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Indigo. Milieux cotiers ressources marines et societe internet light 2011 12 07 10 15 49 709. Science for All: How to Make Free, Open Source Laboratory Hardware. In the not-so-distant future you will read of a scientific breakthrough in an area your daughter was excited about in school.

Science for All: How to Make Free, Open Source Laboratory Hardware

In the journal article you will click on the supplementary materials and be able to download all of the source code needed to replicate the instruments used to do the experiment. You will fire up your home 3-D printer to fabricate the equipment. Then, with a few more clicks, you will order any specialty supplies. By the weekend all the supplies will have arrived and now you and your daughter will have the fun of assembling the experiment and participating in state-of-the-art research for almost no money on a quiet Saturday afternoon. This exciting future of science is closer than you might think. The most powerful FOSH also include CAD (computer aided design) files that allow you to digitally replicate parts, or in some cases the entire device. If you are a working scientist, it is in your best interest to share the designs for your hardware. Joshua M. Fermin Serrrano Sanz − Citizen Science in Europe: experiments & recommendations (fOSSa 2014, INRIA)

Oceanography for Everyone. Open Science and Innovation: Of the People, By the People, For the People. Conrad hilchey 2011 review. Tech and Innovation to Re-engage Civic Life. Data for Community-Driven Solutions This series focuses on data for impact, and highlight specific interventions that can help drive a more networked, inclusive, and open society.

Tech and Innovation to Re-engage Civic Life

Sometimes even the best-intentioned policymakers overlook the power of people. And even the best-intentioned discussions on social impact and leveraging big data for the social sector can obscure the power of every-day people in their communities. But time and time again, I’ve seen the transformative power of civic engagement when initiatives are structured well. For example, the other year I witnessed a high school student walk into a school auditorium one evening during Boston’s first-ever youth-driven participatory budgeting project. Participatory budgeting gives residents a structured opportunity to work together to identify neighborhood priorities, work in tandem with government officials to draft viable projects, and prioritize projects to fund. Using Technology to Distribute Expertise.

Three centuries of citizen science. Even though the term ‘citizen science’ only entered the Oxford English Dictionary last year, the practice is several centuries old, as quickly becomes evident when thumbing through back issues of the oldest journal dedicated to science.

Three centuries of citizen science

Philosophical Transactions, which celebrates its 350th birthday on 6 March, has plenty of evidence of citizen science that dates back long before the 20th century, before the internet put terabytes of data at our fingertips, long before TV and long before even the term ‘scientist’ was coined in 1833. Three centuries ago, in 1715, Edmund Halley used Philosophical Transactions to ask colleagues to help him observe a total solar eclipse, prompting observers from all over the country to respond. Halley’s solar eclipse observations printed in Philosophical Transactions. Credit: Royal Society Creature surveys date back a long time. The first experiment, which was in the latter category, was conducted with Prof Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire. Digital Environmentalism 2012. Citizen Science in Europe: opportunities in Life Sciences, Vita Scien… Les récifs coralliens dans la tourmente du changement global.

Les récifs coralliens constituent l’écosystème marin le plus diversifié de la planète et fournissent beaucoup de produits et de services de l’écosystème.

Les récifs coralliens dans la tourmente du changement global

L’écosystème récifal assure notamment la nutrition des populations riveraines tropicales grâce aux pêcheries et leur fournit un revenu par le biais du tourisme. Il garantit aussi la protection du littoral contre l’érosion, les effets délétères des ouragans et de l’élévation du niveau de la mer associée au réchauffement climatique. Cependant, les récifs coralliens sont aujourd’hui extrêmement menacés, non seulement à une échelle locale par action anthropique directe, mais aussi à l’échelle planétaire en liaison avec le changement climatique. Jeremy Jackson: How we wrecked the ocean.


One for All: Protist Power: Colomban de Vargas at TEDxRio+20. Culture phytoplancton. Cultiver son phytoplancton à la maison - Animaux du récif... Trop, c'est pas assez! Bonjour!

Cultiver son phytoplancton à la maison - Animaux du récif... Trop, c'est pas assez!

Aujourd'hui, je vais faire un petit recap' sur la culture de phytoplancton, à faire chez soi. Si j'y arrive, c'est que c'est vraiment à la portée de tout le monde, étant une réelle adepte du moindre effort, un savant mélange de phobie du bricolage et un gros baobab dans la main... RST 2007 04 Culture phytoplancton dans bassins aquacoles.

Analyse des nitrates

Raphaëlle SAUZEDE - OAO - Oceanographic Autonomous Observations. Contact Areas of interest within OAO.

Raphaëlle SAUZEDE - OAO - Oceanographic Autonomous Observations

Un spectro-fluorimetre pour  l'analyse de l'eau de mer. Open-source mobile water quality testing platform. Bas Wijnen, G.C.

Open-source mobile water quality testing platform

Anzalone, Joshua M. Pearce, Open-source Mobile Water Quality estin! Plat"or#, Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development, Water level or salinity sensor module for Arduino [SEN_WAT_LEV01] - $4.99 : Elechouse, Arduino Play House. Model: SEN_WAT_LEV01 Units in Stock: 153 Date Added: Friday 07 June, 2013 Product Description: Introduction With this module, you could easily get water (in fact any conducting liquid) surface level.

Water level or salinity sensor module for Arduino [SEN_WAT_LEV01] - $4.99 : Elechouse, Arduino Play House

It is useful in the cases that you need warning if liquid in the holder is less than or over certain amount. More conducting surface of this module in the liquid will conduct more electronic charge. Another usage of this module is to detect the electroconductivity of liquid. Guide Environnment Concarneau 2015. Security Check Required.