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Inside the Army's Quest for a Revolutionary New Bullet. As Army weapons officials near the end of a bold effort to arm close-combat units with Next Generation Squad Weapons, new details have emerged about the program's elusive 6.8mm ammo, designed to pierce enemy body armor.

Inside the Army's Quest for a Revolutionary New Bullet

The Army’s long-standing effort to develop this revolutionary round, capable of taking on a sophisticated peer enemy on the battlefield, has required gunmakers to challenge design assumptions and innovate. Now that plans to develop and field the bullet are taking shape, it remains to be seen whether it will live up to its promise to transform the fight for infantrymen. Just recently, the three gunmakers selected for the final phase of the effort have presented a much clearer picture of the three distinctly different cartridge designs. The New General-Purpose Projectile Since the program took off two years ago, Army officials have refused to discuss specific details about the new 6.8mm bullet and the performance it's capable of producing.

Design Challenges. Strange project which i decided to put aside for now. : airsoft. (15) 10 Weapons of WILD WEST You've Probably Never Heard of ! 4 Strange and Unusual Firearms - USA Carry. The Art of London Firearms. This exhibition explores a fascinating and often overlooked chapter in the art of European gunmaking, presenting a selection of fourteen important London-made firearms drawn from the Museum's collection, many of which have rarely or never been exhibited.

The Art of London Firearms

Focusing on pistols—a strength of the Museum's British firearms collection—rather than long guns, it includes works dating from the mid-eighteenth to the early nineteenth century, among them highly embellished arms made for the Prince of Wales, later George IV (1762–1830) and his circle. Thematically organized around technological innovations and style, the exhibition is the first in the United States to examine the art of the London gunmaker.

Beginning around 1780, a small group of talented gunmakers set up workshops on the outskirts of the London city center. Their names, Durs Egg, John Manton, and Samuel Brunn, among others, are largely unknown to those outside the arms and armor field. New research shows the Army could soon develop a rifle with hyper-velocity rounds. Collection of free Vector guns illustrator. Download on UI Ex. 11 real-life sci-fi weapons that are the future of war. Technology has drastically changed the way we wage war in the modern world.

11 real-life sci-fi weapons that are the future of war

The days of two masses of humanity standing in parallel lines and charging at each other have been replaced by asymmetric deployments, cyber attacks, and guerrilla warfare. As global conflicts change and grow, governments are constantly trying to find ways to get a technological leg up on their opponents. Obviously, most of the stuff we know of in this area comes from the United States and friendly allies — who knows what kind of devious stuff they’re brewing in North Korea, for example — but when the military decides to go public with something, you know they’re confident in it. These are 11 examples of present-day military tech that seem like something out of science fiction.

From robotic exoskeletons that give soldiers superhuman strength to drone helicopters that “learn” as they fly, this is the future of war, and it’s pretty freaking awesome. Centrifugal guns. Electric Centrifugal gun could fire 240,000 rounds per minute in bursts of 20 to 40 rounds. A centrifugal gun is a type of rapid-fire projectile accelerator, like a machine gun but operating on a different principle.

Electric Centrifugal gun could fire 240,000 rounds per minute in bursts of 20 to 40 rounds

February 2011. A trebuchet (from the French trébuchet) is a siege engine that was employed in the Middle Ages.

February 2011

It is sometimes called a "counterweight trebuchet" or "counterpoise trebuchet" in order to distinguish it from an earlier weapon that has come to be called the "traction trebuchet", the original version with pulling men instead of a counterweight. Man-powered trebuchets appeared in the Greek world and China in about the 4th century BC. Remington debuts new V3 Tac-13 semi-auto 12 gauge firearm (VIDEO) - Remington debuts new V3 Tac-13 semi-auto 12 gauge firearm (VIDEO) Just 26.5-inches long, the V3 Tac-13 has a 13-inch barrel with a vented rib while the forearm sports a Mossberg Shockwave-style hand strap.

Remington debuts new V3 Tac-13 semi-auto 12 gauge firearm (VIDEO) - Remington debuts new V3 Tac-13 semi-auto 12 gauge firearm (VIDEO)

(Photos: Remington) Featuring a 13-inch NFA-compliant barrel, Big Green’s shotgun that isn’t has a five-round magazine and V3 semi-auto heritage. Announced quietly on Tuesday, the Tac-13 builds on Remington’s success in the past two years with their Tac-14 series of pump guns but instead of a lineage derived from the vaunted model 870, the newest scattergun is based on the company’s V3 semi-auto line. Standard with a Shockwave grip and a 13-inch light contour cylinder bore barrel while keeping an overall length of just 26.5-inches, Remington bills the new gun as a compact personal protection piece. 9mm vs .40 vs .45: Which Chambering Has More Stopping Power? From the six-shooter days of the Western frontier onward, conventional wisdom has held that at typical handgun velocities, bigger bullets are better.

