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Modern Classical Life Drawing, Painting and Instruction. I am going to deal with the Posterior muscle group first and the first muscle of that group is the Soleus which is so named because it is shaped like a Soul fish.

Modern Classical Life Drawing, Painting and Instruction

I believe it to be the most important muscle in the lower leg because it is visible from all angles and add form and grace to the lower leg. I will continue with the muscles of the back (posterior) then go to the front This will take a while <> the important thing to remeber is that as artist the important aspects are the function and the form <> are muscles that perform the same function can usually be grouped together and the shape of the total group becomes the mass conception to remember.

Robert Beverly Hale - Artistic Anatomy » Free Full Online Search Download Torrents Rapidshare Mediafire. Inside the Artist's Studio: Anatomy (Torso Back) part 3. Here is the final installment of a 6 month cycle of studying and teaching academic anatomy.

Inside the Artist's Studio: Anatomy (Torso Back) part 3

I feel I have learned a lot about drawing (not just humans) and teaching anatomy. I hope this will make my anatomy classes even stronger the next go round. I thought this might be a good time to list my favorite books for the academic study of anatomy. Next semester I will be teaching a "Bridgman Studies" class, I will write more about the books I reference when studying the visual side of anatomy at that time. I definitely consider these two different fields of study, and have yet to find a single book that covers both well. Modern Classical Life Drawing, Painting and Instruction.

It's difficult to understand the form of the pelvis.

Modern Classical Life Drawing, Painting and Instruction

I'm trying to come up with a "recipe" that will help me understand it well enough to draw it in any position from imagination. In simplest terms, I conceive of it as nothing more than two triangles: a right triangle and an equilateral triangle. (plus the sacrum in the back, which is a third, curved, triangle) The right triangle I further refine in my mind to think of as more of a lopsided ice cream cone. Here's my recipe so far. Night Flight Lingerie 2011. Sara Jean Underwood - Playboy Store photoshoots: fashion, swimwear, lingerie (HQ) Sara Jean Underwood - Playboy Store photoshoots: fashion, swimwear, lingerie (HQ) 576 JPG | up to 2000*2533 (HQ) | 315,01 Mb Sara Jean Underwood (born March 26, 1984) is an American model and actress who was chosen as the Playmate of the Month for the July 2006 issue of Playboy magazine and later became Playmate of the Year in 2007.

Sara Jean Underwood - Playboy Store photoshoots: fashion, swimwear, lingerie (HQ)

Underwood was born in Portland, Oregon. She graduated from Scappoose High School in Scappoose, Oregon in 2002. She has been a student at Oregon State University and Portland State University. She was a childhood friend and schoolmate of American football player Derek Anderson. Her first job was assisting in sales of heavy construction equipment. When Underwood first appeared in Playboy magazine, in its The Girls of the Pac 10 pictorial in the October 2005 issue, she was also featured on the cover, holding a football and clad only in a body painted rendering of an Oregon State Beavers football jersey and matching bikini briefs.

Drawing Lifelike Portraits with Lee Hammond. Donato Giancola - The Mechanic. Donato Giancola - The Mechanic DVDRip | 2010 | MOV | AVC | 1280х720 | 24 fps | AAC, 48 kbpsLanguage: English | Run Time: 240 minutes | 3.26 GB Donato begins the DVD by taking photographic reference, used to add a high degree of realism and detail to his thumbnail sketch.

Donato Giancola - The Mechanic

Work on the the actual oil painting gives him opportunity to cover everything from the delicate subtleties of portraiture to eye-popping metallic surfaces. Foundations of Art and Design: An Enhanced Media Edition. Lois Fichner-Rathus, "Foundations of Art and Design: An Enhanced Media Edition" W..rth P..lishing | 2011 | ISBN: 1111771456 | 360 pages | PDF | 101 MB FOUNDATIONS OF ART AND DESIGN: AN ENHANCED MEDIA EDITION has a logical and structured organization, moving from micro to macro topics, enabling readers to build on ideas and concepts of design, and better understand the material.

Foundations of Art and Design: An Enhanced Media Edition

Hundreds of examples of contemporary and classic art, along with the book's unique visual glossaries, make this text an ideal foundation of design principles. This new Enhanced Edition includes "Project" boxes which show examples of how you can apply key points from the chapters' content. In addition, Art CourseMate, featuring an interactive eBook and a wealth of online resources, is now available for this text.

Richard Schmid - Sequential Sketches and Other Delights (2006) Dan Dos Santos - Book Cover Illustration. Dan Dos Santos - Book Cover Illustration DVDRip | 2010 | MOV | AVC | 720х480 | 29.97 fps | AAC, 63 kbpsLanguage: English | Run Time: 300 minutes | 2.07 GB This DVD documents the painting of the cover for Brandon Sanderson's book, Warbreaker.

Dan Dos Santos - Book Cover Illustration

It begins with an interview with Irene Gallo, Art Director at Tor Books, and ends with photographing the final painting. Throughout each step, Chesley Award winner Dan Dos Santos talks at great length about everything from salary to color theory. Though the subject matter is a book cover, all the principles taught are easily translated towards almost any commercial illustration. With over five hours of content, this is a definitive guide for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge and understanding of painting as it relates to working for clients. Photobox: Bringing the Great Photographers into Focus. Photobox: Bringing the Great Photographers into Focus 96 jpg | up to 3178*2179 | 328 Mb PhotoBox presents a collection of 96 photographs by the world's most prominent photographers, ranging from legendary masters to contemporary stars.

Photobox: Bringing the Great Photographers into Focus

Photographers include Herb Ritts, Ansel Adams, Richard Avedon, Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Elliot Erwitt, Robert Frank, Nan Goldin, David LaChapelle, Annie Leibovitz, Helmut Newton, and many more. Comic Book Pencilling with David Finch. Comic Book Pencilling with David Finch (2007) DVDRip | AVI / XviD 1165 Kbps | 672х448 | 29.97 fps | MP3 134 kbps | 1.37 GBLanguage: English | Run Time: 144 min In this first DVD of a series on comic book illustration techniques, David Finch takes you step-by-step through the processes he uses to create the highly detailed pencils of a comic book page.

Comic Book Pencilling with David Finch

This lecture will lead you from the very basics of tube forms and page layouts to the finishing techniques of rendering and texturing an image. You'll also learn about the physical tools used by the artist to create various effects and backgrounds. Kasey Sealy - Learn to Paint in Oils. How to Draw the Nose. Update 09-26-2012 – Above is a video version of this tutorial.

How to Draw the Nose

For more video tutorials visit and subscribe to the newsletter. 9 Very Common Figure Drawing Mistakes, And How to Avoid Them. Over the last twenty-five years I have spent my fair share of time drawing and studying the human figure. As a result, I’ve come across several (actually, nine) common figure-drawing mistakes over and over again. Like any other art process, figure drawing is a fluid activity and impossible to pin down with exact rules—but if your goal is to create a more convincing life drawing, then these next few ideas will certainly help.

Here are the nine common figure-drawing mistakes, along with their solutions: Mistake #1 – Drawing without a goal in sight More often than not, people immediately begin sketching without establishing some kind of intention in their mind first. Solution: Pause for a moment before beginning your drawing and to look at what you see in front of you. Mistake #2 – Failing to keep the figure on the page It’s always shame when heads, arms or feet get unintentionally cut out of a drawing, just because the artist has run out of room on the paper.