11″ typing paper.20 8″ bamboo bar-b-que shishkabab sticks.1 roll of florescent surveyor’s flagging plastic tape (available at any hardware store).A plastic bag cut in a 1″ wide spiral all around will also make a great tail.1 roll 1/2″wide masking tape or any type of plastic tape.1 roll of string. Directions: 2. Making Boys Men: World's Easiest Kite Ever! Life was a bit busy last week and I didn't get the chance to post about our daily outdoor activities - so here they are from two weeks ago, come back tomorrow and I'll also be sharing what we did last week!

Monday 4th June - It seems light year's away now but this was the long weekend due to the Queen's Jubilee so Hubby was off both Monday and Tuesday so we had lots of fun family time. This included a trip to the local children's farm which has a massive sandpit so despite the Baltic weather the boys enjoyed themselves - snow boots in June! Tuesday - Another holiday day so we went for a long walk which surprise, surprise involved us coming home with enough sticks to build a bonfire - again! Wednesday - Our local church fun day today which included water fun and painting outdoors, although the boys were somewhat more drawn to the bouncy castle! Thursday - Wet, wet, wet, so we jumped in some puddles! Friday - It was super windy today so I thought, let's make a kite. I made this kite today with garbage bags and bamboo skewers. Great and fun way to recycle! I also had fun doodling on it with sharpies! Great and e… | Pinterest.

How to make a kite - confetti kite - Fun Crafts Kids. How to make a kite. We all love a kite right? Who doesn’t burst into song with ‘let’s go fly a kite’ whenever anyone mentions a kite? Just me?! So we wanted to know how to make a kite, and this lovely confetti kite post ticks all of these boxes and more! Well with the weather heading into a proper sunny spring – it seems a good a time as ever to get out into the park, and enjoy the open spaces and open skies, and a spring breeze in the air. So we love a craft which takes time and concentration, and embraces all ages and skill abilities – and then has a usable end result, which can be played with again and again (unless in this case you let go of the kite and it ends its life in the top of the very highest tree in the park, coughs, say no more…)

Carp Kite Craft. DIY Spring Break Craft: Spring Kites - Growing Up Blackxican. Getting Messy With Ms. Jessi. Japanese Carp Kite. Kids will love playing with Mini Kites on a stick. An Original #kids #craft by #piikeastreet | Kid's Crafts | Pinterest. Sell Diamond Kite, Wholesale Sell Diamond Kite from Kites,kite,stunt kites,promotion kites,diamond kites,soft kites, Parafoil Kites,mini kites, Chinese Wholesalers, Manufacturers & Suppliers on Paper Plate Kite. My friend/neighbor, Debra, has several grandchildren, all of which love to run and play. It was a tough winter here in southeast Wisconsin, so when temperatures finally started to rise the kids couldn’t wait to get outside! Flying a kite is fun, but for younger kids with short attention spans, it can be a frustrating task.

So making a kite that’s little kid friendly is a must for these breezy late-spring days. As you can see it flies in the wind but there’s no chance of it being tangled in the trees. And when they’ve had enough, which happens often with young children, they can set it down and go do something else. It will always fly, even when there isn’t a breeze.

Head over to Kix Cereal to get my tutorial for the Paper Plate Kite. Simple Paper Kite from Better In Bulk. Lolli from Better In Bulk has a simple way to make a kite from a piece of paper and shows us how with her fabulous photos! Lolli writes… Summer is a great time to fly kites. I found a simple and fun kite pattern that is perfect for kids (today kids 2 to 9 used these kites!). They decorated their papers first before following these instructions to “assemble” their kites: Step 1: Gather materials (one piece of paper, a ruler, a pencil, some yarn or string, a stapler, and a hole punch) Step 2: Fold paper in half Step 3: Along the folded side of your paper, measure and mark off at 2 1/2 inches (point A) and at 3 1/2 inches (point B) Step 4: Take two corners of your paper and staple them together at point A.

Step 5: Punch a hole at point B Step 6: Tie a long piece of yarn through the hole you’ve just punched. Step 7: Fly your kite on a windy day. Step 8: Expect lots and lots of laughs, “Wows!” These simple kites were so easy to make, and even easier to fly. For more ideas visit Better In Bulk! Let's Go Fly A (DIY) Kite. Here in the Midwest, it seems like I’m always fighting with the wind. Skirts and perfectly coifed hair sometimes feel a little pointless. As soon as I attempt either of those things, the wind whips things up. Luckily, there are ways to work with the wind instead of against it – like flying a kite! I’ve always wanted to make a kite, but it seemed complicated. Some of these DIY projects do have a lot of steps – perfect for a long rainy afternoon of prep. But there are others that are super quick, and kid-friendly, too. The wonder of seeing a kite go up in the air is increased ten-fold when you make the kite yourself. DIY Paper Kite via made by joel Leave it to crafty mastermind, Joel, to come up with the simplest of kites.

Homemade Kites via red ted art These kites are amazing! Simple Paper Kite via skip to my love Not only is this kite a breeze to make, it sounds like even a 2 year old would enjoy running around the yard with it floating in the air behind them. What an amazing kite! Lightly enchanted: Goldfish kites for Chinese new year. This is our third craft so far for Chinese new year which is on February 3rd, the children have been having so much fun preparing for all the festivities, and have learned so much in the process. I think this craft was their favourite and caused many delighted squeals as they played with their creations. We decided to make a goldfish kite, goldfish are considered very fortunate in China especially at the new year and signify abundance.

This is another very simple kids craft and we have used a inner tube from a kitchen or toilet roll as the base for our goldfish and covered it in orange crepe paper. We then attached 2 fin shapes to the side with a glue stick and many long strips of crepe and tissue paper to one end to represent the tail. As you can see from the above photograph the design is pretty self explanatory, little googly eyes were added to make it more fish like. These are the 2 goldfish kites hanging up for a rest at the end of the day, just waiting for tomorrow.

Recycled Craft: Plastic Bag Kite | Martha Stewart. Here's a fun way to make light of those errant plastic bags. 1. Cut bag in half on the side seam and then into an elongated diamond. Lay thin dowels in a T, tape to bag, and tape and trim ends. 2. 3. 4. Carp Kite Craft. Paper Grocery Bag Kites: Crafts for Kids. Lessons and Activities for children in kindergarten to grade 12: KinderArt ® Level: Primary, JuniorGrades: K - 5 | Age: 5-11 | Written by: Andrea Mulder-Slater [Andrea is one of the creators of] Summary: Children can create kites using grocery bags and paints. Objectives: Identification: Students will be directed to observe and discuss kites and how they fly (see further resources at the end of the art lesson). Creation: Students will create a paper bag kite using mostly recycled materials. 25 Kites That Fly by Leslie L. The Great Kite Book by Norman Schmidt Here are the instructions needed to build 19 different animal kites--from hawks to butterflies to peacocks to zebras Funstation; Kites by Susan Wardle This new Funstation introduces kids to beautiful kites from around the world and through the ages, with tips on kite flying, kite making, and recommendations on general safety.

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