9mm vs .40 vs .45: Which Chambering Has More Stopping Power?

Around 1990, writer Charles Petty was given unprecedented access to the FBI’s wound ballistics studies that had led to the agency’s adoption of the 10mm cartridge. He wrote, “As the testing progressed, another factor became obvious. No 9mm loads came close to the 10mm and .45. 5 Gunpowder Weapons From History You May Not Have Known About. In one of the greatest ironies in the realm of history, the gunpowder was supposedly formulated for the first time (by Chinese alchemists in 9th century AD) to serve as an elixir of immortality.

5 Gunpowder Weapons From History You May Not Have Known About

Suffice it to say, in the coming centuries, the chemical composition completely changed the landscape of military history, with gunpowder weapons dominating the battlefield from 16th century to our modern times. Check Out this Survival Shotgun that can Fire 12 Different Calibers and Fits in Your Bug Out Bag. Do you have plans of taking a shotgun with you when it comes time to grab the bug out bag and get out of dodge?

Check Out this Survival Shotgun that can Fire 12 Different Calibers and Fits in Your Bug Out Bag

I know that shotguns are not normally part of bug out plans due to their size and weight. Most of us are already packing our handgun and a rifle, no one has room for a shotgun. Well with the introduction of the Chiappa M6 X-Caliber 12 gauge survival shotgun you can elect to leave your standard rifle and shotgun at home you choose to. It shoots 12 calibers of ammunition. The rifle was originally designed to fire a 12 gauge shell and a .22lr, but with the X-Caliber adapter set the M6 can fire up to 12 different calibers including .380 , 9 mm , .357Mag/.38SP , .40 S & W, .44 Mag, .45 ACP , .410/.45colt, and 20 gauge. The World’s Oldest Existing Revolver – 1597 – ThorNews. At Maihaugen Folk Museum in Lillehammer, there is a treasure hidden in the basement: An over 400 year old German-made revolver in perfect condition.

The World’s Oldest Existing Revolver – 1597 – ThorNews

The revolver was produced in 1597 by a weapons smith in Nuremberg, Germany. It was a status symbol with decorative brass, bone and Mother of Pearl. – The reason we know it’s from 1597 is because it is a stamp mark of a horse spur on it. It tells us with certainty that it was made by the German weapons blacksmith Hans Stopler, says director of Maihaugen Folk Museum, Gaute Jacobsen to Norwegian Broadcasting Cooperation, NRK. Grave Robbers Beware: Cemetery guns and coffin torpedoes. There was a time when vampires, zombies and the undead were not the only cemetery problems we faced.

There were, in fact, very real dangers of grave robbing in the (crooked) name of medicine. To combat the body snatchers? DARPA Has Created Self-Guided, Mid-Flight Changing Bullets. Accuracy’s the name of the game when you’re a military sniper. If you fail to acquire a target, you risk the safety of fellow troops by highlighting their presence and potentially giving away their positions. But hitting moving targets is no mean feat when conditions are challenging, for example during shifting winds or poor visibility if the landscape is dusty.

Their new “Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordinance” (EXACTO) bullets seem to function in a similar manner to the laser-guided bombs developed by US scientists during the Vietnam War. Cool guns. Grabbing the Slide and Firing. Full30 Subscribe share tweet Polenar Tactical Grabbing the Slide and Firing Subscribe to Channel share tweet embed Description. LeMat Revolvers. One of the most interesting guns from the Civil War, the LeMat was made in France (and later Britian) and imported by the CSA. Invented by Dr. Jean Alexander LeMat from New Orleans, this scarce gun is one the holy grails of Civil War collectors. It was a unique invention and continued to be manufactured even after the war. LeMat Grapeshot Revolvers: Design Evolution. Combination gun. A picture showing typical combination gun (top), drilling (middle, common drilling upper left), and vierling (bottom) barrel layouts A combination gun is a break-action hunting firearm that comprises at least two barrels, with at least one rifled barrel and one smoothbore barrel.

Combination guns using one rifle and one shotgun barrel usually are in an over and under configuration. Side-by-side versions are referred to as cape guns. A drilling refers to a combination gun that has three barrels. Four barrel combination guns, vierlings, while relatively rare, have also been made. Use[edit] Firing mechanisms[edit] Layouts[edit] Combination guns[edit] German Gebrüder Merkel Drilling, Caliber 12/70 Gauge (23⁄4" shells) over .30/06 Combination guns are over/under designs, usually with a shotgun barrel over a rifle barrel.

Cape guns[edit] A cape gun is a side-by-side version of a combination gun, and is typically European. Drillings[edit] Calibers/gauges[edit] See also[edit] Notes[edit] References[edit] Ideal Conceal - Concealed Carry, CCW, Best Concealed Carry. .380 ACP 6+1 Rds Black With Laser and Light. The Kel-Tec KSG-25: The Deadliest Shotgun on Planet Earth? Shotguns are typically not what one would consider high capacity weapons.