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Current. 1/8/17
Finished. 4/22/17

Oil Reed Diffuser From A Perfume Bottle. Awaken your senses!

Oil Reed Diffuser From A Perfume Bottle

Give that empty perfume bottle on your dresser a second life and turn it into a reed diffuser. A perfume bottle is the perfect container for creating diffusers with its elegant shape that will add a decorative touch to any room and its small opening to slowly release the fragrance, filling your home with a long-lasting aroma. Regardless of the scent you choose, a handmade diffuser will always smell a little sweeter. Materials: Empty Perfume Bottle — Sharp Needle Nose Pliers — Bamboo Skewers (found at supermarkets or craft stores) — Black Acrylic Paint — Decorative Paper (I repurposed mine from an old Bloomingdale's catalog) — Foam Brush — Double-Sided Tape or Tape Runner —Diffuser Oil (check out Curbly to learn how to make your own from scratch) Ombrè Vase From A Juice Jug. I've been eager to post an ombrè-inspired DIY tutorial after seeing so many adorable projects pop up on Pinterest lately, including this picnic blanket and this beautiful flower centerpiece.

Ombrè Vase From A Juice Jug

The dark-to-light finish creates such a beautiful contrast of colors, especially when you add flowers! I chose an oversized juice bottle to create my ombrè flower vase, because I just love its big round bottom and tiny handle at the top! But you can use anything from wine bottles, soda cans or even milk cartons, so look around the house for anything that has a flattering shape. Follow the steps below to make your own custom vase that will be sure to add a lovely handmade touch to your home. Materials: • Glass juice jug (you can also use other bottles or cans you might have at home) • Acrylic paint (color of your choice. Steps: • Peel off the label from the bottle. Beaded Wrap Bracelet. I've been on the lookout for bright and playful jewelry for the summer and fell in love with Chan Luu's stylish wrap bracelets.

Beaded Wrap Bracelet

I was instantly inspired to make my own custom arm candy and complete my DIY jewelry collection. Take a trip to the craft store and grab your favorite beads and colored thread to make your own. Mix 'n match to create a one-of-a-kind design. The perfect project for a craft + movie night! Follow the steps below to make your very own. Materials: Makes a triple wrap bracelet. . • 5-6 feet of waxed cotton cord (1mm or 1.5mm thick) • 10 feet of embroidery floss • Beads (I used 30. Leather Studded Wrap Bracelet. Studs are always in fashion, but you don't need a designer brand to get the look!

Leather Studded Wrap Bracelet

Brass paper fasteners will do the trick. As you may have noticed in some of my previous DIY tutorials (here and here), I love using office supplies for craft here's one more! I taught this project last week at my monthly craft series with TOMS and it was a blast (pics here)! With so many different combinations of leather and studs, it's so easy to create a customized bracelet of your own. Follow the tutorial below to learn how. Nail Polish Colored Necklaces. Just a few minutes is all you need for today's project.

Nail Polish Colored Necklaces

I had some leftover chain lying around from my duct tape necklace project and thought they could be jazzed up a bit. I chose nail polish to complete the look because (a) it's less likely to chip than acrylic paint, (b) I already had a ton of different colors at home and (c) it's as easy as painting your nails! Mix 'n match different colors and patterns to add a pop of color to any outfit. Lately, it's my favorite accessory to pair with a plain white top and some jeans. I love how they look layered on top of each other too. Personalized Key Covers from Scrapbook Paper. Got some colorful paper?

Personalized Key Covers from Scrapbook Paper

Dress up your keys in just a few minutes! I recently color coded my keys and am excited to share this easy tutorial with you all today. I love this DIY project, because not only is it a practical way to help identify your keys, but it's also a great way to add some color and handmade flair to your key chain. Just pair up any of your keys with your favorite scrapbook paper and you've got a personalized little accessory of your own.

I think this technique would also be nice to try on vintage keys and string them on a chain to wear as a necklace. Follow the steps below to create your very own. Materials: • Key • Pen or pencil • Scissors • Small X-acto knife • Small piece of scrapbook paper • Mod Podge or any other decoupage medium • Brush Steps: • Turn your scrapbook paper upside down and place the top half of the key over it. • Trace around the key and in between any holes. Flower Bud Vases from Nail Polish Bottles. Got a few empty nail polish bottles laying around?

Flower Bud Vases from Nail Polish Bottles

Upcycle them into colorful flower bud vases! What's great about this DIY tutorial is that you probably have most (if not all) of these craft supplies at home, which makes this a really easy and cheap project to make. I always find myself picking flowers from my yard and I love that I now have mini bud vases to display them in. You can use artificial flowers too. Crème de la Craft.