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Medieval manuscript that could “redefine history of thirteenth and fourteenth century music in Bohemia” discovered in Prague’s Klementinum. “The discovery was made by Dominique Gatté, our colleague from Strasbourg in France, who started to follow all of the new digitalised medieval manuscripts and their musical parts.

Medieval manuscript that could “redefine history of thirteenth and fourteenth century music in Bohemia” discovered in Prague’s Klementinum

He made this discovery thanks to his systematic work and let us know about it through our international cooperation on this topic. “It was bound into a book from the 1430s, which is a copy of an earlier work written by Petrus de Crescentiis, it is about agronomic systems and how a man is supposed to manage his agricultural estate.” I understand that binding old parchment into new manuscripts was quite common back then? “Yes, that is correct. It was a common practice.

Oulun historialliset kartat - Kadut, kartat ja liikenne. Kartat avautuvat uuteen ikkunaan.

Oulun historialliset kartat - Kadut, kartat ja liikenne

Divers discover world's largest underwater cave system filled with Mayan mysteries. Mexican scientists discovered the world’s largest flooded cave system that extends an amazing 216 miles (347 km) and is filled with artifacts.

Divers discover world's largest underwater cave system filled with Mayan mysteries

The maze of caves is a major archaeological find that promises to shed light on the mysteries of the Mayan civilization. Underwater archaeologist Guillermo de Anda of Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History led the Great Maya Aquifer Project (GAM), which has been exploring underwater caves on the Caribbean coastline of the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico for decades. The region has 358 freshwater flooded cave systems that stretch for over 870 miles (1,400km). De Anda explained that their accomplishment has wide-ranging significance: Origins: Where did Catharism in the Languedoc Come From?/ Bogomilism was a Dualist sect founded in the First Bulgarian Empire by a priest called Bogomil during the reign of Tsar Peter I in the 10th century.

Origins: Where did Catharism in the Languedoc Come From?/

It arose in what is today the region of Macedonia in opposition to the Bulgarian state and the church. Enormous Hidden Void Discovered Within The Great Pyramid Of Giza Using Cosmic Ray Particles. Story of most murderous people of all time revealed in ancient DNA. By Colin Barras THE iconic sarsen stones at Stonehenge were erected some 4500 years ago.

Story of most murderous people of all time revealed in ancient DNA

Although the monument’s original purpose is still disputed, we now know that within a few centuries it became a memorial to a vanished people. By then, almost every Briton, from the south coast of England to the north-east tip of Scotland, had been wiped out by incomers. It isn’t clear exactly why they disappeared so rapidly. Experts Restore Largest Known Early World Map, Complete With Unicorns, Lizard People, And Mermen.

Experts have restored one of the largest known early maps of the world, and it's glorious, mythical creatures and all.

Experts Restore Largest Known Early World Map, Complete With Unicorns, Lizard People, And Mermen

The hand-drawn map was created 430 years ago by Urbano Monte. Centuries later, collector David Rumsey and his nephew have painstakingly scanned and digitally stitched together all 60 pages previously bound in an atlas, completing the map for the first time as it was originally intended. While little is known about the 16th-century cartographer who made it, the newly restored map gives insight into how people at the time understood the world. Created in 1587 in Milan, Italy, it shows the world in great detail, and was quite advanced for its day. The world as seen from above, looking down on the North Pole, was a perspective not commonly used by mapmakers at the time. This Is The Richest Person To Have Ever Lived.

Who is the richest person to have ever lived?

This Is The Richest Person To Have Ever Lived

No, it’s not Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates. China's 4,000-Year-Old "Great Flood" Founding Myth Was True All Along. Around four millennia ago, the Xia dynasty – China’s first line of unbroken hereditary rulers – was born along the Yellow River, according to legendary texts.

China's 4,000-Year-Old "Great Flood" Founding Myth Was True All Along

Save for some mysterious stone carvings and possible tombs, though, there’s very little archaeological evidence that convincingly shows that the Xia dynasty ever existed. It is, however, immortalized in the tale of the Great Flood. This epic story describes how a huge natural disaster almost destroyed the region before a man named Yu stepped in to save the day. According to legend, an immense flood 4,000 years ago left a portion of China on the brink of ruin, but, supposedly, Yu managed to divert much of the floodwater away from major settlements. Many have thought that this was nothing more than an elaborate work of fiction, but a striking new study published in Science reveals that the Great Flood was almost certainly a historical fact.

My Disillusionment in Russia – Ch 28. Emma Goldman My Disillusionment in Russia Persecution of Anarchists IN A country State-owned and controlled as completely as Russia it is almost impossible to live without the "grace" of the Government.

