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Other Firebrands and or Anyone Anytime who dares to speak Up

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Saying she was fired over her efforts to expose Trump's mental illness - Raw Story - Celebrating 16 Years of Independent Journalism. Multiple Republican lawmakers are debating bolting and forming a new party: ex-GOP House member - Raw Story - Celebrating 16 Years of Independent Journalism. On CNN Saturday, former Rep.

Multiple Republican lawmakers are debating bolting and forming a new party: ex-GOP House member - Raw Story - Celebrating 16 Years of Independent Journalism

Charlie Dent (R-PA), a Trump-skeptic conservative who endorsed President Joe Biden, said that Republicans in his circle are debating forming an entirely new conservative party and abandoning the GOP to the far right. "What are Republican leaders telling you about the trajectory of the party? " asked anchor Fredricka Whitfield. Liz Cheney And the Fate of the GOP - Morning Shots. ‘The Squad’ Rejects Expansion of Domestic Terrorism Powers Aimed at Trump Supporters. By Alice Salles January 30, 2021 It’s not just Trump supporters outraged by the newly proposed domestic terrorism laws targeting them.

‘The Squad’ Rejects Expansion of Domestic Terrorism Powers Aimed at Trump Supporters

None of “the Squad,” including Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and other avowed leftists, are tagging along with many of their Democratic colleagues. The events of January 6, or how the “attack on the Capitol” was covered in the media, stirred up a frenzy among Democrats and their supporters to deploy some retaliation against not only the so-called domestic terrorists of that fateful day but also many of their fellow Trump supporters. President Joe Biden ordered investigations from three intelligence agencies into “domestic violent extremism,” while in Congress, there are moves to establish new offices in the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of Justice to pursue ill-defined public enemies. The View's Meghan McCain smacks Nikki Haley and Josh Hawley for selling their souls to ‘imitate Trump’ - Raw Story - Celebrating 16 Years of Independent Journalism. "The View" co-host Meghan McCain bashed fellow Republicans who are cynically trying to woo Donald Trump supporters with phony acts.

The View's Meghan McCain smacks Nikki Haley and Josh Hawley for selling their souls to ‘imitate Trump’ - Raw Story - Celebrating 16 Years of Independent Journalism

McCain has been saying the party is in shambles since Trump tried to overturn his election loss, and she ripped Nikki Haley and Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) for going along with the ousted president's lies as he faces impeachment for inciting an insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. Cheney tests Trump grip on GOP post-presidency. Jeanine Pirro Throws MAGA Insurrectionists Under The Bus. 'There are consequences to chaos': Ex-GOP lawmaker burns Trump for costing his party the Senate - Raw Story - Celebrating 16 Years of Independent Journalism. Former Rep.

'There are consequences to chaos': Ex-GOP lawmaker burns Trump for costing his party the Senate - Raw Story - Celebrating 16 Years of Independent Journalism

Charlie Dent (R-PA) on Wednesday unloaded on President Donald Trump for likely costing his own party the Senate with his rants about a "rigged" election. During an appearance on CNN, Dent explained how Trump probably depressed turnout among his own supporters by claiming that the 2020 presidential election was fraudulently stolen from him in Georgia. "There are consequences to chaos and last night's result is just a reflection of that," he said. "Donald Trump divided the GOP in Georgia, attacking the Republican governor and secretary of state mercilessly, saying the election was rigged. " He then said he was mystified that Republicans in Congress are still so supportive of the president when he has cost them so much over the last four years. "This is not shocking what happened last night and it's going to fall squarely on the president," he said. Watch the video below. Top 10 ANTI-WOKE CELEBRITIES who held their ground in 2020. Save In RT’s The Wokies series, we’ve been handing out the dubious accolade of being the loudest virtue signalers of 2020.

Top 10 ANTI-WOKE CELEBRITIES who held their ground in 2020

It’s time to honor the other side – those few who stood up to the social justice warriors’ onslaught. With the Covid-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdown restrictions, plus a US presidential election that sucked up everyone’s attention, 2020 provided a plethora of opportunities for celebrities to virtue signal and prove their SJW bona fides. Luckily, however, the woke beast that is the collective political thought bubble pushed by Hollywood also saw some significant pushback from fellow artists unwilling to keep quiet. Here is a look at the 10 who found the most success calling out the hypocrisy and speaking truth to power. Or Perhaps All Of The Above? “It’s not surprising that a criminal like Trump pardons other criminals,” senior U.S.

Or Perhaps All Of The Above?

District Judge Robert Pratt of the Southern District of Iowa told The Associated Press in a brief phone interview Monday. In a bit of humor, he said: “But apparently to get a pardon, one has to be either a Republican, a convicted child murderer or a turkey.” Sharing Means Caring, fool! Like this: Like Loading... Related. Debbie Dingell Doesn't Sugarcoat Her Disgust For Trump. Rep.

