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Gourmet Paper Mache

Gourmet Paper Mache

Miniature Art on the Tip of Pencil by Dalton Ghetti Many artists have used pencils to create works of art – but Dalton Ghetti creates miniature masterpieces on the tips of pencils. Dalton, who works as a carpenter, has been making his tiny graphite works for about 25 years. A sculpture of Elvis Presley wearing shades, carved from a single pencil. The 49-year-old said: “At school I would carve a friend’s name into the wood of a pencil and then give it to them as a present. Later, when I got into sculpture, I would make these huge pieces from things like wood, but decided I wanted to challenge myself by trying to make things as small as possible. I experimented sculpting with different materials, such as chalk, but one day I had an eureka moment and decided to carve into the graphite of a pencil” A tiny saw, using both the wood and graphite of a single pencil Dalton uses three basic tools to make his incredible creations – a razor blade, sewing needle and sculpting knife. “I don’t make any money from it but that’s not what it’s about for me.

Paper Craft Animals | PaperWolf If taxidermy has always intrigued you but the idea of real animals hanging in your house makes you squirm, Wolfram Kampffmeyer’s Paper Craft Animals might be right up your street. The German computer animator who is also known as PaperWolf, was inspired by the idea of making 3D computer models in real life, and came up with these DIY cardboard structures. He first became known for his Big 5 series, featuring elephant, rhino, lion, buffalo and leopard in a variety of colours and all ready to construct at home. His more recent creations are even more intricate and fun.

38 Duct Tape Crafts | Projects and Ideas DIY Ready | DIY Projects | Crafts - DIY Ready | DIY Projects | Crafts By Natalie Rhea on May 18, 2014 Duct tape is easily one of the most useful and versatile products out there for craft projects because of it’s strength, durability and versatility. Heck, Discovery’s Mythbusters made a bridge out of duct tape. It’s just that strong! Lucky for us, duct tape now comes in many amazing prints to enhance all of your duct tape projects. Duct Tape 101 You can also view our step-by-step instructions on how to make a duct tape sheet, duct tape strip, duct tape loop and duct tape pockets here! Now that you have the 101 on using duct tape, let’s make some projects! 1. This is a craft for kids, or even if you are in need of a makeshift wallet! via DIY Ready 2. via DIY Ready Check out our video on how to make this cool duct tape project: 3. via Wiki How 4. via What Will We Do Today 5. This is great project, as it will help you carry your tools for your next DIY adventure! via DIY Ready 6. via Second Chances by Susan 7. via Wiki How 8. via Crafty Soccer Mom 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

scraps. love these totally amazing and original paper sculpuresmade by anna-wili highfield the paper sculptures are created from archival cotton paper, that is painted, then torn and sewn together, to create the figure of an animal.found via man shops globe Make your own animal masks from recycled card by Wintercroft Fun DIY Tips and Tricks (13 pics) Once again, some great ideas. LOVE the cat bed! (source: vitaminha)

2.5D Mask Everyone deserves a perfect world! Indulgy Login or Sign up tabitha Free Dog Clothes Patterns & Projects Crafty Things cuddlebells Christmas tree origami? Favorites Eva . Long hair... my fetish mona I'm down with RGB! Easter nour14 Barn House Favorites mari Andoni Rabbit Fur Vest $798.0 Want mizsmith sun’s rays, paula, berlin, 1889 • alfred stieglitz things sweet soulouttaki "Look, baby, you know I love you. photo nour14 barn . house mizsmith Hubba hubba. nour14 barn into house soulouttaki "What? hollie Atmosphere : LOVE: Our Wedding Jes_9 Kate's dress! Jes_9 jacinta.storten woodstock tumblr Shoes Fashion Ben Sherman Men's Mayfair Lace-Up Ben Sherman Men's Mayfair Lace-Up elvia recycling letterpress cards: a great way to re-use the designs and keep the notes craftyness Eva , Nina Maltese Lipari, Aeolian Island, Italy Travel Liezl Nieuwoudt Cute for Date night, created by dana-remai-jimenez Favorites corrine LOVE THIS. Little People Stuff Helen Mata {THE} Cure For Dry, Cracked Heels and Feet! my old time favorite To order Everything How?

19 exemples de PAPER ART Une feuille de papier par Peter Callesen Slivoïde en papier par Yulia Brodskaya Papier plié par Simon Schubert Sculptures animales en papier par Calvin Nicholls Papier coupé par Hina Aoyama Masques en Origami par Joel Cooper Arbre sculpté à partir d’un carton McDonald’s par Yuken Teruya Laser cut par Eric Standley Tapisseries en papier par Tomoko Shioyasu Sculptures en papier par Jen Stark Street art en origami par Mademoiselle Maurice Anatomie en papier par Lisa Nilsson Paysage en papier par Eiko Ojala Handcut Paper Art par Lisa Rodden Paper Art par Cheong-ah Hwang Du paper art complexe par Bovey Lee Origami par Nguyen Hung Cuong Portrait en papier par Anant Nanvare Commentaires

How to cut glass | JADERBOMBJADERBOMB I posted a picture about 1 week ago on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter of me cutting glass using just string. I got LOT’S of requests for a tutorial on how I DID THIS! So here it is. I want to warn you. It’s best to triple your yarn because it will burn longer! Soak it GOOD! I like to tie my yarn where I want my glass to “cut” then quickly pour polish remover over the string again. Get a big bowl with ice and water ready. VERY IMPORTANT! Slowly turn your bottle. You can’t let the flame go OUT then dunk it in the ice water. YAY!!! I reallly hope you enjoyed this tutorial because I had ALOT of requests for it! © Copyright jaderbombllc, All rights Reserved.

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