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Historica Canada Education Portal. Mothers of Confederation - The Canadian Encyclopedia. Lady Dufferin transformed Rideau Hall into a social and cultural centre.

Mothers of Confederation - The Canadian Encyclopedia

She was the first governor general’s wife to tour Canada and became one of the most well-known and popular viceregal consorts (1872–78). As governor general, Lord Dufferin was expected to be above party politics and refrain from attending debates in the House of Commons. His wife, however, was not bound by the same expectations and observed parliamentary proceedings in the House of Commons. Lady Dufferin provided her husband with detailed accounts, including the gestures and personalities of individual politicians, thus ensuring that her husband was kept informed of Canadian political developments. (She usually attended the House with an aide to the governor general, who also reported to the GG about House matters.) Lady Dufferin also described parliamentary affairs in letters to her mother (published in 1891 as her Canadian Journal). 24-29 February 1876 William James Topley. Mi'kmaq Mama - Mi'kmaq Mama a partagé la vidéo de CBC...

Slave songs are a point of pride for Vancouver musician Khari McClelland. The songs of African-American slaves who crossed into Canada are more than 150 years old, but Vancouver-based musician Khari McClelland still takes pride in them today.

Slave songs are a point of pride for Vancouver musician Khari McClelland

McClelland's great-great-great-grandmother Kizzy is one of those slaves, forgotten by the history books but remembered fondly by family. Even her last name has been lost. "She is totally the reason for my being," says McClelland, a member of Vancouver-based gospel group The Sojourners. This is one of the few photographs of Cynthia Dorsey, Kizzy's daughter. No images of Kizzy survive. "Her willingness to struggle and survive in the face of so much is why I'm sitting right here. " Kizzy died before McClelland was born. Eventually, after slavery was officially abolished in the United States in 1865, Kizzy and her two children crossed back to settle in the Detroit area. McClelland has read many books about the experiences of slaves who ran away.

"Kizzy would want to go out," Cathy says. "Look at the world," McClelland says. National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. Le Mois de l’histoire des Noirs. Chaque année, à l’occasion du Mois de l’histoire des Noirs, les Canadiens sont conviés à prendre part aux célébrations et aux activités qui soulignent le patrimoine des Canadiens noirs, ceux d’hier et d’aujourd’hui.

Le Mois de l’histoire des Noirs

Les Canadiens profitent de cette occasion pour célébrer les nombreuses réalisations et contributions des Canadiens noirs qui, tout au long de l’histoire, ont tant fait pour permettre au Canada de devenir le pays culturellement diversifié, plein de compassion et prospère dans lequel nous vivons aujourd’hui. Au cours du Mois de l’histoire des Noirs, les Canadiens peuvent s’informer sur le vécu des Canadiens noirs et sur le rôle vital qu’ils ont joué dans notre société.

History. Historica Canada is the largest independent organization devoted to enhancing awareness of Canadian history and citizenship.


Our programs, all of which are offered bilingually, reach more than eight million Canadians annually. While our headquarters is in Toronto, we also operate the Ottawa-based Encounters With Canada youth program, and our staff regularly travel coast to coast to coast to meet participants and promote engagement in our activities. The Board of Directors of Historica Canada (listed here) includes some of our country’s most prominent citizens, drawn from a wide variety of fields and backgrounds.

We are a registered national charitable organization, the product of the merger in 2009 of two existing groups: The Historica Foundation of Canada and The Dominion Institute. In the wake of the merger, our organization was known as The Historica-Dominion Institute until we formally changed our name in September, 2013. Learn Mi'gmaq. Canada en-ligne. Remplissez ce formulaire pour commander vos ressources pédagogiques d'Élections Canada.

Canada en-ligne

Le matériel pédagogique offert par Élections Canada à l'intention des enseignants est envoyé directement et sans frais aux écoles ou aux associations d'enseignement à domicile. Veuillez remplir le formulaire ci-dessous et prévoir sept jours ouvrables pour la livraison. * Champs obligatoires. 10 books about residential schools to read with your kids - Aboriginal - CBC. More and more children will be read stories about the legacy of residential schools in the classroom this year.

10 books about residential schools to read with your kids - Aboriginal - CBC

Provinces are changing curriculums and educators across the country are developing resource guides in response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) recommendations. "One of the first criteria for choosing anything is that it's a good story," said Jo-Anne Chrona. She has been developing age-appropriate curriculum materials in B.C. through the First Nations Education Steering Committee (FNESC). It opens up that space for conversation. - Jo-Anne Chrona, educator For parents reading these books at home to their children, Chrona says it's important to be mindful of what's appropriate, emotionally and developmentally. "Talk with your children about what it is that they're reading, what it is that they understand," she said.

"It opens up that space for conversation. " The following ten books reflect on the residential school experience in different ways.