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Safari ultime au Botswana

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Le Botswana est un must pour les amateurs de safari, avec des milieux variés - désert du Kalahari, delta de l'Okavango, rivère Chobe.

Botswana. Flânerie en mokoro 10 mars – notre dernier jour.


Au programme de la matinée, une promenade en mokoro, en fin seuls sans nos amis américains (la demoiselle a peur et le monsieur est trop large pour… Lire la suite Journée à Jao 9 mars – Jao Camp offre toute l’année des activités d’eau. Botswana 2014 - an album on Flickr. This is Botswana. Expert Africa. A Botswana safari is one of Africa's top experiences for visitors.

Expert Africa

Vast tracts of wilderness in pristine condition are home to huge herds of game, roaming unrestricted between the Kalahari's plains and the waterways of the Okavango. For those who enjoy the wilds, a Botswana safari holiday is perfect. With its network of private ‘concessions’ dotted with just a handful of small, well-designed safari lodges, Botswana safaris offers near exclusivity. Whether you’re watching lions stalk their prey, or taking a magical mokoro trip along narrow, reed-lined channels, you’re unlikely to come across any other visitors. The game here rarely disappoints, the birdlife can be spectacular, and night drives are a compelling further option. Botswana safari holidays: the choices. Official Site of Botswana Tourism Organisation. Botswana Travel Guide - by Bradt Travel Guides. This website contains sections of the 1st Edition of this guidebook of Botswana: The Bradt Travel Guide, published in 2003.

Botswana Travel Guide - by Bradt Travel Guides

These are noted below, and accessed by clicking on the left-side menu. To read this guide in full, see it's colour pictures and 40+ detailed maps, and use its comprehensive index – click on the right panel on this page and buy a copy! Meanwhile, the complete list of the book's chapters is: A Personal Introduction. Le Botswana — site officiel. Rhino Africa - agence spécialiste du safari. Le Botswana est une des destinations africaines favorites avec ses paysages à vous couper le souffle.

Rhino Africa - agence spécialiste du safari

À Rhino Africa, plusieurs de nos experts ont visité les nombreuses destinations du Botswana, notamment le Parc national de Chobe, le Delta de l’Okavango et le superbe Pan de Makgadikgadi. Les lagons et canaux permanents du Delta de l'Okavango permettent de nombreuses activités aquatiques, en particulier une croisière à bord d’un Mokoro (canoë africain), vous pourrez naviguer dans ce paysage superbe et riche en animaux sauvages. Le Parc National de Chobe est connu pour ses nombreux troupeaux d’éléphants et sa faune diverse qui peut être observée sur les rives ou sur l’eau. Voyage sur mesure - Makila  Voyages. Wilderness Safaris.

Une société de safari soucieuse de préservation, de développement durable. cela n'exclue pas le luxe, au contraire, car c'est le commerce qui permet de financer la protection. – valeriehukalo

Savuti Camp, Linyanti, Botswana. Savuti Camp is situated in the private Linyanti Concession along the Savute Channel, famous for the fact that between 1980 and 2008 it stopped flowing altogether, creating an unusual ribbon of grassland.

Au bord de la fameuse rivière Savuti, lodge confortable à l'ambiance chaleureuse. Le bon spot pour voir des lycaons. – valeriehukalo

Surprisingly, the Channel began to flow once more, becoming a deep, clear waterway harbouring hippo and aquatic life while wildlife had to adapt to a new source of water and all the opportunities and menaces it brought with it.

Savuti Camp, Linyanti, Botswana

This intimate camp's en-suite accommodation is in seven large walk-in tents that are raised off the ground and face onto the Channel. Tubu Tree, Okavango Delta, Botswana. Located on Hunda Island, Tubu Tree Camp is built in traditional style, with elevated wooden walkways connecting eight tents on raised platforms – each with picturesque lookouts of the surrounding floodplains from a private deck.

Tubu Tree, Okavango Delta, Botswana

En-suite bathroom facilities and an outdoor shower are standard, while a family unit consisting of two adjoining tents and separate bathrooms share a lounge. The main dining and lounge areas and pool are raised to maximise the vistas, and an open bar area is shaded by a large marula tree. Hunda Island is known for its concentrations of game and offers both spectacular wildlife viewing on land, and tranquil adventures on the water. Jao Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana.

Providing the ultimate Delta water experience in the heart of the Okavango, luxurious Jao Camp is set in an area where islands fringed with riverine forests meet vast productive floodplains.

Jao Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana

Shaded by a canopy of trees, the nine spacious and beautifully-designed tents offer en-suite facilities with indoor and outdoor showers. Expansive views from the private sala at each tent make for a sumptuous setting for afternoon siestas. In addition to the main lounge and dining area, there are two plunge pools and a boma for dining under the stars, complemented by wines from an excellent wine cellar. Jao Camp also has a spa where a wide range of massage therapies are offered and a gym for the more active.

The camp itself perfectly mirrors the beauty of the Delta and allows an effortless entry into the wonders of this pristine wetland paradise. Highlights. Makgadikgadi et Nxai Pans - voyage, circuit et safari au Botswana - Safaris à la carte. Meno a Kwena - Boteti river. Landscape Meno a Kwena is located on tribal land on the western boundary of the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park (MPNP), overlooking the exceptionally beautiful Boteti River.

Meno a Kwena - Boteti river

In the desert, water means life and the Boteti is the only permanent water source in the area, attracting a rich array of resident game and a procession of migratory wanderers. Meno sits almost exactly halfway between the unique Okavango Delta region and the drier southern regions, and it’s this excellent location that makes the camp truly special. Head into the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park, where baobabs stand like sentinels above the shimmering expanses of crusted salt, or discover Nxai Pan National Park, its endless landscapes dotted with umbrella acacias and clumps of mopane woodland.

Wildlife If you were to go on a game drive around the Makgadikgadi Pans and look for a picture-perfect picnic spot, then it would be Meno’s exact location, perched above the river bend, gazing down at the wildlife. Jack’s Camp - Makgadikgadi Pans National Park. The charming Jack’s Camp is surrounded by the vast and pristine landscapes of the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park.

Jack’s Camp - Makgadikgadi Pans National Park

Réserve du Kalahari central - voyage, circuit et safari au Botswana - Safaris à la carte. Kalahari Plains Camp - Wilderness Safaris. Expert Africa.