Debbie Dingell Doesn't Sugarcoat Her Disgust For Trump

Debbie Dingell made no effort on Thursday to hide her contempt for House Republicans' decision to obstruct the approval of $2,000 relief checks for Americans, nine months into a pandemic that has left more than 300,000 Americans dead, hundreds of thousands of small businesses permanently shuttered, an estimated 50 million people facing food insecurity, and tens of millions facing possible eviction. "It is Christmas Eve, but it is not a silent night. All is not calm. US House passes marijuana decriminalization bill - Knowhere. Watch: 30-year postal veteran congresswoman calmly dissects Trump and postmaster general’s sabotage. ‘Livid’ Republicans consider ousting House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy for tying their fortunes to Trump: report. Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal hits Trump administration on treatment of protesters. Pramila Jayapal: She Got It Right. ‘I’m here to tell my story’: Bill Barr gets angry as Dem lawmaker grills him on Roger Stone sentencing.

Attorney General William Barr lashed out at Rep.

‘I’m here to tell my story’: Bill Barr gets angry as Dem lawmaker grills him on Roger Stone sentencing

Hank Johnson (D-GA) on Tuesday after he was asked about the sentencing of Roger Stone. During a hearing before a House committee, Johnson quipped that the Attorney General’s opening statement “reads like it has been written by Alex Jones or Roger Stone.” “Isn’t it true when prosecutors in the Roger Stone case filed a memo recommending a sentence of 7 to 9 years in prison, a few hours later, President Trump tweeted that the sentence recommendation was — quote — a disgrace?”

Johnson asked. “Yes,” Barr agreed. “And several hours after that, you filed a pleading with the court stating that the sentence recommendation should be changed and you would be asking for a lighter sentence for Roger Stone?” Rick Wilson: Trump’s COVID-19 briefing was a ‘success’ only because he ‘didn’t poop his diaper’ President Donald Trump tried to fake his way through a briefing on the deadly coronavirus pandemic, Rick Wilson says — but he came across as “a D-grade actor might in a straight-to-video flick.”

Rick Wilson: Trump’s COVID-19 briefing was a ‘success’ only because he ‘didn’t poop his diaper’

The White House and campaign staff put the president in front of the cameras to reset weeks of self-inflicted damage to his re-election chances, but the former Republican strategist said in a new Daily Beast column that the effort was doomed to failure. “It was not,” Wilson wrote, “a press conference with much sizzle or, for that matter, steak. Trump seemed a bit lost, even when grinding his stolid way through the scripted portions of his performance.

Ex-Republican Bill Kristol explains how the GOP can abandon Trump and ‘force him from the race’ WATCH: Native American protesters ‘reclaimed the road’ to Donald Trump’s speech at Mount Rushmore. Police in camouflage fatigues and riot gear faced off against protesters in South Dakota on Friday evening.

WATCH: Native American protesters ‘reclaimed the road’ to Donald Trump’s speech at Mount Rushmore

“More than 100 protesters gathered on a highway leading to Mount Rushmore on Friday ahead of President Donald Trump’s speech at the monument,” Indian Country Today reports. “Native women in ribbon skirts created a line across the highway, behind them members of NDN Collective, a nonprofit Native advocacy organization, parked white vans across the road.” Officers have threatened arrest protesters who do not disperse, in violation of the Ft. Laramie Treaty of 1868, which was ratified by the United States Senate. Nick Tilson of NDN Collective said the group had “reclaimed the road.” The Articles of Unity - #Unity2020 - Medium. If President Trump is returned to office, will you feel that your future is secure? If Vice-President Biden is elected, will you feel that the nation is in capable hands? Now imagine instead that a courageous, competent pair of patriots take the stage — a team not beholden to any party, nor beset by conflicts of interest.

A team driven to build a future where our national vision is clear, our plan is wise and — for the first time — every American is fully included. Imagine looking your neighbors in the eye and — no matter who they might be — feeling a sense of comradery and excitement about what is to come. WATCH: Police reform hearing erupts as Democrat accuses Republicans of making a ‘mockery’ of Black suffering. During a hearing on police reform this Wednesday, things got heated as Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-LA) recounted his experience with the police as a black male. He chided his colleagues continuing to introduce amendments that amount to a “tangent and a distraction from what we’re talking about.”

