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It's an illusion - interactive DHTML

It's an illusion - interactive DHTML
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bomomo (COOL Flash Painting Tool) Superheroes & Villains: The Ultimate List of Illustrations and A If you have the chance to be a superhero, which superhero would you be? Wielding super strength, the gift of flight, immortality or having the ability to be invisible must be some of the powers we dream to have. How about when you have a chance to choose a different destiny and become a super villain? Which one would you be? Superheroes and villains have accompanied us through our childhood. Images credit: BrianRood Amazing Superheroes Illustration and Artworks Here we present some of the most intriguing illustrations and artworks of these superheroes and some of their villainous enemies to complete your superheroes dream. BatmenBatman, originally referred to as "the Bat-Man" is still referred to at times as "the Batman". Capcom SuperheroesCapcom, a leading international developer and publisher of video games has created several superheroes characters like Mega Man, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Onimusha and Devil May Cry etc. 70's Superheroes Superheroes of the 70s.

The Wallpaper Hunter : Best Wallpapers for your Desktops and Lap The Experience and Perception of Time What is ‘the perception of time’? The very expression ‘the perception of time’ invites objection. Insofar as time is something different from events, we do not perceive time as such, but changes or events in time. But, arguably, we do not perceive events only, but also their temporal relations. Kinds of temporal experience There are a number of what Ernst Pöppel (1978) calls ‘elementary time experiences’, or fundamental aspects of our experience of time. Duration One of the earliest, and most famous, discussions of the nature and experience of time occurs in the autobiographical Confessions of St Augustine. Augustine's answer to this riddle is that what we are measuring, when we measure the duration of an event or interval of time, is in the memory. Whatever the process in question is, it seems likely that it is intimately connected with what William Friedman (1990) calls ‘time memory’: that is, memory of when some particular event occurred. The specious present Time order Φ-β-κ

Dream Worlds Revealed On Canvas Along with some magnificent dreams, Jacek Yerka finds inspiration for his masterful paintings from his childhood memories: the places, remembered feelings and smells of 1950′s Poland. He studied fine art and graphic design before becoming a full time artist in 1980… and we’re glad he did. His paintings will take you through incredible worlds of imagination, bending reality in captivating and clever ways fit to inspire a novel or film. See many more examples of his find paintings at See Also ENDEARING MONSTER DRAWINGS POP FROM THE SCREEN Via:

Flame Painter | online paint program Flame Painter is a unique paint program, it belongs to my 'I am an Artist' experimental project. I think with tools which inspires you, everyone can be an artist. You can try it here, change different brush settings and paint your own flame paintings. When you change the background from black to white, the palette changes from additive to subtractive and the feeling of the painting is very different. It's not easy to explain all brush parameters, so I leave this for your experimentation. Check out new Rebelle - the real watercolor and acrylic paint program, Amberlight - abstract art tool based on particles, or Fluidance motion effect program. You can try more experiments here. NEW: This is a new Flash version of Flame Painter Free, we removed the old Java version, because it is not anymore supported correctly by most of the browsers. Tools: FADE - fade in/out [ on | off ] GRADIENT - color gradient [ on | off ] COLOR - brush color SATURATION - brush saturation OPACITY - brush opacity

Stunning 3D Street Art From Kurt Wenner | DesignBeep - Flock Kurt Wenner born in Ann Arbor, Michigan is an artist best known for his realistic street painting and chalk murals using a projection called anamorphosis. These 3D chalk drawings on pavement have been featured in many newspapers and on several television shows.(WIKI) Kurt Wenner attended Rhode Island School of Design and Art Center College of Design before working for NASA as an advanced scientific space illustrator. To be honest,it is really hard to describe this kind of art and i think we have to respect Kurt Wenner for such a street art.Thanks Kurt for opening our eyes wide. Aida Neptune Theater Echo and Narcissus The Tempest Crawfish Festival Ceres’ Banquet Triumph Of Pack St.Anthony Zoroaster Mermaids Last Judgement Apollo Giant Babel Perseus Spirit Of Water Times Square Ghetto Gluttony Office Stress Milagro Wild Rodeo Sky Woman Reflections Cocito Muses Dies Irae Danae A Few Videos From His Art

M. Bison I finished up M. Bison. I realize he needs posing and that it could go on forever but i'm finishing him up now, and hopefully I will get back to rigging/posing etc.. laterOriginally I did a bust for a GA SF sculpting competition. Later looking back at it I got motivated to take it all the way.The full run of images can be seen here: LINK TO FULL SET Sorry if the images are too big. Bootstrap paradox The bootstrap paradox, or ontological paradox, is a paradox of time travel that refers to scenarios whereby items or information are passed from the future to the past, which in turn become the same items or information that are subsequently passed from the past to the future - this creates a circularity of cause-effect such that the items or information have no discernible origin. Thus, the paradox raises the ontological questions of where, when and by whom the items were created or the information derived. After information or an object is sent back in time, it is recovered in the present and becomes the very object or information that was initially brought back in time in the first place. Numerous science fiction stories are based on this paradox, which has also been the subject of serious physics articles.[1] The term "bootstrap paradox" refers to the expression "pulling yourself up by your bootstraps"; the use of the term for the time-travel paradox was popularized by Robert A.

competition Honorable Mention 2014 Skyscraper Competition Henry Smith, Adam Woodward, Paul Attkins United Kingdom A cylindrical matrix of super tall structure centered on an electromagnetic vertical accelerator to eliminate the hydrocarbon dependency of aircraft during takeoff. The radical re-interpretation of the skyscraper format provides hyper density in an organic and adaptive habitat. Commercial air travel is celebrating its centenary in 2014 and over the last 100 years aviation has made an unprecedented impact on the way people can experience an interconnected and relatively open world. Looking ahead, we can see that in 2050 aviation is predicted to fly 16 billion passengers and 400 million tones of cargo. The future of Aviation is anticipated to rely on energy dense hydrocarbon fuels to provide the power required to make flight possible. The structural solution is born out of a desire to reinvigorate the ‘core and floor plate’ model of high-rise buildings.

Psykopaint - Create and paint amazing art from photos Top 5 Ways We'll Have Fun in 2050" - Flock Currently, many of us spend our spare time using social media like Twitter and blogs, mediums that allow us to type up a quick message to let our friends know what we're doing. However, writing and reading those messages may not be how we communicate with our pals in the future. In fact, we may not read or write at all, a future that many dying newspapers are already confronting. Futurist William Crossman believes that spoken language will replace written communication in the coming years, meaning that we won't need to teach children how to read and write, but rather how to use computers and think creatively [source: Naisbitt]. Crossman envisions a world in which we all use voice-in, voice-out (VIVO) computers. Everything we need to communicate will be handled by these machines. Crossman's future means that vast swaths of the population will be illiterate, but should those people need to read something, their computer could scan and read it to them.