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Harry Potter

Cookie Monster. Paddington by Michael Bond. Eric Carle. Dr Seuss. Lewis Carroll. Roald Dahl. National Simultaneous Storytime. “Cool Hands, Warm Heart” This idea comes from Monica in Portland, Oregon who added a wonderful twist (the center heart) to my “Warm Hands” template.

“Cool Hands, Warm Heart”

Printable Mazes. Welcome to our free printable mazes page.

Printable Mazes

Maze addiction starts early! But it’s a healthy one for the brain! Here are some easy mazes, which are mildly challenging for the young ones. Each one has a little story around it and illustrations. They ask the kids to solve a simple task through helping somebody in a scenario, to make it engaging and rewarding. They are good for building problem solving skills at an early age. Easy Level Mazes Rainbow Maze – Easy Follow the rainbow to find the pot of gold! Flower Maze – Easy Help the bee find the nectar! Leaf Maze – Easy A ladybird wants to visit a friend. Instructions. Flower Scavenger Hunt - Free Printable Game - Our Thrifty Ideas. Floating Ball Activity. 7 Cool Maker Camp Projects You Might Have Missed. Henrik Blennow, one of the initiators of the Children’s Park of the Future included a Maker Camp zone as part of a festival in Vindbacke, Sweden called Lights in Alingsås.

7 Cool Maker Camp Projects You Might Have Missed

This fall we introduced the Maker Camp After School program so that Maker Camp could continue its annual summer program and keep it running all year long. Our whole new lineup of projects — loosely themed around balls, falling objects, and autumnally appropriate activities — featured everything from booby traps to spinning lamps. All of our project ideas are launchpads into the creative universe inside each kid’s head.

We hope that every camper finds ways to customize these project ideas and make these projects their own, or to veer off into some other galaxy of projects that inspires them. Whatever you make, we hope you share it on our Maker Camp Community or by adding the hashtag #makercamp to whatever you post to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Booby Traps. Vibrobots! Bill VanLoo used the Vibrobot project from MAKE, Volume 10 with his students at Honey Creek Community School.


The 4/5 technology classes built Vibrobots for one of their project this year. Vibrobots are small electric bug-like creatures that are built from a small metal or plastic enclosure (think mint tin), a motor, and some ingenuity.Essentially, this is a project that lets kids do some hands-on learning about electronics and electricity, and how to use the design process to create their own toy.This project came from the pages of MAKE magazine.

LED Throwies - 2. 14 Good, Old Fashioned, Outdoor Games for Kids. As I write this it is a beautiful, sunny Winter’s afternoon.

14 Good, Old Fashioned, Outdoor Games for Kids

Through the open doors I can hear the sounds of children next door playing ouside – the loud, exaggerated counting and giggles associated with a good old fashioned game of hide and seek. It is the perfect sound to accompany this sunny day and brings to mind childhood memories of… Good, old fashioned, outdoor games like Which have these games have you shared with your children? What are others you would add to the list? Related Posts Christie Burnett is an early childhood teacher, presenter, writer and the editor of Childhood 101. Let the Children Make.

World Maker Faire NY Video Highlights One of the most important things we can build as makers is… more makers!

Let the Children Make

How To Make Cardboard Boomerang - PLAYTIVITIES. Flying Boomerangs is a fun activity for all ages.

How To Make Cardboard Boomerang - PLAYTIVITIES

It’s a great active outdoor game that families can play together. Ice Color Mixing - The Stem Laboratory. This simple science experiment is a hands-on way to learn about melting and color mixing!

Ice Color Mixing - The Stem Laboratory

Kids will love experimenting to see what new colors they can create as they melt two colored ice cubes together and magically make a third. Getting Started One of the best features of this science activity was that it was so simple to set up! We just needed to gather a few things: One ice cube trayFood coloringWaterToothpicks Our ice cube tray had 16 compartments.

We put about five drops of food coloring in each compartment of the ice cube tray and filled them carefully with water. Ice Color Mixing. 15+ Tricks for Kids to Learn. Halloween Glitter Slime Monsters - The 36th AVENUE. Awesome Halloween Craft for kids.

Halloween Glitter Slime Monsters - The 36th AVENUE

Reading Agency. How to Make Paper. Peer to Peer University. P2PU is proud to launch a toolkit designed to allow anyone to run their own Learning Circles: lightly ­facilitated study groups for learners who want to take online courses together in a public library or other community space.

