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Algorithm Tutorials

Algorithm Tutorials

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CS 240 Computer Science II Syllabus Spring 2008 SYLLABUS This page last changed 6/19/08 Objectives: To develop skills in the design and development of computer software continuing to utilize an object-oriented language, packages, modules and libraries. To develop understanding and build skills in the implementation and use of common data structures used in software development through data abstraction. To further study the Java language and learn to use UNIX as a software design environment. PairHero: A game of collaboration for pair programming - happyprog Pair hero is a collaboration game for pair programming where each player gets a turn writing tests, code and scoring points. Each game is 25 minutes long so you can keep your pomodoro breaks. Each passing Test + 10 points Each refactoring + 2 points Switch driver in less than 1 minute multiplies your score by 2 Switch driver in less than 30 seconds multiplies your score by 4 Writing just enough code to pass the keyboard to your pair is highly rewarded! The game is based on possibly the most collaborative and fun of all the pair programming practices.

ABC: Always Be Coding — Tech Talk Be honest. Are you a good engineering candidate? How are you measuring yourself? How many companies have you interviewed at? What is your onsite-interview to offer ratio? Try the following formula (that I’ve totally made up in a vacuum and ultimately means nothing): Adnan Aziz Elements of Programming Interviews We're excited to release a free soft copy sampler of EPI. Specifically, this PDF shows the organization, content, style, topics, and quality of our book. Amit, Tsung-Hsien and I have completed "Elements of Programming Interviews"! Python Course: Introduction into the Sys Module Information on the Python Interpreter Like all the other modules, the sys module has to be imported with the import statement, i.e. import sys If there are questions about the import statement, we recommend the introductory chapter of our basic course concerning this topic Modular Programming and Modules The sys module provides information about constants, functions and methods of the Python interpreter. dir(system) gives a summary of the available constants, functions and methods. Another possibility is the help() function.

Bit Magic Archives Topic: GeeksforGeeks Given a number n, write a function that returns true if n is divisible by 9, else false. The most simple way to check for n’s divisibility by 9 is to do n%9. Read More » Given two variables, x and y, swap two variables without using a third variable. Read More » Whiteboarding — Tech Talk If you are interviewing for a programming job it is almost inevitable that you will be asked to do some coding on a whiteboard. While there has been some criticism of the practice, it is widely employed by the tech giants — Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon — and startups alike. In this post I’m not commenting on the validity of this style of interview (though I do personally find whiteboard coding a useful way to see how candidates work through problems) but instead pointing out some common pitfalls that can be avoided, given that this is how tech companies interview. Background To give some context, I worked at Google for 6 years and did just shy of 200 interviews.

Markov Chains – Explained Markov Chains is a probabilistic process, that relies on the current state to predict the next state. For Markov chains to be effective the current state has to be dependent on the previous state in some way; For instance, from experience we know that if it looks cloudy outside, the next state we expect is rain. We can also say that when the rain starts to subside into cloudiness, the next state will most likely be sunny.

An Unorthodox Approach to Database Design : The Coming of the Shard Update 4: Why you don’t want to shard. by Morgon on the MySQL Performance Blog. Optimize everything else first, and then if performance still isn’t good enough, it’s time to take a very bitter medicine. Update 3: Building Scalable Databases: Pros and Cons of Various Database Sharding Schemes by Dare Obasanjo.

Top 5 online resources to learn data structures and algorithms Hello, We INdiaGeeks suggest you the following best 5 online resources to learn Data structures and Algorithms. We will post the details of books in our upcoming article, which are considered as Bible for every engineering students.. Like our Facebook page or subscribe us to get regular updates. 1.Geeks for Geeks A Gentle Introduction to Algorithm Complexity Analysis Dionysis "dionyziz" Zindros <> Introduction A lot of programmers that make some of the coolest and most useful software today, such as many of the stuff we see on the Internet or use daily, don't have a theoretical computer science background. They're still pretty awesome and creative programmers and we thank them for what they build. However, theoretical computer science has its uses and applications and can turn out to be quite practical. In this article, targeted at programmers who know their art but who don't have any theoretical computer science background, I will present one of the most pragmatic tools of computer science: Big O notation and algorithm complexity analysis.

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