“You all are white males, you’ve never lived in my shoes, and you do not know what it’s like to be an African American,” Richmond said, later asking them not to “make a mockery of the pain being experienced in my community.” As Richmond was speaking, Rep. Trump's Golf Date Goes Badly. Welshman Liam Bennett thought he had a new friend this morning when Donald Trump followed him on Twitter. Alas, it was not to be. As for the 'dausage,' CNN covered the story back in 2015, "sausages filled with raspberry jelly and -- the weak of stomach should look away now -- custard. " Mattis rebuke of Trump roils Senate Republicans. "When I saw General Mattis' comments yesterday I felt like perhaps we are getting to a point where we can be more honest with the concerns that we might hold internally," Murkowski said, calling Mattis' words "true, and honest, and necessary and overdue.

" Murkowski said she was "struggling" with whether to support Trump, adding: "I think right now we are all struggling to find ways to express the words that need to be expressed appropriately, questions about who I'm going to vote for, not going to vote for, I think are distracting at the moment. " Murkowski clearly isn't done talking yet, noting that she was "working as one individual to form the right words. " WATCH: Federal watchdog targeted by Trump defends her report on the lack of pandemic preparedness. Ann Coulter Tees Off On Trump: 'Another Roy Moore Fiasco' ‘Lives were lost’: Dr. Rick Bright slams Trump administration over N95 masks during tense House hearing. Ousted U.S. vaccine chief Dr. Rick Bright testified on Thursday that “lives were lost” because the Trump administration failed to ramp up the production of personal protective equipment like N95 respirators.

During testimony before a House committee, the former director of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority said that he sounded the alarm about the need for protective equipment at the outset of the novel coronavirus pandemic. She was arrested for trace amounts of weed. Now Shanel Lindsay is transforming the cannabis industry. As an attorney, Lindsay was aware of her rights. She requested the weed be weighed—it was 14 grams, or 0.49 ounces. She was ultimately fined $100; under the state's law at the time, two ounces or less was a legal amount of weed.

Venture Capitalist Says Feds Should Let Hedge Funds And CEOs Get 'Wiped Out' If there's one lesson we learned from the 2008 crash, it's that the instinct of the Wise Men of the Beltway is always to "socialize losses and privatize gains. " So when Social Capital CEO and billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya says the opposite, he stunned Scott Wapner and created a social media sensation.

Washington State Nonprofit Sues Fox And Murdoch Over Coronavirus Misinformation. Fox News’ misinformation about the coronavirus has come back to haunt it via a lawsuit that specifically cites Sean Hannity and Trish Regan’s attempts to downplay the pandemic as “willfully and maliciously” disseminating misinformation that represents “unfair and deceptive trade practices.” Last week, Vanity Fair special correspondent Gabriel Sherman reported that Fox News has worried that its misleading coverage of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic could expose the network to lawsuits.

Ousted US intelligence inspector general urges whistleblowers not to be 'silenced' by Trump. The US inspector general of the intelligence community has issued a withering criticism of Donald Trump who fired him on Friday night, accusing the president of removing him because he “faithfully discharged” his legal obligations in relation to the whistleblower behind the president’s impeachment. Michael Atkinson is an independent watchdog whose handling of the complaint last September prompted an impeachment inquiry.

In a letter to Congress, Trump said Atkinson no longer had his “fullest confidence” and would be removed in 30 days’ time. Atkinson’s statement in response, released to reporters on Sunday night, upped the stakes. Navy Brass Felt Blindsided by Fired Carrier Captain’s Emailed Appeal. Senior Navy officials were blindsided by a written plea for help from the commander of the coronavirus-wracked USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier after they assured him his crew would be cared for in two direct calls earlier this week, Foreign Policy has learned. A source familiar with the matter told Foreign Policy that Capt. Brett Crozier had multiple conversations with the chief of staff to acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly on Monday, just hours before his plea for help leaked in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Navy Crew Cheers Captain Who Was Fired For Speaking Out About Coronavirus Outbreak On Ship. Sen. Murphy: They Have Never Been Serious About Pandemic, 'They Aren't Serious About It Today' Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) has been sounding the alarm about the Trump administration's past and current indifference to the national pandemic crisis. "What is shocking to me today is that there is nothing different than what was happening in early February when the administration was refusing to take this crisis seriously," he told Mika Brzezinski. "There was no national response in early February and there is no national response today, other than the three pieces of legislation passed by the Congress. And the most egregious lack of federal response comes on this issue of personal protective equipment, ventilators and tests.

Manchin erupts into shouting match with McConnell: You’re ‘more concerned about the health of Wall Street’ Mitt Romney stuns observers with proposal to give every American adult $1000 during coronavirus outbreak. Well aware of the financial pain that the coronavirus pandemic is indicting on a variety of businesses and their employees, a prominent GOP conservative — Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah — has proposed a payment of $1,000 to help Americans cope with the economic hardship.

