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The Pentagon’s New Algorithmic Warfare Cell Gets Its First Mission: Hunt ISIS. Turning hours of drone video into actionable intelligence is just the start for the fast-moving machine-learning team.

The Pentagon’s New Algorithmic Warfare Cell Gets Its First Mission: Hunt ISIS

By year’s end, the Pentagon wants computers to be leading the hunt for Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria, through turning countless hours of aerial surveillance video into actionable intelligence. It’s part of Project Maven, a fast-moving effort launched last month by Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work to accelerate, improve, and put to wider use the military’s use of machine learning. “We have to tackle the problem a different way,” said Air Force Lt. Gen. John N.T. Log In - New York Times. How a Math Algorithm Could Educate the Whole World — for Free. Po-Shen Loh: About three years ago I became the national coach of the United States International Math Olympian Team.

How a Math Algorithm Could Educate the Whole World — for Free

The Stunning Elbphilharmonie Is What Happens When Algorithms Design a Concert Hall. Convict-spotting algorithm criticised. Image copyright Xi Zhang/Xi Zhang An experiment to see whether computers can identify criminals based on their faces has been conducted in China.

Convict-spotting algorithm criticised

Researchers trained an algorithm using more than 1,500 photos of Chinese citizens, hundreds of them convicts. They said the program was then able to correctly identify criminals in further photos 89% of the time. But the research, which has not been peer reviewed, has been criticised by criminology experts who say the AI may reflect bias in the justice system. "This article is not looking at people's behaviour, it is looking at criminal conviction," said Prof Susan McVie, professor of quantitative criminology at the University of Edinburgh.

"The criminal justice system consists of a series of decision-making stages, by the police, prosecution and the courts. A treasure hunter went missing in the Rocky Mountains, and a computer algorithm found him months later. When Randy Bilyeu disappeared, he was hunting for the Fenn Treasure, a chest allegedly filled with gold, precious stones, and jewelry, supposedly hidden in the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

A treasure hunter went missing in the Rocky Mountains, and a computer algorithm found him months later

Big data, Google and the end of free will. For thousands of years humans believed that authority came from the gods.

Big data, Google and the end of free will

Future - Would you let an algorithm manage your relationships? “I had this everyday feeling – stress about not properly articulating my emotions in my emails to people,” artist and writer Joanne McNeil tells me over the phone from Boston.

Future - Would you let an algorithm manage your relationships?

“I was feeling as though I had to over-do it with enthusiasm or I would sound too sarcastic or bleak or disinterested.” It’s a common anxiety of modern day life: in an age where we increasingly communicate via email, text messages, and social media posts instead of face-to-face, it can be hard to judge whether we are getting the tone right. How We Decided to Test Racial Bias in Algorithms. In 2014, former Attorney General Eric Holder wrote a letter to the U.S.

How We Decided to Test Racial Bias in Algorithms

Sentencing Commission asking them to study racial bias in risk scores. It never did the study. So ProPublica did. The team of reporters, led by Julia Angwin, found that an algorithm being used across the country to predict future criminals is biased against black defendants. The RSA algorithm (or how to send private love letters) A couple of days ago on The Conversation, I set myself up with a task: to defend the usefulness of so-called “useless” maths.

The RSA algorithm (or how to send private love letters)

Today, that defence continues, with a look at the RSA algorithm. I finished last time by pointing out that three mathematicians – Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir and Leonard Adleman – created the RSA algorithm in 1977, in one fell swoop establishing a practical use for number theory in the modern world. New algorithm helps machines learn as quickly as humans. An artificial intelligence breakthrough from the universities of New York, Toronto and MIT is showcasing the impressive ability of artificial intelligence to learn visual concepts in a single shot and manipulate them in human-like ways.

New algorithm helps machines learn as quickly as humans

The advance could lead to smarter phones, much-improved speech recognition, and computers that better understand the world around them. The Chewbacca effect. It's time to shine a light on the unseen algorithms that power 'Big Brother' AI Algorithm Identifies Humorous Pictures. Humor is a uniquely human quality.

AI Algorithm Identifies Humorous Pictures

Most people can recognize funny sentences, incidents, pictures, videos, and so on. But it is not always easy to say why these things are humorous. So it’s easy to imagine that humor will be one of the last bastions that separates humans from machines. Computers, the thinking goes, cannot possibly develop a sense of humor until they can grasp the subtleties of our rich social and cultural settings. A Book from the Sky. The title is a reference to the 1988 book by Xu Bing, who composed thousands of fictitious glyphs in the style of traditional Mandarin prints of the Song and Ming dynasties.

標題是引用徐冰1988出版的《天書》。 在此本,藝術家刻製兩千餘模仿宋明朝的“偽漢字”。 A DCGAN is a type of convolutional neural network which is capable of learning an abstract representation of a collection of images. 3D animation tech puts other peoples' words in celebrities' mouths. Researchers at the University of Washington (UW) recently demonstrated how 3D video images of Tom Hanks, Daniel Craig and several other celebrities could be created by piecing together still images and sound bites retrieved from the internet.

They also showed how their algorithms could animate those digital models, getting them to say things that were actually said by someone else. The technology relies on advances in 3D face reconstruction, tracking, alignment, multi-texture modeling and puppeteering, which were developed by a research group led by UW assistant professor of computer science and engineering Ira Kemelmacher-Shlizerman. The UW research team's latest advances include the ability to transfer expressions and the way a particular person speaks onto the face of someone else — for instance, mapping former president George W.

Bayesian probability. The master algorithm is going to change life as we know it. Professor's algorithm writes technical reports, romance novels could be next. Philip M. Parker, a marketing professor at INSEAD (the European Institute of Business Administration), has written and patented a system that uses an algorithm to automatically compile data into book form. Google Inbox Suggests Replies for Incoming Email. Replying to routine email requests just got easier with a new smart reply feature for Gmail users who get their email through Google Inbox. Starting this week, the app's Smart Reply feature will analyze incoming email messages and offer a selection of brief stock replies.

What We Know About the Computer Formulas Making Decisions in Your Life. We reported yesterday on a study of Uber’s dynamic pricing scheme that investigated Uber’s surge pricing patterns in Manhattan and San Francisco and showed riders how they could potentially avoid higher prices. Algorithm. Flow chart of an algorithm (Euclid's algorithm) for calculating the greatest common divisor (g.c.d.) of two numbers a and b in locations named A and B. This "Psychic Robot" Can Read Your Mind. Computer algorithm created to encode human memories. Please Subscribe to 3QD If you would like to make a one time donation in any amount, please do so by clicking the "Pay Now" button below.

You may use any credit or debit card and do NOT need to join Paypal. New Neural Algorithm Can ‘Paint’ Photos In Style Of Any Artist From Van Gogh To Picasso.