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Drawing Autism. Drawing Autism is an incredible collection of artwork by people diagnosed with autism, from teenage amateurs to established artists.

Drawing Autism

Unlike many of the books I feature on 50 Watts, this one is in print. You should buy it. [Amazon link to the new reprint which comes out April 2, 2014 from Akashic.] This post features a small selection of my favorite images from the book, along with some quotes by the artists. Publisher's description: Over the last decade autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has become an international topic of conversation, knowing no racial, ethnic, or social barriers. Donna Williams, The Outsider What was the inspiration for this piece? "The Outsider" is about joining in from the periphery.

An excerpt from the artist's answer to the question, "At what age did the act of creating art enter into your life? I was deeply mesmerized with all things aesthetic and sensory from at least 6 months of age. Felix: Imaginary City Map, Age 11 What was the inspiration for this piece None. Calvin & Hobbes Snow Art. How to Draw Lips. For a video version of this tutorial visit This tutorial is a continuation of How to Draw the Head from Any Angle.

How to Draw Lips

I will cover the basic forms of the mouth, some anatomical information, and the key information about the minor planes. At the end, I will show a step by step drawing of the lips. Basic Forms One of the most overlooked ideas of the mouth is the cylindrical tooth cylinder underneath. How To Draw Anatomic Face In 2.5 Minutes. Thought of You on Vimeo. 4253149391_98e85456ca_z.jpg (480×640) Zoom.gif (640×464) 334418.jpg (640×800) 214483812.jpg (800×640) 4_olicommissionbw.jpg (912×600)

Featured Geek Artist: Coran "Kizer" Stone - This Art is Awesome! There are so many artists in the world that do such great work, we want to try and give exposure to as many of them as we can so we've starting a Featured Artist column that will focus on one artist, and a collection of their work.

Featured Geek Artist: Coran "Kizer" Stone - This Art is Awesome!

This week we featured two pieces of Geek Art from Deviant Art user Kizer180 also known as Coran "Kizer" Stone, and . These are just a couple of pieces from the artist awesome collection of work. I love this guys stuff, and I dig his style. I'm sure you will as well. I just wanted to share some more of my favorite pieces of his work with you, and get it all out there. I'm an artist that's been naturally extracting for some time now. Check out the artwork below and tell us what you think! Extraordinary. Watercolors by Grzegorz Wróbel. Glennz Tees Concepts for Voting Jan-Jun 2010 on the Behance Network. Glennz Tees Concepts for Voting july-Dec 2009 on the Behance Network.

Glennz Tees Concepts for Voting 2008 on the Behance Network. Glennz printed Threadless Tee Designs on the Behance Network. Glennz Tees Concepts for Voting Jul-Dec 2010 on the Behance Network. Glennz Tees Designs 2010-11 on the Behance Network. DeviantART muro. Mario Klingemann update. Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas, original design by Stamen, press any key to s. Premier representative of children's illustrators. Concepts_page. Big Doodle. Big sharpie doodle!

Big Doodle

Bodytutorialnp1.jpg. Nemo Graffiti by ~cocktail-hour on deviantART. Fingerings. Growing up in Asia, I have only come across the Chinese finger paintings which uses finger and black ink that the painter draws traditional paintings mostly of flowers, animals or scenery.


And now there's Judith Braun who uses her fingers to draw but in a totally new way which she dipped her fingers in charcoal or pastel and mostly her drawings are in abstract forms and bilateral symmetry. Fingerings by Judith Braun ~ 1000 journals - Journal Expanded Detail. Analytical Figure Drawing SP08. Work.6860558.1.flat,550x550,075,f.blossom.jpg (550×383) The drawings of Leonardo da Vinci. Tape, Pencil and Resin: The Art of Brooks Salzwedel. I’m very intrigued by Californian artist Brooks Salzwedel’s unique style and approach to these delicate works, that combine nature and rigid human-made structures.

Tape, Pencil and Resin: The Art of Brooks Salzwedel

It’s nice to see work that brings in different non-digital materials to what we’re used to. Using a combination of Staedler Graphite pencils ranging from 6H to 9B, tape and ‘Awful toxic resin‘, Brooks creates images that look like relics of nature and other objects frozen in time. I also love the gloomy and almost real effect that’s created by having elements between semi-transparent layers.

They are also reminiscent of some of the pictures of flattened leaves you’d get in school science books. ‘When working on a piece I ask myself what images I want as the focus or in the foreground then literally draw the images on the layer that coincides with the layer in depth. . ⓒ Brooks Salzweder, 2010. Sketchbook 2010 (vol. 2) on the Behance Network.

Illustration & Design. I_ron: Dan Slavinsky.