Congressman erupts on Trump’s health officials for not correcting his ‘bizarre’ lies about coronavirus. During a House Committee hearing on the preparedness and response to coronavirus, Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA) questioned a panel of health officials, including National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci, taking an opportunity to chastise them for giving President Trump a pass on his conflicting messaging on the outbreak.

“The President’s statements, from the beginning of this, has been contrary to the direction that you have given us,” Lynch said directly addressing the panel, adding that Trump told his constituents that tests for the coronavirus were “ready.” Federal Judge Says AG Barr Can't Be Trusted, Orders DOJ To Turn Over Unredacted Mueller Report. Rep. Ted Lieu Torches Mike Pompeo: You're 'Shameful' ‘This is the time for patriots to stand up’: Republicans pummeled for letting Trump dismantle the justice system. William Barr's stunning Trump rebuke sparks debate over his true motives. A Conservative Judge Draws a Line in the Sand With the Trump Administration. Romney expects 'it's going to get very lonely' after he votes to convict Trump. Mitt Romney to break with Republican Party and vote to convict Donald Trump. ‘We always reap what we sow’: Senate chaplain delivers blistering impeachment benediction.

Impeachment trial: Kyrsten Sinema revealed a weakness in Trump’s defense. ‘Very interesting indeed’: Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski praised for question that cornered Trump lawyer. Amy Klobuchar Pledges To Fight Everyday Americans. These 10 senators might break party ranks on Senate impeachment trial votes. ‘Do you paint houses, too?’ Nancy Pelosi suggests Trump is a mobster with line from The Irishman. Mitt Romney announces he will vote against McConnell — and approve witnesses during impeachment: report.

Republican Joni Ernst tells Mitch McConnell to start working with Democrats on impeachment. Furious MAGA Cult Turns On 'RINO' Matt Gaetz After War Powers Vote. S.E. Cupp Blasts Republicans For Rubber-Stamping Trump's Corruption And Self-Interest. Lindsey Graham (Of All People) Destroys Trump's Russia Hoax Narrative. Trump’s FBI director sharply breaks with the president as new fissures erupt in the Justice Department. READ IT: Fiona Hill thumps GOP lawmakers for pushing Russian propaganda against Ukraine in scathing opening statement. Eric Swalwell debunks Elise Stefanik’s entire defense of Trump in just 15 seconds.

‘Dangerous situation’: Bush ethics chief Richard Painter says Trump must be impeached — and Bill Barr with him. Michael Bennet Is Running for President. Will Marianne Williamson's Department of Peace Plan Work? Denver City Council Ends Private Prison Firms’ Contracts. I Love It When Kellyanne Conway Gets Schooled by Ayanna Pressley. America's curious political awakening to Marianne Williamson. Rep. Justin Amash: 'Still Wouldn't Rule Out' 2020 Presidential Bid. Amash urged by conservative to run as third-party candidate against Trump — even if it costs GOP the election – Raw Story. Pro-Impeachment Amash leaves the GOP — and issues scathing rebuke of Mitch McConnell’s leadership – Raw Story. Rep. Amash, lone GOP critic of Trump, leaves Republican Party. Tulsi Gabbard's date with history: Can Aloha State oddball lead Dems to reckon with war and peace? Beto O'Rourke proposes new 'war tax' to pay for veterans' care. Tiffany Cabán Just Might Pull This Off.

‘Be ashamed’: Anthony Scaramucci’s wife deletes tweet after Soledad O’Brien opens a can of whoop ass on her – Raw Story. Rep. Amash stokes talk of campaign against Trump. GOP operative burns down ‘Team Trump’ for standing by their ‘treasonous’ boss after his ‘disgusting’ ABC interview – Raw Story. Rep. David Cicilline Shoves Trump’s ‘Criminal Acts’ Down Bret Baier’s Throat For Lying About Mueller.

See the Ad Republicans for the Rule of Law Will Air on Fox and Friends to Ruin drumpf's Exec. Time. GOP Rep Breaks With Party: Trump Has Committed Impeachable Offenses. Democratic newcomer brings thunder and lightning down on Republicans for fighting Equality Act. Look out, Bill Barr! Susan Collins is sending another very sternly worded letter your way. Mazie Hirono calls Barr a liar and says he should resign. Mazie Hirono calls Barr a liar and says he should resign.

The single most important pro-labor speech of the shutdown was not given by AOC. Democratic Senator Tears Into Ted Cruz Over Government Shutdown. The meme of the night came from Speaker Nancy Pelosi: 'The queen of the condescending applause' Trump official freaks out after Rep. Omar asks him if he'd back genocide in Venezuela like 'you did in Guatemala'

After Republican calls for resignation, Rep. Adam Schiff hits back hard with investigation details. Liberals infuriated by pro-incumbent House Dem policy.