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We're building a new site! Print | Hey there! If you are a regular visitor to this site - and you get here via bookmark - you may not have noticed that we're bulding a new Joseph Campbell Foundation website here. We are moving fast with the rebuild and have gotten to a point in the transition where we have disabled account creation and login on our site. Council on Spiritual Practices. Shamballa Institute ! La Science de la Vie au service de l'Homme. Reiki canalisé par Channeling sous la Direction des Grands Maîtres du Reiki, Davan Diffusion, Huile d'Onction, Quintessence Quantique, Silice Aromasil, Soins énergétiques et vibratoires thé.

The Heroes of Myth and Folklore: Part One – Defining a Hero. Herakles battling the Hydra There is a special genre of tales in the texts of Hellenic mythology that recounts the deeds of extraordinary men and women such as Herakles, Perseus, Jason and Medeia to name but a few.

The Heroes of Myth and Folklore: Part One – Defining a Hero

These larger-than-life people are called the Heroes. Their stories derive from the most ancient form of the oral tradition and have evolved through the ages into the symbolic and historical mythology of mortals who were granted immortality through their destinies and the homage and remembrance of their descendants. To study the heroes is both an historical and symbolic journey that explores how the world of the immortal Gods interacts with the world of mortal men and women.

The heroic tales speak not only of the history of mankind upon the earth but also explores the very nature of humanity itself. The Definition of a Hero The word hero in English has come to mean many things. . (1) A person distinguished for valour, fortitude or bold enterprise ‘Not all who die, die‘ - Pindar J. Psychoanalysis of MYTH - Applying Jung.

Jung's theories have certainly been ap­plied to the study of myth - abundantly so.

Psychoanalysis of MYTH - Applying Jung

But not in their entirety. The collec­tive unconscious and the process toward self-realization are psychoana­lytical components with little meaning to historians of religion, and dreadfully difficult to work with when examining mythological material. The archetypes, on the other hand, have flourished in interpretations of myths. Campbell, Eliade and others have not exactly adapted the archetypes as such, although several of those scholars admit to their existence and importance, but they have used the idea of extracting symbolic elements from the myths, and comparing these across cultural borders. Ethics Updates Home Page.  Moral theory; relativism; pluralism; religion; egoism; utilitarianism; deontology; duty; human rights; anti-theory; gender; race; multiculturalism;. Enlightenment « Finding the li. Supposing we all learned to view the universe like Einstein saw it?

Enlightenment « Finding the li

Wouldn’t that lead to a very different world? Now, I’m not suggesting that any of us can ever hope to have the genius that Einstein possessed, but it’s possible that the traditional Neo-Confucian approach to understanding the universe (that I’ve described in earlier posts) might offer a few insights into seeing the same natural wonder that Einstein saw all around him. Albert Einstein saw no distinction between science and religiousness. Albert Einstein saw no distinction between science and religiousness. It was all encapsulated in one sublime vision.

Spiral Dynamics. In spiral dynamics, the term vmeme refers to a core value system, acting as an organizing principle, which expresses itself through memes (self-propagating ideas, habits, or cultural practices).

Spiral Dynamics

The superscript letter v indicates these are not basic memes but value systems which include them. The colors act as reminders for the life conditions and mind capacities of each system and alternate between cool and warm colors as a part of the model.[2] Within the model, individuals and cultures do not fall clearly in any single category (color). Each person/culture embodies a mixture of the value patterns, with varying degrees of intensity in each. Spiral Dynamics claims not to be a linear or hierarchical model. The Archetypal Connection Home Page. - Pondering the Big Questions. Les effets de la catégorisation. Effet pervers. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

Effet pervers

On nomme effet pervers un résultat non désiré et fâcheux d'une action qui se retourne contre les intentions de ceux qui l'ont engagée, selon la formule « l'enfer est pavé de bonnes intentions ». Il peut se traduire par : soit de simples difficultés et obstacles pour atteindre le résultat action en retour partiellement opposée du système sur lequel on agit (par exemple Loi Le Chatelier)effets particulièrement malencontreux contre toute attente (« loi de Murphy »)soit un résultat contreproductif ou désastreux, parce qu'annulant, voire aboutissant à l'inverse de celui recherché (effet boomerang) Ces résultats « contreproductifs », ces « dommages collatéraux », « effets secondaires » et « conséquences non désirées », sont nombreux, tant dans la vie courante, que dans les domaines concernant la société : politique, économique, du managérial, social, juridique, militaire, culturel, etc.

On notera : : portail de revues en sciences humaines et sociales. Théorie des vagues de développement. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

Théorie des vagues de développement

Dans une série d’ouvrages publiés entre 1971 et 1994, dont les plus marquants sont Le Choc du futur, La Troisième vague et Les Nouveaux Pouvoirs, Alvin Toffler et son épouse Heidi ont développé une idée fondée sur l’observation et la mise en perspective de l’évolution sociale et politique de l’humanité depuis environ 10 000 ans. Documentation en Sciences Humaines et Sociales. Magazine Sciences Humaines, revue Sciences humaines sociales, abonnement sciences humaines.

Persée : Portail de revues en sciences humaines et sociales.