Peer to Peer University

In Spring and Fall 2015, P2PU and Chicago Public Library ran 17 Learning Circles in library branches across the greater Chicago region. These Learning Circles were designed to rise to the challenges of online education: low retention in online courses, limited access for disadvantaged populations, and the question of how public libraries can scale access to online learning content. Across the city, adults came together to work through online courses in subjects ranging from Public Speaking to Web Design, Resume Writing to Registered Nursing Exam Prep. 3 Things to Help Kids Read. Reading is an important life skill, and young children need a lot of practice in and out of the classroom. Learn what 3 things parents should do in order to help their kids read. [MUSIC] I think reading is a very powerful tool for children. It's imperative that we start before the child's born. Reading out loud, so that we can hear the voice.

BookplateDownload. Hide and Find Books with Book Scavenger! Hide & Find Books Click on the markers below to see books that are currently hidden! Note that the markers do not show specific locations, just the city where the book can be found. You can find clues and photos on the Latest Activity page. Ultimate Collection of 45+ Scissor Skills Activities. Free Puzzlemaker.


Happy Coloring Book Day! Trend Spotting: Typography. Busy Bags Large Wooden Nuts and Bolts by CuriousMindsBusyBags. How Sensory Play Benefits Motor Development. How to Build an Art Bot. Tools/Materials:Paper or plastic cupFoam tapeLow-voltage DC motor (4 inches of wire on contacts)2 AAA batteriesWide rubber bandElectrical tapeHot-glue gun3 or more thin washable markers How to Build an Art Bot 1. Turn the cup upside down and layer foam tape on the bottom (which is now the top).2. Stick the motor onto the tape.3. Tape the batteries end to end, positive to negative, and stick them next to the motor.4.

LitClubs & LitCamps — LitWorld. LitWorld's revolutionary LitClubs and LitCamps cultivate social-emotional development by building resilience and literacy skills together. Guided by LitWorld's “7 Strengths” – Belonging, Curiosity, Friendship, Kindness, Confidence, Courage, and Hope – trained mentors create safe and supportive communities where children learn to value their own and others' stories, become powerful readers, and use literature as a guide as they learn to navigate their lives and tell their own stories. Each LitClub serves 10-15 girls or boys, bringing members together once a week for two hours after school for joyful learning, creative play, and social interaction.

LitCamps are the full day complementary program that run during school breaks. Make Paper Lanterns Inspired by Dandelions- A Piece Of Rainbow. DIY: Dimensional Paper Lantern #2. DIY: Printable Birch Shadow Box. Fab@School Maker Studio - FableVision Learning. My Account Overview. Tinkerbots I Robotic building sets for kids I remote control robot car – Tinkerbots Shop. STEAM Activity: Dancing Balloons.

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Fruit and Food Bags. De tout et de rien: Activités pour le Préscolaire: How to make a 3D book or how does 3D work? Comment fonctionne le tridimensionnel ou comment créer un livre 3D! An anaglyph is made of two superimposed images, but a little offset, consisting of red (most often found on the left) and cyan (most often found on the right). The space between the 2 images (also called parallax) is not the same everywhere, is not constant. To create the relief effect, we must use red and cyan (mix between green and blue) filters like the anaglyph's colors. The eye with the red filter will not filter the red image but will block the blue one. The eye with the blue filter will block the red image but will no filter the blue one. Un anaglyphe est formé de deux images superposées, mais décalées, constituées de rouge (le plus souvent retrouvé à gauche) et de bleu (le plus souvent retrouvé à droite). Library Patch: Reading Passports: Where Can Reading Take You?

Publish, Convert, Store, and Download free children's ebooks online for the iPad and nook color! Home. LivingWaxMuseum kitactivities 16. Textured Lines. Texture Painting. Chemical9: Neddy the Yeti - Paper toy with printable template. Put your favorite children’s book in a discovery bottle!


Creative commons. Inanimate Alice. Birds. Youth books on screen. Kids books on screen. Banned books. Themed Book Lists. GLBTQ. Try these award winners. Award Winners. Books for reading along with online. Printables. Bookmarks. Free fonts. FREE images. Homemade recipes. Feltboard patterns. About - The Literacy Shed. Hands On Crafts for Kids® Apps. Research. Different media in art. Reading all year for everyone. YA Books coming soon. Early literacy.


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