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Craft Incubator Markets

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About Cockpit Arts : Cockpit Arts. What's your ADDRESS? Luring tourists to New Brunswick with food - CBC Player. Pop Brixton. One of Pop Brixton’s key initiatives is to support the local community in the creation of jobs and opportunities.

Pop Brixton

Not only do our traders share space but also skills, advice and support in what is for many, their first business venture. The greenhouse and event space are available free of charge for community events and have already played host to a variety of local projects. The community angle includes not only the use of space but also the team at Pop who offer voluntary help and resources to local bodies looking for support. guidance and assistance. Reprezent 107.3FM is a social enterprise broadcasting across the capital since 2011. The station is the UK’s only broadcaster run by entirely under 25’s.

The move for Reprezent means more space and better training facilities, which ultimately allows more young people to get involved with the station. In Reprezent’s own words they’re all about “joining up the dots”. E: 49 Brixton Station Road London SW9 8PQ. Appear Here, The UK Pop-Up Shop And Short-Term Retail Space Marketplace, Raises £1 Million. The high street is dead.

Appear Here, The UK Pop-Up Shop And Short-Term Retail Space Marketplace, Raises £1 Million

Long live the high street. Appear Here, the UK online marketplace for short-term retail space and so-called pop-up shops, has raised £1 million in new funding. Leading the round are Howzat Partners, MMC Ventures, and Forward Investment Partners. Pop Up Shop Space to Rent. GLASGOW UNVEILED AS NEW HOME OF BRITAIN'S BIGGEST HIGH STREET BUSINESS CHALLENGE. • TestTown challenge will see 12 new-start-ups from across the UK and Ireland descend on Glasgow's historic Saltmarket to compete • Winner will receive ‘UK entrepreneur of the year’ crown and £10k in business startup funding Britain’s biggest regeneration and enterprise challenge, TestTown, which aims to create a new wave of responsible business owners whilst simultaneously lowering unemployment, is officially coming to Glasgow’s Saltmarket in February 2016.


The deal to bring TestTown to Scotland's biggest city was struck between the organiser of the challenge, the Carnegie UK Trust, and Glasgow City Council. The challenge will see entrepreneurs running 12 startup businesses from across the UK and Ireland showcase their trade in vacant shops and spaces in the City’s Saltmarket area. Fancy a chance to win £10,000? Check out @TestTown2013 from The Carnegie Trust #TestTown. The Creative Workshop Westfield Tuggerah Pop-Up March 2015. Be Paid Be Paid to Teach Creative Workshops. Budding beer entrepreneurs take it to the next level with gypsy brewing. It’s safe to say that George Grant and Paul Delamere had a flawless business model: selling homebrew to students at Manchester house parties.

Budding beer entrepreneurs take it to the next level with gypsy brewing

Sadly, the bank didn’t see it that way. “When we went to a bank and asked for £200,000 to set up a brewery, they were pretty much like: ‘No, see you later’,” says Grant. The previous year the two former University of Manchester students had bought a homebrew kit to make beer cheaply. When their friends began commenting on how good the beer was, they decided to take it to the next level. Arcadia Delicatessen. Driggins kimberly revitalizing neighborhoods through temporary urbanism. Temporary Urbanism Initiative. Temporary Urbanism Projects Temporiums: Temporiums are Temporary Urbanism projects that transform vacant storefronts or spaces into a unique temporary retail shop for local entrepreneurs to exhibit and sell their work.

Temporary Urbanism Initiative

The H Street, NE Temporium welcome welcomed nearly 1,600 visitors to the Corridor in July and August, 2010. The Rise of the Temporary City. While artists, activists and event organizers have embraced the pop-up phenomenon, urban visionaries have remained overwhelmingly concerned with permanence.

The Rise of the Temporary City

That may be changing, according to The Temporary City, a new book by urban planner Peter Bishop and environmental scientist Lesley Williams that outlines a greater appreciation for immediate outcomes and temporary activities among planners, architects, developers and city officials. “An alternative approach to master planning is beginning to emerge,” the authors write. Temporary uses are nothing new. Nearly all of the 200 buildings of Chicago's magnificent 1893 White City came and went within a few years.* And the reclaiming of public space has been going on for more than half a century, in free zones like Copenhagen's Christiania, a squatters' settlement founded in 1971.

