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5 Gunpowder Weapons From History You May Not Have Known About. In one of the greatest ironies in the realm of history, the gunpowder was supposedly formulated for the first time (by Chinese alchemists in 9th century AD) to serve as an elixir of immortality.

5 Gunpowder Weapons From History You May Not Have Known About

Suffice it to say, in the coming centuries, the chemical composition completely changed the landscape of military history, with gunpowder weapons dominating the battlefield from 16th century to our modern times. In essence, it surely contributed more to death than any grand notions of immortality. However, from the purely objective perspective, there is no denying the ‘advanced’ state of the composition in itself, and how it translated to a flurry of fascinating weapon systems from the middle ages.

Please note* – Some of these amazing gunpowder weapons were mentioned in literary sources, and as such the true state (and effectiveness) of their practical usages is still a matter of debate. Check Out this Survival Shotgun that can Fire 12 Different Calibers and Fits in Your Bug Out Bag. Do you have plans of taking a shotgun with you when it comes time to grab the bug out bag and get out of dodge?

Check Out this Survival Shotgun that can Fire 12 Different Calibers and Fits in Your Bug Out Bag

I know that shotguns are not normally part of bug out plans due to their size and weight. Most of us are already packing our handgun and a rifle, no one has room for a shotgun. Well with the introduction of the Chiappa M6 X-Caliber 12 gauge survival shotgun you can elect to leave your standard rifle and shotgun at home you choose to. It shoots 12 calibers of ammunition. The rifle was originally designed to fire a 12 gauge shell and a .22lr, but with the X-Caliber adapter set the M6 can fire up to 12 different calibers including .380 , 9 mm , .357Mag/.38SP , .40 S & W, .44 Mag, .45 ACP , .410/.45colt, and 20 gauge.

The World’s Oldest Existing Revolver – 1597 – ThorNews. At Maihaugen Folk Museum in Lillehammer, there is a treasure hidden in the basement: An over 400 year old German-made revolver in perfect condition.

The World’s Oldest Existing Revolver – 1597 – ThorNews

Grave Robbers Beware: Cemetery guns and coffin torpedoes. There was a time when vampires, zombies and the undead were not the only cemetery problems we faced.

Grave Robbers Beware: Cemetery guns and coffin torpedoes

There were, in fact, very real dangers of grave robbing in the (crooked) name of medicine. To combat the body snatchers? DARPA Has Created Self-Guided, Mid-Flight Changing Bullets. Accuracy’s the name of the game when you’re a military sniper.

DARPA Has Created Self-Guided, Mid-Flight Changing Bullets

If you fail to acquire a target, you risk the safety of fellow troops by highlighting their presence and potentially giving away their positions. But hitting moving targets is no mean feat when conditions are challenging, for example during shifting winds or poor visibility if the landscape is dusty. Their new “Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordinance” (EXACTO) bullets seem to function in a similar manner to the laser-guided bombs developed by US scientists during the Vietnam War. The technology marries .50 caliber maneuverable bullets with a real-time guidance system that allow the projectile to change direction during flight in order to correct for anything that may throw it off course.

The EXACTO bullets are complete with optical sensors positioned on the surface of the nose that collect in-flight data which is then sent to internal systems for interpretation. Cool guns. Grabbing the Slide and Firing. Full30 Subscribe share tweet Polenar Tactical Grabbing the Slide and Firing Subscribe to Channel share tweet embed Description We got an interesting question on our previous video: Is it possible to hold a gun's slide when it's fired so that you prevent a new round from entering the chamber?

Grabbing the Slide and Firing

LeMat Revolvers. One of the most interesting guns from the Civil War, the LeMat was made in France (and later Britian) and imported by the CSA.

LeMat Revolvers

Invented by Dr. Jean Alexander LeMat from New Orleans, this scarce gun is one the holy grails of Civil War collectors. It was a unique invention and continued to be manufactured even after the war. Originally produced as a percussion gun, it was also made as a cartridge revolver. There was even a carbine version produced. A few European manufactures copied the design although they probably didn’t pay for the patent. LeMat Grapeshot Revolvers: Design Evolution. Combination gun. A picture showing typical combination gun (top), drilling (middle, common drilling upper left), and vierling (bottom) barrel layouts A combination gun is a break-action hunting firearm that comprises at least two barrels, with at least one rifled barrel and one smoothbore barrel.

Combination gun

Combination guns using one rifle and one shotgun barrel usually are in an over and under configuration. Side-by-side versions are referred to as cape guns. A drilling refers to a combination gun that has three barrels. Four barrel combination guns, vierlings, while relatively rare, have also been made. Use[edit] Firing mechanisms[edit] Layouts[edit] Combination guns[edit] German Gebrüder Merkel Drilling, Caliber 12/70 Gauge (23⁄4" shells) over .30/06. Ideal Conceal - Concealed Carry, CCW, Best Concealed Carry. .380 ACP 6+1 Rds Black With Laser and Light.