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Creativity Becomes an Academic Discipline Photo IT BOTHERS MATTHEW LAHUE and it surely bothers you: enter a public restroom and the stall lock is broken. Fortunately, Mr. Lahue has a solution. History and Purpose of the Association The Association Pour Que l’Esprit Vive (Let the Spirit Live) was created in 1932. Its founder, Armand Marquiset (1900-1981), was a twentieth-century pioneer in the development of charitable foundations in France. He played a leadership role in bringing to public awareness a large spectrum of social problems and elaborated a number of approaches to solve them.

University of Michigan - Papyrology Hours listed are for the reference collection only. If you wish to view papyrus, please check the exhibit page or schedule a class tour. Please note that since we have limited staffing and limited space, it is best to e-mail or call ahead in case of unexpected schedule conflicts. Thank you. Racing Nellie Bly │ Weird Science Weird Science explores amazing ideas of the Victorian Era. It delves into inventions, sciences, engineering, architecture and countless discoveries. It was a turning point in the history of human creativity. It was a time of outrageous developments. Weird science led to daily inventions and discoveries.

Issue 14: Mutation Biology | Neurology Michio Kaku Explains Consciousness for You The gregarious physicist gets inside our brains. By Luba Ostashevsky & Kevin Berger Five-Minute Film Festival: Classroom Makeovers to Engage Learners Most educators have little choice about the (usually) over-crowded, (often) unappealing rooms they teach in -- but they intuitively know that the spaces children spend their time in can have an effect on how they learn. I've gathered a collection of videos to explore the questions: How important is environment to learning? And what small changes can you make in seating, organization, lighting, and decor to build your own space into a better place to teach and learn?

Artworks, Exhibitions & Biography For the past decade, Beatrice Caracciolo has experimented with a variety of materials, starting with her trademark charcoal drawings in which collaged elements often come to the fore. She has developed a series of works in zinc, a medium which bears witness to the passage of time. Of greyish appearance—the colour of time gathered—the recycled zinc used by the artist is the product of chemical reactions provoked by its exposure to natural elements. In Caracciolo’s zinc sculptures, different greys coexist, the outcome of the artist gathering a variety of pieces, each suffused with its own markings and coloration. Each fragment bears a different imprint, the result of erosion by the joint action of windsewpt rain and humidity.

Duke University - Papirology Literary papyri Subliterary papyri (magical texts etc.) Documentary papyri Search the online catalogue records of the Duke papyrus collection Return to the papyrus home page Return to Duke University Special Collections Library home page The Strange Saga of Kowloon Walled City The most densely populated city on Earth had only one postman. His round was confined to an area barely a hundredth of a square mile in size. Yet within that space was a staggering number of addresses: 350 buildings, almost all between 10 and 14 stories high, occupied by 8,500 premises, 10,700 households, and more than 33,000 residents. The city’s many tall, narrow tower blocks were packed tight against each other—so tight as to make the whole place seem like one massive structure: part architecture, part organism.

Emergent Futures Mapping with Futurescaper Futurescaper is an online tool for making sense of the drivers, trends and forces that will shape the future. As a user interface system, it still needs development. As a tool for analyzing and understanding complex systems, it works very well and does something I have yet to see anything else be able to do. Let's Keep Learning (Even When It's Less Convenient) - Leading, Learning, Questioning December is nearly upon us, and as we work through the last few weeks of the semester in what can often feel like a sprint to the finish, I think it’s important for us to remember that if we expect our students to continue their learning, it only makes sense that we should lead in that way as well. That’s easier said than done (for both students and for educators), but it’s a worthwhile goal nonetheless. Goals like this don’t just happen, though. If we want to look back on the next three weeks and be able to say we thrived during this time rather than that we simply survived the time between our breaks, we need a plan. Reading is something that has really helped me slow down when the pace of life feels too fast.

Thomas Barrow, Modest Structures: Caulked Reconstructions, 1977-1983 @Derek Eller - Collector Daily JTF (just the facts): A total of 10 unique pieces, floating in white frames, and exhibited on the western wall as well as the four walls in the back room of the gallery. All are gelatin silver prints that have been altered by tearing. Nine of the 10 have been stitched together with silicone caulking, 8 of the 10 are colored with spray paint. Half are toned. The works are dated between 1977 and 1983. Sizes range from 15×17 to 35×25 inches.

Epigraphic Database Heidelberg The Epigraphic Database Heidelberg contains the texts of Latin and bilingual (i.e. Latin-Greek) inscriptions of the Roman Empire. The epigraphic monuments are collected and kept up to date on the basis of modern research. is the web platform for journals and book collections in the humanities and social sciences. It is open to publishers, research units and organizations looking to publish quality full-text material online. It offers a comprehensive range of solutions for electronic publishing and scholarly communication. It guarantees publications editorial autonomy, offers them perspectives for innovation adapted to digital forms and is respectful of their economic balance. by feillet Oct 12

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