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Gourmet Paper Mache

Gourmet Paper Mache

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paper mache teacup pattern « ann wood A paper mache teacup pattern to mark the 5 year anniversary of my blog, my experiment. A perfect time to say thank you and give you a present. There is a template you can download here. And lots and lots of photos and instructions.

Paper Mache Recipes This page contains recipes for several kinds of home-made paper mache paste, and home-made gesso recipes for finishing your sculptures. I have been messing around with paper mache for over 50 years and up until a few months ago I always came back to the easiest paper mache recipes, using plain old white flour and water paste with torn strips of newspaper. Now, however, I have abandoned the traditional layered paper process and use my new paper mache clay recipe and/or the even newer silky-smooth air-dry clay recipe for most my sculptures.

Best on DA: volume 34 « Cosplay Gen We continue the candy-sharing campaign by offering you our finest cosplay photos of this week. Just have a bite and some more. Magi – Dark Sideby ca-g-e Paper Mache Birds I guess I have a bird theme going here. These are some cute paper mache birds we made recently. They have wire feet which allow you to clamp them on an edge like a flowerpot or piece of driftwood or have them free standing. MATERIALS REQUIRED: - newspaper - tape - paper towel - reg. white school and/or tacky glue - water and recycled container - thin cardboard from a cereal box - wax paper - acrylic or tempera paint - fine markers - sealer like Mod Podge (optional) - med. gauge wire - embroidery thread or yarn Take a quarter sheet of newspaper and crush into a pear shape. Tape into place.

How To Make Pulp Ala Miranda Rook You will need: - Glossy magazines- Egg cartons- Colander- Drainage bag- Papier mache paste of choice- Electrical tools (adults only!) Let's go! 1. Save up carton egg boxes and glossy magazines. Sharpie Markers Official Blog No one is a morning person, even if they CLAIM they are. They are probably lying and by “probably…” I obviously mean they are. Who LIKES having to get out of bed, especially when you JUST found the perfect sleeping spot and the open air is frighteningly and shockingly less welcoming than your blanket cocoon? What could possibly be even worse than that? The traumatic moment where you have actually managed to violently pull yourself out of bed but have yet to consume your morning wake-me-up beverage of choice.

... leaf lanterns - A few weeks ago I began to notice the inevitable shift that happens every year around this time... the days have gotten shorter and the nights progressively longer (and colder!). This rather obvious realization got me thinking though, about all the fun things I did as a kid to get ready for this increase in darkness. One of which was to create a little light of my own. So that is what I decided to do, make lanterns! As a child we used vibrant hues of tissue paper to create our works of art, but I thought it would be fun to use up all those leaves I have been collecting. That along with some white tissue paper, craft glue (could use flour and water), some balloons, copper wire and a candle are all that you need to light up the night.

Paper Mache: Recipes & Tips You can make all kinds of crafty items with paper mache (not just the school volcano project): Decorative masks, bowls, ornaments, Halloween & Christmas decorations, you name it–you can likely make it. It’s a very economical craft and with a little practice, you can create some pretty amazing pieces! Here’s a bunch of info to get you started… Bow making Basics I remember making my first bow as a kid. I found a branch on the ground under the black oak trees that grew in our yard. There was a windstorm the prior evening and branches were everywhere. I found one with a bend and tied on a string.

A show called Fall.... The cool breezes of September whisper a message to the squirrels, who quickly scatter and spread the news throughout the forest. 'Fall is at the door' the birds sing to their young and to all who can hear them. They gather and take their seats as they know they are about to see a magnificent show, a show called Fall. Paper Mache Clay Several years ago I developed a new recipe for a sculptural material I call “paper mache clay.” This material is so easy to use and so easy to make that I now use it exclusively for all my paper mache sculptures. The recipe has now gone “viral” and is being used by artists all over the world. It might be a bit more accurate to call this material “home-made air-dried cellulose-reinforced polymer clay,” but that’s way too hard to say (or type!)