The continuing economic crisis has curtailed development funding and increased unemployment, particularly among the young and educated. 'Pop-Up' Urbanity. Current Calendar : the workroom - sewing classes & fabric shop in Toronto. THE UNIQUE SPACE. Forbes Welcome. At This Business Conference, Roasted Marshmallows Replace Cell Phones. The Kumbaya Connection for Grown-Ups. Digital Detox isn’t the only organization offering camp for adults, which seems to be an increasingly popular American summer pastime.

The Kumbaya Connection for Grown-Ups

Below, four retreats that bring grown-ups together, often requiring them to disconnect from technology that dominates their lives. Camp. I'm 39 and I just went to sleep-away CAMP for the first time. I’m 39 years old and I just went to sleep-away camp for the very first time.

I'm 39 and I just went to sleep-away CAMP for the first time

But this was no regular camp; it was CAMP – a 4-day business conference for creative entrepreneurs – in Big Bear Lake, California. I had been interested Unique LA, a design show that focuses on 'Made In America' products, so I receive their regular newsletters and CAMP was its newest spin-off. CAMP promised big things: hands-on workshops for creative entrepreneurs, a chance to invest in yourself and collaborate with others and even a Wes Anderson-themed dance party. It took me under five minutes to decide to sign up. CAMP. Retreats. 3 awesome art summer camps. Growing up, I would spend the summer anxiously awaiting the two weeks that I would spend at sleep-away camp.

3 awesome art summer camps

I would carefully choose my two camp activities (horseback riding and art) and spend the weeks hanging out with horse, crafting, and enjoying summer. CAMP_2015_FALL_HR. This One Time An Introvert Went To Unique CAMP... - Wit & Delight. Most people have fond memories of their childhood camp experience.

This One Time An Introvert Went To Unique CAMP... - Wit & Delight

Team bonding; late night slumber parties; s’mores by the fire — all that good wholesome stuff. My camp memories had all those things, sprinkled with a light coat of social anxiety and crippling shyness. The last year of camp was the summer I tipped into adolescence and lost my confidence. About halfway to LA, that familiar feeling of self-doubt crept in. This was my first time at Unique CAMP– a creative retreat designed like the camp experience you remember as a kid (but with booze), with a bunch of crazy-driven, amazingly successful, colorful people in attendance. 2015 had the largest attendance with 250 campers, and I was there to run one of the workshops.

When I told Sonja Rasula how far the experience was from my comfort zone, she laughed, saying that I wasn’t alone. About — CAMP. Action-packed days with workshops, art classes and inspiration. Fun-filled nights with S'mores, cocktails and dance parties. Throw in archery, polar bear swims and friendship bracelets. Welcome to CAMP! Named '1 of 30 Women Entrepreneurs Changing the World' by fashion mogul Eileen Fisher, community leader and influencer Sonja Rasula started CAMP in 2013.

THE TEAM — Unique USA. Sonja RasulaBaller. Shot Caller. Driven by the idea that creativity can change the world and by the Martin Luther King Jr. quote, "Life's most persistent and urgent question is What are you doing for others? ," Sonja has dedicated herself to creating businesses that foster entrepreneurship, spread creative thinking, and grow community. She was recently named '1 of 30 Women Entrepreneurs Changing the World' by fashion mogul Eileen Fisher, and Los Angeles Magazine honored her as one of LA's Top 10 Most Inspiring Women.

Sonja is best known for her Unique USA events, the world's largest made-in-America shopping events that she started in 2008. Craftworksreport. Storenvy. Cities and the Arts: A Handbook for Renewal. Craft Victoria. Our 2015 market series ends with a bang at Queen Victoria Market with a bumper day of craft stalls from members across all genres, as well as demonstrations, food and activities. Set for Sunday 13 December 2015, this is a curated market featuring hand-picked makers representing crafts from across the state with a Christmas and gift-giving bent. There will be a dedicated Craft Hatch area focusing on emerging makers too! Read about our Craft Hatch program below. To register your interest in applying to be part of this market, please email us image credit above: Yiying Lee Taking Part in Craft Hatch 2015 Our popular Craft Hatch series of markets is perfect for craftspeople in their first five years of production or for those who have never held a market stall before.

Horseshoe Market: Business Incubator for Colorado Handmade and Craft Entrepreneurs : North Denver Tribune. Laytonville Farmers' Market Case Study — ASI. A Case Study of The Laytonville Farmers’ Market: A Rural Community Market. How to Use Your Local Flea Market as a Business Incubator. HandMade in America - Business Incubator - Cool Craft Market. 2014 Cool Craft Market.