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Interview: Mysterious Post-it Note Artist (15 pieces) When we first laid eyes on John Kenn's amazing post-it note art, we instantly fell in love. Not only are each of his pieces extremely creative, Kenn's art shows that it doesn't necessarily matter what medium you use; it ultimately comes down to the message. Try and look for any information on John Kenn and you'll find it to be quite the challenge. Perhaps it's because he wants the art to speak for itself. Or maybe it's because post-it note art isn't his full-time job, rather, it's his part-time hobby. We were lucky enough to score an interview with Kenn after we hunted him down (we had to leave a comment in one of his posts because he doesn't even have an email address up anywhere). Can you give me a brief background about you and your work? Why did you start this project? Are you a professionally trained artist? What has the response been like to your post-it note art? How do you come up with your stories? What are they based on (and/or what are you inspired by)? John Kenn

David B. Smith Gallery | Jason Thielke Artist Statement: Jason Thielke’s work demonstrates aesthetic elements that encompass both contemporary and traditional techniques much like modern architecture. This style emerges in deeply personal, figurative works, which comfortably contrast hard lines with soft features and mixed emotions. Later works speak to Thielke’s fascination with behavioral juxtaposition within the individual. Jason Thielke earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Northern Illinois University School of Art.

MCBESS aka Matthieu “The Expensive” Bessudo somefield