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With the arrival of spring, come and ideas for furniture refreshing, is not it?

It may be refreshing of some small pieces of furniture such as stool or chair, or some larger: a chest of drawers, table, bench, closet, shelf and others. Here we bring you some creative ideas that can help to breathe new life to many pieces of your furniture. For example, you can change the appearance of some individual pieces of furniture. In this way, they will get a new look, and your interior will be more comfortable and more beautiful. Today I’m sharing with you a tutorial on how to mount a photo to canvas.

This is just about the easiest project in the world, it takes 10 minutes from start until you leave it to dry and each photo costs less than $5.00 to make. It’s a heartfelt and inexpensive handmade gift. I love the outcome of this tutorial because you paint mod podge overtop in long, thin strokes which gives the photo a painted effect. Materials: 8X10 photo printed on photo paper. Directions: Step 1: Using your foam brush paint around the outside edge of your canvas using acrylic paint in the color of your choice (I used black on one and robin’s egg blue on the other).

Step 2: Allow to dry for a few minutes and then apply a thin layer of mod podge over the paint along the sides of the canvas. Step 3: Using a second foam brush apply a thick, even layer of mod podge over the entire front of your canvas. Step 4: Stick your 8X10″ photo onto the canvas that you just covered in mod podge.

Step 6: Let dry. Hi friends!

It’s time for the much anticipated DIY photo canvas tutorial. Some of you glimpsed my photo canvases that are hanging in our upstairs hallway in a photo from my $71 laundry room reveal and I have received lots of questions about how I made them myself. As you all know, I am still working on my {Half Bathroom Remodel}.

*Sigh* We have now added some shelving and I have been looking for some budget storage. Cheap, cute baskets can be hard to come by. So I racked my brain and came up with this wonderful substitute, turn boxes into baskets. This basket is made from an ordinary cardboard box, 4 ply jute, a hot glue gun, many glue sticks, and a whole lot of love. First, using scissors, I cut the flaps off the box. Madigan made... a dollar store burner cover magnet board.

I love cheap and simple projects! I first saw this idea at Brassy Apple (via Tatertots & Jello) and I've seen many other variations across blogland. Gift Wrapping Hack. I love my room, and I keep it the way I like; clean and stylish!

People ask me why I put so much effort into decorating my room, and I tell them because, at the end of a tiring day, I want to return to a place which makes me happy. The other day I was telling my colleague to do anything to make her room look like she wants it to. She was upset because she wasn’t allowed to put posters on her wall, so I gave her a few ideas to do it without breaking the law. So, that gave me an idea of digging some cool tricks to make your room prettier. You won’t have to do a lot of work and it will still do the magic. 1. Instead of putting on fairy lights directly on the wall, curtains etc, create your custom marquee sign. 2. Plants always look good, and a little green will fill up that empty void in your room. 3.

It is really a special way to make this great double bow tie with fork, for decoration on wall or fashion or gift wrapping.

It’s tiny, but they are such a pain to make, and we can try to arrange a wall art (eg, bow tie heart, butterfly) with matching colors. Materials: ForkRibbonScissors. Water marbling is getting hotter now from nails, to glasses and here dinnerware.

It’s really a simple and clean design especially on a white background, looks incredible. The only challenge is to create the pattern of your own! Brooke from the YouTube channel WhatsUpMoms is here to show you a very easy method to create water marble designs on everything from coffee mugs to small plates using only nail polish, water. All we need to do is dip the items into the water immediately after adding nail polish (certain nail polishes will dry quickly even while in water, so be sure to act quickly). Be sure not to put them in the dishwasher, as it can cause the nail polish to wear off. DIY Watercolour Mugs Tutorial via Domestic Fashionista Watercolour Mug Tutorial via Poppytalk. Get Organized with Martha Stewart Crafts. Now that the holidays are behind us, it's time to work on those New Year's resolutions.

Get Organized with Martha Stewart Crafts

One of ours? Get organized! We used our Martha Stewart Crafts® line to create these doable and decor driven projects that'll have you organized in no time. Pick an accent color that pops with your room decor when you paint these simple storage boxes. Crafts. What can you do with the remaining Popsicle sticks after making Popsicle at home?

Popsicle sticks are arts-and-crafts’ best friend, and for good reason. They can be incorporated into just about anything, and are the perfect building blocks for any crafty art project. There are dozens of popsicle crafts available online, but it’s rare to see crafters wearing them like this.