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Manuel chichorro designs translucent hiveboard. Nov 07, 2016 manuel chichorro designs translucent hiveboard developed once again as part of his master’s degree in ECAL during this current year, product designer manuel chichorro reveals the hiveboard — a long lasting surfboard with great mechanical properties and durability. the product was developed — at its core — to offer great resistance, flexibility and performance for the surfers after an extensive research looking at alternative solutions for the construction of surfboards, manuel chichorro worked alongside koroyd — a product engineering company that introduced a plastic-extruded material with high resistance to compression and great flexibility. the project was also executed with the support of spo surfboards — where chichorro tested the product’s structure and use.

manuel chichorro designs translucent hiveboard

The Art, Science, and Stone Cold Nerves of Big Wave Surfing. "The main thing here is there is so much chop, when your board hits … it's like cement," McNamara says.

The Art, Science, and Stone Cold Nerves of Big Wave Surfing

Mercedes-Benz, for whom McNamara is now a brand ambassador, approached him to offer their engineering know-how in building the board of his dreams. A sturdy marvel that can withstand the brute force of the gigantic waves. (Full disclosure: Mercedes-Benz paid for my trip to Nazare.) Mercedes-Benz GLE on the Portugal coast.

Mercedes Really, Mercedes made him two boards in one. Lone Star Stoke — Page 14. Artificial wave-filled lagoon would bring more surf to Perth. There are a number of places you might choose if you want to go surfing in Perth, Australia, but Alfred Cove, on the Swan River, probably isn't one of them.

Artificial wave-filled lagoon would bring more surf to Perth

It might be soon, though, courtesy of plans for an artificial surfing lagoon aimed at improving the options for catching waves around the city. Kelly Slater Just Sold His Artificial Wave To The World Surf League. Jupiter Inlet Webcam. Surf Pictures - Juno Surf Shop. 561-626-3569 Everything For The Beach Since 1964!

Surf Pictures - Juno Surf Shop

Surfing Picture Galleries. Ocean Ridge author defends Florida’s surfing reputation in new... Pity the poor Florida surfer.

Ocean Ridge author defends Florida’s surfing reputation in new...

Stuck with short rides on weak waves. Knee-high to flat surf. Close out, washing-machine slop. SurfExPromo. Amaryllis. Article ship at beach. 3D-printed surfboard fins shape the future of customized rides. Fins to the surfer are like footwear to the footballer.

3D-printed surfboard fins shape the future of customized rides

Sure they mightn't matter much to those just starting out but for the more experienced, different designs can deliver the added stability and control that is vital to improving performance. With a view to bringing bespoke rides to more surfers, Australian researchers are 3D-printing fins that can be tailored to individuals and their local waves. Crafting surfboard fins is generally an involved process requiring expensive moulds, leaving the majority of riders with more of a one-size fits all solution. But just as it promises to do in many other industries, 3D printing might be about to change that by making bespoke fins a great deal cheaper and easier to manufacture. Led by Professor Marc in het Panuis, researchers at the University of Wollongong have used 3D printing to create several surfboard fins, which are currently undergoing testing.

Source: University of Wollongong. Photo Essay: Vintage Hawaii Surfing. Film Issue Forty-year-old waves and memories In Hawaii during the late 1970s, after the last of the night’s parties and music and campfires had died down, Ballard Trent Edwards V would strap a massive longboard to the roof of his VW Fastback and drive to the beach.

Photo Essay: Vintage Hawaii Surfing

Oceanside Fl. Surfermag Message Boards. Word Mark OCEANSIDE CUSTOM SURFBOARDS.

Surfermag Message Boards

Holmesy sidewinder copy. The Surfboard Project (@thesurfboardproject) The Surfboard Project. Kelly Slater Just Built A Perfect Artificial Wave. A Teen Surf Phenom Shows Off in 6K. The Dazzling Blue #14 - The Odyssey, Part 2. Posted: Aug 31 2015 by Jamie Brisick This surfing life where travel is built into the deal.

The Dazzling Blue #14 - The Odyssey, Part 2

We pursue great waves, and discover new cultures, new ways of living, new selves. “Tourists don't know where they've been, travelers don't know where they're going.” “It is not necessarily at home that we best encounter our true selves. “Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends.” “What you’ve done becomes the judge of what you’re going to do – especially in other people’s minds. —William Least Heat Moon It’s hard to describe Carnival in Brazil without lapsing into cliché. When Waimea gets really big a thick mist shrouds the entire bay. Photo Essay: Vintage Hawaii Surfing. Viewfinder: Hotel Nowhere. 6 Best Surfing Wetsuits. Spending hours out in the water dropping in on waves isn’t a bad way to spend a day.

6 Best Surfing Wetsuits

But spend too long out in the water, even relatively warm water, and your body temperature can drop, in some cases to hypothermic levels. If you don’t have the right equipment, you’ll have to cut short your day-long session, regardless of whether you’re paddling out in the Caribbean or catching waves in Calgary.

Best Surfing Movies, Books and Magazines.