My Disillusionment in Russia – Ch 28

Henryk Ross photographed holocaust atrocities - GOOD. In September 1939, the Nazis invaded Poland.

Henryk Ross photographed holocaust atrocities - GOOD

By April 1940, the gates closed on the Lodz Ghetto, the second largest in the country after Warsaw. Throughout the war, over 210,000 people would be imprisoned in Lodz. Among those held captive was Henryk Ross. He was a Jewish sports photographer before the Nazi invasion and worked for the the ghetto's Department of Statistics during the war. Conrad Gessner. Life[edit] Conrad Gessner was born on 26 March 1516, in Zürich, Switzerland, the son of Ursus Gessner, a poor Zürich furrier. His early life was one of poverty and hardship, but Gessner's father realized his talents, and sent him to live with and be schooled by a great uncle, who grew and collected medicinal herbs for a living.

The Oldest Companies In The World, Visualized. Businesses around the world are struggling to weather the historic economic shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic, but there are companies out there that have survived through centuries of ups and downs. So what are the oldest surviving companies? Redditor takeasecond scoured through Wikipedia's oldest companies list and compiled a graph of the oldest companies in the world. Topping the chart is Kongo Gumi, a construction business based out of Japan, established in 578 AD. The World's "Earliest-Known Temple" Was Built 11,500 Years Ago With Geometry In Mind.

Human Population Through Time. The History of the World: Every Year. Vallonihistoria - Finlands Vallonättlingar. Pohjalaisten tummuus - Suku Forum. Lainaa: How the English Failed to Stamp Out the Scots Language. Over the past few decades, as efforts to save endangered languages have become governmental policy in the Netherlands (Frisian), Slovakia (Rusyn) and New Zealand (Maori), among many others, Scotland is in an unusual situation. A language known as Scottish Gaelic has become the figurehead for minority languages in Scotland. This is sensible; it is a very old and very distinctive language (it has three distinct r sounds!) , and in 2011 the national census determined that fewer than 60,000 people speak it, making it a worthy target for preservation. But there is another minority language in Scotland, one that is commonly dismissed.

It’s called Scots, and it’s sometimes referred to as a joke, a weirdly spelled and -accented local variety of English. Kartat. ”Suutele minua!” Riimuin kirjoitettuja rakkausloitsuja rautakauden ja keskiajan taitteesta – KALMISTOPIIRI. Ulla Moilanen Rakkauden ja erotiikan kaipuu ovat universaaleja biologiaan perustuvia tarpeita, jotka ovat olleet läsnä myös menneisyydessä. Leonardo da Vinci's Visionary Notebooks Now Online: Browse 570 Digitized Pages. Quick, what do you know about Leonardo da Vinci? He painted the Mona Lisa! He wrote his notes backwards! He designed supercool bridges and flying machines! Vaaskiven huvilan purku.

Pelkästään Kalevaa lukemalla voi havaita, että rakennussuojelijan osa tässä maassa on nykyisin todella hankala. Weimarin tasavallan sanasto. Espanjan vallankumous (1936) Espanjan vallankumoukseksi kutsutaan Espanjassa vuonna 1936 maan sisällissodan aikana anarkistien hallitsemilla alueilla käynnistyneitä yhteiskunnallisia uudistuksia ja muutoksia. Sen aikana työläiset ja talonpojat kollektivisoivat muun muassa maatalouden ja teollisuuden anarkososialistisen mallin mukaisesti. Lisäksi alueelle perustetut neuvostot käynnistivät uudelleen kunnallisia palveluja, kuten joukkoliikennettä ja kouluja maan hallituksen toiminnan osittain lamaannuttua sodan johdosta. Ensimmäinen työläisten johtamasta tehtaasta valmistunut linja-auto vuonna 1936.

Espanjan vallankumouksen aikana luotiin yksi harvoista maailmassa toteutuneista anarkistista yhteiskunnista. Lyhytaikaiseksi jäänyttä yhteiskuntajärjestelmää on aikalaiskertomusten mukaan yleisesti pidetty onnistuneena, joskin sisällissodan luonteesta johtuen siitä raportoivat lähinnä maassa vierailleet vasemmistolaiset toimittajat ja poliitikot. Henryk Ross photographed holocaust atrocities - GOOD.

Venäläiset ovat suomalaisia geenien perusteella. (Lisäys 18.11.-19 Tähän kirjoitukseen on varsinaisen käännöksen jatkeeksi lisätty muutamia karttoja selityksineen! Lisäksi 23.11 lisätty venäläisen kansanedustajan lausunto.)Otaksun, että tämän kirjoituksen aihe kiinnostaa monia: Venäläiset eivät ole slaaveja, vaan venäjää puhuvia suomalaisia. Tämä hätkähdyttävä asia on paljastunut laajasta geenitutkimuksesta, joka tehtiin ensimmäistä kertaa Venäjällä. Opiskelijakapina 1968 – kansakuntien toivot barrikadeilla.

