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Browse Like Bond: Use Any Computer Without Leaving a Trace with Tails

Browse Like Bond: Use Any Computer Without Leaving a Trace with Tails

DOWNLOAD Lion, King of the OS Jungle: Your Ultimate Guide This free Mac OS X Lion Guide from MakeUseOf outlines all the new features of Lion, and how to use them. Lion. The king of the big cats. Every new version of Mac OS X has had its own name. Cheetah, Puma, Jaguar, Panther, Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, and now Lion. Deliberate or not, calling this version of OS X the king of the big cats brings along some big connotations. So, what does this ultimate version bring to the table? Table of Contents §1 – Introduction §2 – Getting Started With OS X Lion §3 – A Few New Controls §4 – Working with Applications §5 – Changes to Default Applications §6 – Working with Files §7 – Conclusion 1. Lion. Every new version of Mac OS X has had its own name. Read on to find out. 2. 2.1 Installing Lion There are two main ways to get Lion onto your Mac; you can choose either to upgrade straight from Snow Leopard, or you can install Lion from scratch by performing a clean installation. 2.2 Upgrading to Lion Skip to the next chapter to find out more about using Lion. 3. 4.

Password crackers SecTools.Org: Top 125 Network Security Tools For more than a decade, the Nmap Project has been cataloguing the network security community's favorite tools. In 2011 this site became much more dynamic, offering ratings, reviews, searching, sorting, and a new tool suggestion form . We're very impressed by the collective smarts of the security community and we highly recommend reading the whole list and investigating any tools you are unfamiliar with. 12 tools Aircrack is a suite of tools for 802.11a/b/g WEP and WPA cracking. version 1.1 on April 24, 2010 (2 years, 7 months ago). crackers wireless UNIX users often smugly assert that the best free security tools support their platform first, and Windows ports are often an afterthought. version 4.9.43 on Dec. 3, 2011 (1 year ago). sniffers John the Ripper is a fast password cracker for UNIX/Linux and Mac OS X.. version 1.7.9-jumbo-7 on Sept. 20, 2012 (2 months, 4 weeks ago). version 7.3 on May 23, 2012 (6 months, 4 weeks ago). traffic-monitors fuzzers

Free windows truecrack - Password cracking for truecrypt(c) volume files. WHAT TrueCrack IS? - NEW VERSION 3.5 AVAILABLE TrueCrack is a brute-force password cracker for TrueCrypt (Copyrigth) volumes. PBKDF2 (defined in PKCS5 v2.0) based on key derivation functions: Ripemd160, Sha512 and Whirlpool. The execution time of TrueCrack for a dictionary attack is (average word length 10 characters): Dictionary attack: truecrack -t truecrypt_file -w passwords_file [-k ripemd160 | -k sha512 | -k whirlpool] [-e aes | -e serpent | -e twofish] [-a blocks] [-b] [-H] [-r number] Alphabet attack: truecrack -t truecrypt_file -c alphabet [-s minlength] -m maxlength [-k ripemd160 | -k sha512 | -k whirlpool] [-e aes | -e serpent | -e twofish] [-a blocks] [-b] [-H] [-r number] cd truecrack . . TrueCrack is an Open Source Software under GNU Public License version 3.

Clonezilla - About Free IP Changer Software About this IP Changer This is a Firefox add-on that changes your IP address by swapping browser proxy settings. This is the exact same software that comes with the service, but without the private IP relays. Instead, you'll use the "free proxy" instructions below for entering public settings. Also see: YouTube Video Work on PC and Mac This software works on PC and Mac, but you must be using Firefox. Installation Instructions Please read my short terms of use and then click here to install. Uninstall is easy If you later decide that you don't want the IP Changer software, just go to the Firefox menu for "Tools -> Addons -> Extensions" then click "IP Changer" and "Remove". Instructions for Use 1) You'll need to add some proxy settings in order to surf freely with the IP Changer (see next section). 2) Select "Clear" anytime to return to surfing with your regular (direct) IP address. Add free proxy settings A proxy server is a server that relays your Internet traffic. Paid options

SystemRescueCd "coWPAtty is designed to audit the pre-shared key (PSK) selection for WPA networks based on the TKIP protocol." - Joshua Wright. Project Homepage: also see: Local Mirror: cowpatty-4.6.tgz MD5: b90fd36ad987c99e7cc1d2a05a565cbd Installing coWPAtty coWPAtty Dictionary Attack Precomputing WPA PMK to crack WPA PSK coWPAtty Precomputed WPA Attack coWPAtty Tables NOTE: coWPAtty 4.0 and above also include WPA2 attack capabilities (usage remains the same). Download the latest coWPAtty (currently coWPAtty-4.2) to /tools/wifi tar zxvf cowpatty-4.2.tgz cd cowpatty-4.2 make To perform the coWPAtty dictionary attack we need to supply the tool with a capture file that includes the TKIP four-way handshake, a dictionary file of passphrases to guess with and the SSID for the network. . wpa-test-01.cap is the capture containing the four-way handshake dict is the password file cuckoo is the network SSID . hashfile is our output file

Combine Multiple ISO Files To Burn A Single Bootable ISO Image There are hundreds of Live CDs available on the Internet these days free of cost. Many of them are indispensable for a variety of purposes. I consistently find use of one or the other. While all these tools are fine and dandy, carrying a number of CD’s along is too much of a hassle. If you ever wondered how you could combine multiple ISO files and how to burn a single ISO image file onto DVD that could let you use all of them, the answer lies in this article. First off you need to make sure that all the constituent ISO images are supported by Multi CD. And while you are at the page, pay special attention to not only the names that you need to give the ISO files but also to any additional caveats that may be mentioned there. Next, download the tar ball from the downloads section and extract it to a folder. Now its only a matter of executing the script. cd <path to the folder you created above>chmod +x multi.shsudo . Provide the password at the prompt and MultiCD sets out to work.