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Dragon. Geometrize Web Demo - geometrizing images into geometric primitives. This webpage uses the Geometrize Haxe library to transform images into shapes.

Geometrize Web Demo - geometrizing images into geometric primitives

It's a demo for Geometrize, my open source desktop app designed for recreating images as geometric primitives. Given an image to recreate, Geometrize generates hundreds of random shapes, and repeatedly mutates these as part of a hillclimbing optimization approach. Internally, this demo uses a web worker so the webpage remains responsive while the geometrization algorithm ranks thousands of these shapes behind the scenes, only picking the best-fitting shapes for use in the final image. The "Run/Pause" button starts or stops the geometrization process, the "Step" button adds one primitive to the image when pressed, the "Open Image" button lets you select your own images, the "Random Image" button picks a random preset image, and the "Reset" button clears all of the current shapes, restarting the geometrization from scratch. Additional controls are accessed by clicking on the "Settings" section.



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