"Hullu vuosi" 1968 toi ylioppilaat kaduille toukokuisessa Pariisissa, koko Euroopassa ja kautta maailman. Kampuksilla ja kaupunkien keskustoissa kaikuivat iskulauseet korkeakoulujen uudistamisesta, yhteiskunnallisesta demokratiasta, anti-imperialismista ja sosialismista. Elävä arkisto kokosi yhteen alkuperäisiä radio- ja tv-välähdyksiä kuohuvalta ajajaksolta. Suomen tiedotusvälineissä suurinta huomiota saivat Länsi-Euroopan vasemmistolaiset opiskelijaliikkeet. Travel - The secret seat of the Knights Templar. It was a beautiful spring day in Paris and I was on the terrace of Café Charlot in the French capital’s chicest district, the Marais.

Sipping an Aperol spritz, I watched the parade of Parisian glitterati sashay past me. At this time of year, Paris loves to celebrate the end of the dreary winter months, and nowhere can the famous Parisian joie de vivre be felt more strongly than in this Rive Droite centre of frivolity. On that day, however, I wasn’t interested in the surface-turned-runway of the Marais – but rather what lay below these designer-clad feet.

Because, incongruously, under the district’s cobblestoned streets lie the remnants of the mysterious Knights Templar’s mightiest stronghold. Osallistuivatko suomalaiset SS-vapaaehtoiset sotarikoksiin? - Kansallisarkisto. Avoin vastaus eversti evp Pekka Holopaisen ja eversti evp Kalle Liesisen arvosteluun Kansallisarkiston SS-selvityksestä Kanavassa ja Suomen Kuvalehdessä Suomalaisten SS-vapaaehtoisten toimintaa tutkittaessa on tärkeää tarkastella kokonaisuutta laajasta perspektiivistä - siitä, josta asioita tarkastellaan tämän päivän kansainvälisessä tutkimuksessa. Ei ole perusteltua ajatella, että suomalaiset SS-vapaaehtoiset olisivat toimineet omaehtoisesti jonkinlaisessa poliittisessa tai sotilaallisessa tyhjiössä.

He palvelivat Saksan asevoimissa ja toteuttivat Saksan poliittisia ja sotilaallisia tavoitteita. Suomen poliittinen johto oli jo keväällä 1941 hyväksynyt tämän ehdon, kun vapaaehtoisia ryhdyttiin värväämään. The British Library MS Viewer. Kotromanić dynasty. Kullervo: Tolkien's fascination with Finland. Travel - The world’s oldest medieval map. The man who tried to read all the books in the world. Tervetuloa tutustumaan Heikki Rantatupa historialliset kartat portaaliin · JYX-EXPO. 800 medieval manuscripts now available online. Archivio del Comune di Bologna, viaggio nella nostra storia - Atlasobscura. Hakku - Gateway to Finland's geological information. 'The Imitation Game': Who Was the Real Alan Turing? Yhdysvaltain osavaltiot. How the World’s Only Feudal Lord Outclassed the Nazis to Save Her People.

Spanish Men Were Completely Wiped Out By The Arrival Of A New Tribe 4,000 Years Ago. "The sun began to be darkened": The strange cloud over much of the world in 536 AD changed history dramatically. Fra Mauro map. Six Ancient Legends That Are Based On Real Events. China's 4,000-Year-Old "Great Flood" Founding Myth Was True All Along. A Great Depression Timeline - Chronology and Causes. 3,700-Year-Old Babylonian Stone Tablet Is Translated. The Rockefellers vs. Exxon. Witold Pilecki. When "Kiss My Fanny" Was More Than Just A Saying - Nearly 400 ancient monuments have been found in Saudi Arabia lava fields. Ylioppilasmatrikkeli 1640-1852. Brief History of the Internet - Internet Timeline. Camp Van Dorn Slaughter - Wikipedia. Never Forget: America’s Forgotten Mass Lynching: When 237 Black Sharecroppers Were Murdered In Arkansas - Black Main Street.

3,700-year-old Babylonian tablet rewrites the history of maths - and shows the Greeks did not develop trigonometry. Once a magnificent medieval city and home to 200,000 people, the ghost city of Ani is now completely abandoned and has stood empty for centuries. The Voynich Manuscript. Animated interactive of the history of the Atlantic slave trade.